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In this new millenium, how smart you are will be seen by all—by how healthy you are!

Anti-Aging News: Seven Essentials tested recently at 21,010 ORAC units in a single serving... making it the highest rated anti-aging food that money can buy. Want to know more about ORAC rating?

Seven Essentials is a nutrient dense food powder that can be mixed in any liquid. It is a comprehensive super food providing the human body with thousands of micro-nutrients — in the form the body understands—food.

Designed by doctors from the Center for Advanced Medicine, Seven Essentials provides the true solution for better health, which is raw food nutrition.

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And the end of all our searching shall be to return to the place where we began and know it for the very first time.—T.S. Elliot.
That returning place is nutrient dense raw FOOD.

WomanWithSevenEssentialsSeven Essentials is a collection of foods turned into powder with proprietary low heat methods so that the fragile nutrients are still intact and bioavailable. Seven Essentials comprises a wide variety of nutrient dense, raw foods.

Each serving provides the equivalent nutrition of ten pounds of whole grain rice (minus the calories) and one pound of ten different vegetables (again, minus the calories). Seven Essentials also contains many other vital and superior foods (see ingredients further down the page). It will feed the cells of your body like they have never been fed before... and therefore the cells will have the nutrient tools they need to function better at all levels, whether it is overcoming poor health, maintaining good health or just feeling your very best.

Seven Essentials is an antioxidant bonanza.
Look at this chart comparing Seven Essentials to other leading antioxidant products (compares single servings):


Seven Essentials contains the following natural foods:

  1. RiSoTriene - We believe that this superfood is the most important superfood on earth, providing more antioxidants in one serving than most people eat in a month... plus all the B-Vitamins, essential amino acids, Omega Oils 3, 6 and 9, and hundreds of other nutrients such as Gamma Oryzanol, Squalene, Pangamic Acid, etc.
  2. Kona Deep Sea Minerals - Hundreds of minerals and trace elements, in a bioavailable, ionic form that assimilates rapidly and completely. There is no pollution in these deep sea minerals and they are balanced in a ratio that mimics the composition of human blood.
  3. Fiber – natural fiber that will assist your body in maintaining a clean intestinal tract.
  4. Small Molecule Protein - 56% di & tri peptides, with a molecule size of 600 to 1,000 Daltons (20 to 100 times smaller than other protein) for complete, 100% assimilation). High in all the essential amino acids required for cell growth and detoxification; and great for extra glutathione (antioxidant) protection.
  5. Flash Glanced Vegetables - ten flash glanced vegetables. Get pounds all the vegetables you don’t regularly eat (cabbage, carrot, spinach, tomato, parsley, broccoli, beet, garlic, Brussels sprouts, kale) in just a few ounces of powder.
  6. Polyphenol rich herbs - shown to be very helpful at countering free radicals and cellular degeneration.
  7. Probiotics - Prolific, good bacteria Lactobacillus salavarius to protect you from pathogens and help breakdown undigested food and eliminate toxic waste.
  8. And as a bonus, a special organic selenium grown in broccoli that provides additional cellular protection from free radicals plus stress protection from ginseng.

seven_essentials6Seven Essentials blew away all competition as the best antioxidant food on earth — each serving of Seven Essentials has the highest ORAC amount per serving dosage of any supplement ever analyzed. The ORAC rating was eight times higher than any competing product.

Seven Essentials is available in six delicious flavors, each with the superb nutrients and and antioxidant protection that is foundational to Seven Essentials. The different flavors are created by removing some amount of RiSoTriene (the largest ingredient of Seven Essentials) and replacing it with other nutrient dense foods as follows:

  • Vegetable Broth has turmeric, garlic and natural soup flavors and makes a satisfying vegetable soup for lunch or dinner. It is one of the best choices for diabetics.
  • Apple Cinnamon is a brand new flavor. It gets its very delightful flavor from apples and cinnamon and utilizes a new sweetening system of non-glycemic xylitol and stevia.
  • Natural is just like it sounds — no flavoring system, well, actually it has a touch of cinnamon, and is perfect for creating your own Seven Essential beverage recipes.
  • Dutch Chocolate is our most popular flavor and it is very chocolate’y’. Some people like to mix it with Natural and create a drink that is less chocolate with a hint of cinnamon.
  • Natural Berry is our second most popular flavor and gets its flavor from natural red raspberries.
  • Power Fruits is another brand new flavor. It contains pomegranate, mangosteen, noni, acai, goji and blue berry concentrates and is a delightful beverage with all the power fruits in it.

We urge you to drink delicious Seven Essentials as one of your most important daily habits and thereby add years of healthy living to your life. With more antioxidant protection than any other food... you’ll be doing the smartest thing possible to stay healthy.

The most important reason to eat Seven Essentials daily is that it is FOOD, not vitamins. Vitamins are a proven failure. The U.S. eats more of them than the rest of the world combined, but has among the worst health statistics of any industrialized nation. Food is different.

Any product order totally over $120 receives a 5% discount from these prices.

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Vegetable Flavor Seven Essentials


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Four canisters (2 month supply)




Six canisters (3 month supply)



Natural Berry Flavor Seven Essentials


One canister (2 week supply)




Two canisters (1 month supply)




Four canisters (2 month supply)




Six canisters (3 month supply)



Dutch Chocolate Flavor Seven Essentials


One canister (2 week supply)




Two canisters (1 month supply)




Four canisters (2 month supply)




Six canisters (3 month supply)



Natural (Neutral) Flavor Seven Essentials


One canister (2 week supply)




Two canisters (1 month supply)




Four canisters (2 month supply)




Six canisters (3 month supply)



Apple Cinnamon Flavor Seven Essentials


One canister (2 week supply)




Two canisters (1 month supply)




Four canisters (2 month supply)




Six canisters (3 month supply)



Power Fruits Flavor Seven Essentials


One canister (2 week supply)




Two canisters (1 month supply)




Four canisters (2 month supply)




Six canisters (3 month supply)



Our Most Popular Mixed Flavor Seven Essentials


2 Vegetable Broth and 2 Natural Berry flavor (2 month supply)




2 Vegetable Broth and 2 Apple Cinnamon flavor (2 month supply)




2 Vegetable Broth and 2 Natural flavor (2 month supply)




2 Natural Berry and 2 Dutch Chocolate flavor (2 month supply)




2 Natural Berry and 2 Natural flavor (2 month supply)




2 Dutch Chocolate and 2 Natural flavor (2 month supply)




1 each of Vegetable Broth, Natural Berry, Dutch Chocolate & Natural flavor (2 month supply)




2 each of Vegetable Broth, Natural Berry, Dutch Chocolate (3 month supply)




3 each of Vegetable Broth & Natural Berry (3 month supply)




3 each of Dutch Chocolate & Natural flavor (3 month supply)




3 each of Natural Berry &
Natural flavor (3 month supply)




3 each of Vegetable Broth &
Dutch Chocolate (3 month supply)



Single Serving Packets of Seven Essentials
(30 Packets per Box)


Dutch Chocolate - 1 Box



Dutch Chocolate - 2 boxes



Natural Berry - 1 Box




Natural Berry -2 Boxes




1 Box Chocolate and 1 Box Berry



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Remember, any order totaling over $120.00 (before shipping or sales tax) receives a 5% discount from these prices.

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Individual Serving Packets


Seven Essentials is now available in individual servings. Perfect for traveling.

For tips on how to prepare and use Seven Essentials, read the section below under the heading Recipe Suggestions from Janice & Joe Hymer.

Seven Essentials™ is the “JUST SAY NO ANSWER TO AGING”.

Some people say, “We can get all our nutrients from our food”. Others say, “We must supplement because our diet is incomplete”. They are both right because of Seven Essentials:

  1. Seven Essentials is concentrated, pre-digested food with health benefits par none.
  2. It doesn’t include damaging megadoses of individual vitamins or minerals.
  3. Now, instead of partaking of a single nutritional musical instrument (found in isolated-form nutrient supplements), get the whole nutritional orchestra of Seven Essentials whole super food.

If you’ve ever complained or heard someone else complain of discomfort or poor health brought on by aging... the reply heard is always — “that’s part of aging”, or “you’ll just have to learn to live with it.”

Seven Essentials can rescue you from the concept that eventually you have to feel old, tired and suffer from aches and pains!

Seven Essentials can keep you young. It’s affordable because it contains everything.

Seven Essentials is NOT just a green drink... not vitamins... not inorganic minerals... and it is definitely NOT a man-made conglomeration of Vitamin Isolates that the body cannot fully utilize. It is a TRUE COMPLETE SUPERFOOD with a synergistic combination of nutrients that your mind and body has been craving.

Recipe suggestions from Janice Hymer & Joe Hymer, M.D.

Seven Essentials can be used in a variety of different, delicious ways. Here’s some suggestions:

Mix one scoop of Seven Essentials in eight ounces of liquid. Diabetics omit fruit or juice. Electric blenders and Smoothie machines are a delicious way to use ice to thicken Seven Essentials to “milkshake” consistency. The Seven Essentials Shaker is fast, convenient, and portable.

Dutch Chocolate: Chocolate is hard to improve, because it has such a fabulous flavor, but Rice Milk, Coconut Milk, Almond Milk, Yogurt, Coffee or plain Milk can be used. Practice makes perfect! I like to put 2 scoops in a smoothie machine with a tray of ice cubes and a cup of liquid, and the extra energy keeps me going from morning to night.

Natural Berry: All the same liquids mentioned above and also wonderful with any fruit or juice to make a smoothie. Diabetics should avoid fruit and juice, and use like the Chocolate above.

Veggie Broth: Extra special with warmed (organic) chicken stock.

Try with warmed tomato juice or V8 (low sodium), being careful to have the temperature under 112 degrees. (Not so hot to burn your mouth in order not to damage the enzymes.) Milk or water are fine.

Natural Flavor: Natural is meant to be flavored “your way”. Especially good with vanilla extract, cinnamon, nutmeg, for a great smoothie. Use same liquids as Chocolate suggestions, also and natural mixed make a “light chocolate” shake. Non-diabetics can use ANY fresh fruit or juice (my favorite is peach, vanilla, ice, yogurt )

The Natural can also be used as the Veggie suggestions.  It is wonderful with heated canned stewed tomatoes (for spice lovers, try RoTel Tomatoes). I add it to anything that you’d love old-fashioned “GRAVY” with by combining plain yogurt and Natural Seven Essentials stirred together at the last minute, and swirled through, and poured on your meats or vegetables. It is perfectly seasoned for sauces, and salad dressings.  A GREAT Beef Stroganoff!

Too tired to cook? A favorite lite supper is a bowl of yogurt mixed with fresh berries, (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries), and almonds, walnuts or pecans, and add unsweetened coconut, if you’d like. Yum..

Be Creative and Enjoy Seven Essentials!

Dr. Nick Pomonis recommends 7 Essentials

Get a free sample of Seven Essentials and a CD with an interview of Dr. Nick Pomonis describing the superlative nutritional benefits of Seven Essentials.


Calmness coupled with energy.

Karin R. says that eating Seven Essentials has done the following for her:

  • made it much easier to train for the marathons she loves to run. In particular, her leg muscles aren’t cramping and worn out by the end of a long run. Sometimes, she feels like she could run again right after finishing a race.
  • In addition, she no longer has the “hunt” for food desire. Her body feels calm and satisfied.

FDA Health Claims Disclaimer: Any information offered on this web site in the form of testimonials, endorsements, statements and studies is for educational purposes only and is disclaimed as showing intent or evidence that this product will treat, prevent or cure any disease. Products marketed at this web site are for nutritional purposes ONLY. Click here to see our complete disclaimer)...

Energy and Youthful Feeling

Anne J. reports, “I saw a result almost immediately, I had more energy and didn't feel the need to eat chocolate or stuff myself with the wrong things. It supplies all the nutrients your body is crying out for. After that I suppose it was a couple of months for my face to start going back to it's old shape and my arms firming up, also my breasts. It also strengthens my nails and thickens my hair, it doesn't fall out like it used to.  I have also stopped taking St. John's Wort to pep me up, I just don't need it any more.

I have been taking it now since May last year, 9 months, and feel 20 years younger.  So I face every day in a much happier state of mind.  I don't care what anyone says, if you look good, you feel good and ready to face the world, and because I have had a second chance at the age of 58, I really appreciate it. "

Delicious Nutrition

Sharon E. says, “I am quickly becoming a Seven Essentials addict. I mix about 1/2 scoop Chocolate Seven Essentials with about 3/4 C. low-fat yogurt and about 1/4 C. sliced almonds. It is better than ANY Chocolate pudding I have eaten.

FDA Health Claims Disclaimer: Any information offered on this web site in the form of testimonials, endorsements, statements and studies is for educational purposes only and is disclaimed as showing intent or evidence that this product will treat, prevent or cure any disease. Products marketed at this web site are for nutritional purposes ONLY. Click here to see our complete disclaimer)...

Best Food Supplement I Have Ever Known

Melvin B., a long term MS sufferer says, “I can’t afford to eat Seven Essentials very often, but, I order a canister every four or five months. While that canister lasts I feel better than I do at any other time. I wish I could afford it all the time. It is simply the best food supplement I have ever known.

FDA Health Claims Disclaimer: Any information offered on this web site in the form of testimonials, endorsements, statements and studies is for educational purposes only and is disclaimed as showing intent or evidence that this product will treat, prevent or cure any disease. Products marketed at this web site are for nutritional purposes ONLY. Click here to see our complete disclaimer)...

Helps Overcome Poor Health

I’m 33 years old, and one year ago I had no energy, karenae7I ached all over, and I was 25 pounds overweight. I felt at least twice my age. I felt terrible! I was diagnosed with [unnamed condition] by my Neurologist. He told me that exercise and nutrition were my only hope. I left his office and went to the health food store, where the owner recommended Seven Essentials. He said to drink it twice a day and it would increase my energy and provide the vitamins that my body was lacking. I started drinking it every morning with lots of water, within six months I lost 23 pounds. It has also helped with the stomach problems I’d had for years. Last year I could hardly walk across the street and now I walk two miles and bike. I feel so much better. I haven’t gone a day without my Seven Essentials; I take it everywhere I go. People tell me that I must eat really well because my skin and eyes look great, but my “diet” hasn’t changed much. Because Seven Essentials is so filling and it provides my body with the nutrients it needs, I just eat less now. I know it’s my Seven Essentials that makes me look and feel better than ever. I love to tell people about Seven Essentials because it truly has helped me feel better and enjoy life again! Thanks for Seven Essentials!!!!!!! Sincerely, Karen A.” (Picture Barry and Karen, Hawaii, 2006)

FDA Health Claims Disclaimer: Any information offered on this web site in the form of testimonials, endorsements, statements and studies is for educational purposes only and is disclaimed as showing intent or evidence that this product will treat, prevent or cure any disease. Products marketed at this web site are for nutritional purposes ONLY. Click here to see our complete disclaimer)...


All products that are for sale via this web site, carry a 30 day money-back guarantee of your satisfaction, unless otherwise stated.

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