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Overcoming Health Challenges the Natural Way

A Curse Causeless Shall Not Come !
(from the wisdom of King Solomon) — meaning if there is a chronic health problem...
                          ... then there is an an:
                                   - injury,
                                   - toxicity,
                                   - inherited gene defect or
                                   - or lack of needed nutrition

that is interfering with the body’s natural ability to self-heal and function optimally.

And while many, if not most, health practitioners focus their skills on relief of symptoms, we espouse a different way, which is to seek to remove the cause (interference) to the optimum functioning of the body so that the body can heal itself completely. Then the symptoms will disappear on their own.

On Removing Interferences that Prevent the Body From Having Perfect Health


This is the true and rightful realm of healing professionals. God bless them for their skill acquired through diligent study and practice.

Also, keep in mind that not all injuries are visible or noticeable (even to the person with the injury). That is because injuries go beyond wounds and broken bones.

Less visible things such as “jarred” and subsequently slightly mislocated bones and tendons following falls and car accidents can also benefit greatly from a skilled health professional who can put the mislocated bones back into their precisely proper place. Also, Chinese healers talk about meridian circuits of the body that can be damaged by both physical and emotional traumas that may need to be unblocked so that communication and energy flow through the body normally.


We live in a very toxic world. Thousands of chemicals are in the environment as well as the food we eat. Today’s babies are born more toxic than adults ever became only a generation ago.

Much of the reason is that as a human race, we have not recognized the consequences of pollution and don’t think outside our own convenience.

For instance, why pull weeds when you can spray a weed-killer? But, if you spray a weed-killer, you pollute the soil, briefly pollute the air and, in the end, may affect many people adversely. But, you avoided having to work at pulling weeds.

In our factories and refineries, we don’t care about the environment but just our next quarter’s profits. So, we don’t spend money to avoid creating pollution.

We put on and in our bodies a never-ending number of chemicals... for convenience and performance reasons, but the sum total of the chemical exposure may be to put many people’s bodies into an unrecoverable tailspin.

The result is that for many people today, merely spitting in the toilet is technically a violation of EPA laws for toxic dumping because we have accumulated so many of these toxic elements.

Lack of Nutrients




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