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After you stop bombing your body with toxins... you have to clean up the waste sites and toxic dump sites so that they don’t continue to slowly release their toxins into your body.

Difficulty losing weight is a sign that there are toxic dumps inside you.

One of the signs that you have toxic dumps inside you is difficulty losing weight or difficulty improving one’s health. This is because the body will not let go of toxic dumps unless you get really serious becoming clean inside.

The reason the body won’t let toxic dumps go easily is that the toxins are much more dangerous to the body if they circulate in the blood than if they stay contained in the dump sites they are now located in. So, the body resists “token” efforts to detoxify the body... only responding to “real” efforts.

This makes a serious program for removing toxins from the body the best first step toward achieving weight loss or health improvement.

Options for removing toxins from the body.

Autolysis (destroying the hiding places of toxins — via fasting):

This Draconian method of detoxification is preferred by many alternative health care practitioners. It’s as simple as it is effective. You simply reduce your caloric intake drastically... as in fasting... and increase your liquid intake for as long as it takes to burn off every vestige of fat... and even some of the muscles from your body. Doing this causes your bodily tissues to be autolyzed and any toxins within them to be released. If at the same you are drinking lots of water the toxins will be eliminated from the body.

Autolysis is safe because lesser quality tissues are the first to be cannibalized... and so as long as one quits before autolyzing organ tissues or other critical tissues... no major harm will occur. If you have heard of the book The Man Who Ate His Muscles, that’s what he did it... he just drank water for months and ate up all the junk tissues in his body and some of the muscles too.

This method eventually gets the toxins out of your body. Of course, one of its major drawbacks is that as tissues are autolyzed and the toxins within them released... the toxins will circulate again through your body... and can do damage again... and with drugs (LSD for instance) one will experience having that drug in the system all over again.

Another drawback is the nutrient loss that occurs during fasting. Without a source of minerals and antioxidants, cellular tissues (molecules) can be damaged during fasting (although when the body is in a true fasting state it does a remarkable job at preserving minerals and other needed nutrients and just burning up and discarding junk). Nevertheless, most proponents of fasting for health prefer a method of fasting that includes drinking vegetable broths in order to get minerals antioxidants and other helpful nutrients.


Chelation Therapy (using chemicals to draw out of the body heavy metals and other positively charged toxins).

This method is getting more and more attention by the alternative health crowd. Numerous clinics exist all over the country at which you can come in... get hooked up to an I.V. and “be chelated”. Various chelating substances are used: EDTA, DMSO, DMPS. Chelation can also be done orally... albeit much more slowly.

The basic premise is that the chelating agents used will bind themselves to heavy metals and then take them safely out of the body. The two big advantages are speed and that toxins aren’t released into the body again... but are bound and removed.

Mineral depletion occurs during chelation... because chelating agents bind with all positively charged minerals... taking out good minerals along with the bad ones. For this reason most intravenous chelation therapy now includes good minerals in the I.V. drip.


Foot Spa Detoxification

This new treatment involves placing the feet in a “foot spa” of warm water, which holds an ionization array unit. The highly sophisticated arrays in this device cause ionisation of the water and and electromagnetic oscillations in the foot spa water. The result is energy being supplied to the body that the body can use to remove heavy metals and  other toxins from dump sites... these travel into the water because of the charged arrays.

You can actually watch as the water changes colour due to the release of toxic substances through the 2000 pores on the soles of each foot. Then simply dump the toxic water down the drain. You can usually find someone in your area who provides use of a foot spa bio detox unit (usually for about $30 to $50 per session) or you can purchase a unit for about $1,400.



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