Children’s Health Risks

Children have a great health risk primarily because they consume excessive amounts of sugar and carbohydrates. No children in history have been so overfed on calories and underfed on nutrients as today’s children. The Standard American Diet of calories, highly processed and cooked foods, with very little raw produce is the root of the danger to children’s future health.

One writer challenged parents to stop this nutritional madness by saying: “If we were purposefully trying to set our children up for future health problems and a lower life expectancy than any previous generation, we couldn’t do any greater damage to them than we are doing with the Standard American Diet.

By Age Eight Our Children’s Bodies Have Been Greatly Damaged

When parents allow children’s taste buds to daily delight in S.A.D. food, the result is that already by the age of eight years:

  1. 40% of our children have symptoms associated with heart disease.
  2. Juvenile diabetes is at epidemic levels... which sets up cardiovascular problems, glycation and aging of our cells.
  3. Children’s immune systems are compromised, creating (currently) unhealthy kids and (future) unhealthy adults.

The Standard American Diet coupled with the common use ofstandard_american_diet child_getting_antibiotic_injectionantibiotics is creating a future where our children will spend even more of their lives in poor health than the current generation... unless wise parents change their children’s future by doing the opposite of most other parents.

See some of the statistics in the right hand column.

Here is the American Recipe for Unhealthy Children:

  1. Provide the child the Standard American Diet
  2. Wait a few years until immune system is compromised from a sugar and carbohydrate rich diet.
  3. The child will eventually get an infection.
  4. Administer antibiotics that will also kill good bacteria in the gut, ensuring that fungus and harmful bacteria take control of that child’s intestinal tract and create constant energy drains.
  5. This will ensure that the child (like a drug addict) will crave the sugar and carbohydrate rich food that is the standard in America.
  6. It’s now virtually inevitable that poor health will follow.

To summarize:

The high sugar / carbohydrate content of the Standard American Diet plus frequent administering of antibiotics allows opportunistic microorganisms to take control of the gut. This is like replacing a city’s police department with thugs.

Once the recipe for an unhealthy child is followed, the intestinal tract becomes controlled by harmful bacteria, yeast and parasites that proliferate in the absence of protective bacteria (that have been killed by antibiotics).

Then leaky gut, constipation, A.D.D., blood sugar imbalances, hyperactivity and depression are likely to follow. Given more time, down the road — adulthood diabetes, arthritis, cancer and heart disease are the virtually guaranteed outcomes.

Obesity (with up to 50% higher statistics for disease and mortality) is another of the outcomes of the Standard American Diet. Obesity begins in childhood. Look at this chart showing the absolute correlation between obesity beginning in childhood and it continuing into adulthood.


Here’s a Better Recipe for Our Children

If you love your children, ensure that they don’t follow the above recipe for guaranteed poor health in the future. Here is the recipe we recommend:

  1. Teach them to avoid junk food (sugary, carbohydrate rich).
  2. Teach your children to love and eat nutritious food and to snack on healthy vegetables and oils (celery with almond butter, for instance). What children love to eat is mostly the result of what parents furnish.
  3. Ensure that anytime children take a course of antibiotics they must follow it with a course of probiotics (protective bacteria).
  4. Teach children to love and drink pure water — 5 to 6 glasses per day.
  5. Give children the opportunity to regularly eat a Superfood such as RiSoTriene and Seven Essentials.


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Our children’s future is not too good.

Today’s generation of children may be the first generation of children in history whose actual longevity may be less than their parents. But, whether or not their longevity decreases, their quality of life will surely decrease.

It’s a matter of statistical fact that North Americans are now spending over 13% of their lives with a quality of life that is VERY LOW due to poor health.

This percentage of years spent in poor health is going to increase for today’s children. Unless they change their diets, they are being set up for very serious future health problems.

  • Diabetes with its associated problems is rampant (1 out of 3 people born after 2000 will develop diabetes).
  • Cancer and disabling strokes and heart disease are now so prevalent that 95% of current adults will experience them.
  • Likewise, the suffering caused by autoimmune diseases is increasing by leaps and bounds.

It is up to parents to guide their children to a better outcome. The way to do this is to teach them the Five Habits of Health.

Health Statistics of Children

Dark, green vegetable consumption is almost nonexistent in children. Although, the US government recommends five fruit/vegetable servings per day for children and nine per day for adults, the national average vegetable consumption of children is only two servings per day. And, really one of those servings don’t count because 43% of those servings are potatoes. Of the two servings per day only 5% of children ate dark green vegetables.

Only one out of five American children eat five servings per day of fruits and vegetables. (These are the ones with parents who are informed.)

The percent of U.S. children between the ages of 6 to 11 who are overweight18%.

Two million children have pre-diabetes
, according to government statistics.

The percent of U.S. infants who die before their first birthday - 7.1%. The U.S. ranks 26th in the world behind: Hong Kong, Japan, Sweden, Singapore, Norway, Finland, Denmark, France, Austria, Germany, , Czech Republic, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Canada, Greece, Ireland, Belgium, New Zealand, Portugal, Australia, United Kingdom, Israel and Cuba. Many of these countries have HALF the mortality rate of the U.S.

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