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Integris is a company dedicated to
Whole Nutrition.

In fact, the root of the word Integris, is integral or whole.

The beginnings of Integris are found in the Comprehensive Health Clinics of Dr. William Kellas (comprehensive means large in scope) or content... again the whole... as in looking at human health from the whole picture.

Through the twenty years of Dr. Kellasís attention to human health and operation of the Comprhensive Health Center in California (today also known as the Advanced Center for Medicine) Dr. Kellas has constantly been able to progress in the Centerís ability to heal... through enhanced abilities to diagnose and provide healing nutrition.

Whereas in the beginning, diagnostic abilities were limited mainly to intuition... today, tests can be performed that reveal empircally the status of heavy metal poisoning existing in a personís body. And, whereas, in the beginning, nutrition was limited to regular foods, herbs and vitamins... today, superfoods are available, in a pre-digested format that anyone can assimilate.

Summing it up, Integris is different because the products it provides are whole, advanced nutrition that have been proven in a clinical setting to be able to heal the human body more quickly than any other safe and available options.

Remember, if it was do-able that we could get optimal nutrition from food eaten during our meals there would be no need for Integris. But, since obtaining optimum nutrition from meals is not do-able for 99.997% of people today, Integris fills an urgent need for us to avoid the results of less than optimum nutrition.

Stop the slaughter
of your bodyís cells!

There are 100,000,000,000,000 cells in your body. One million of them are being damaged each day because of sub-optimal nutrition and free-radical onslaught. This cellular damage is the cause of aging and poor health. Integris provides concentrated food products that stop the rampant damage of your bodyís cells.

Integrisís nutritional scientists, medical doctors and naturopathic physicians know that Mother Natureís foods are better than manís laboratory made vitamins. So, they have focused Integris on concentrated food supplements. These concentrated food supplements are the answer to obtaining optimal nutrition in our modern world.

The people associated with Integris are wonderful. Cofounders, J. Larry Cantrell and Dr. William Kellas merge sound business with seeking for root solutions to illness. Dr. William Kellas is a founder of the Center for Advanced Medicine in Encinitas, California, author of several books about nutrition, health, and remedies for disease, and a driving force behind Integris.


Most of the products recommended by the Center for Advanced Medicine are also Integris products. Ninety-eight percent of the products recommended by Physicianís Neutraceutical Research are Integris products. Nu

Endorsed by the Center for Advanced Medicine.

merous other nutrition and medical experts are convinced that the macro nutrition products that Integris provides are the very best way to remain healthy for a lifetime. Visit our collection of testimonials and see the opinion of others about Integris.

The best proof of Integris products comes by using them. Six months of using an Integris product will make all the difference in your life. Learn the habits of health presented within this web site.  Apply them in your life.

Integris sells its products directly to consumers. To buy Integris products there are three methods:

  1. Buy at full retail price (We donít offer this choice, but some health food stores and online stores do.)
  2. Become a preferred customer for a once in a lifetime fee of $5.95
    • buy thereafter at 25% to 30% discounted prices
    • and get free shipping by placing your orders one month ahead of time
    • this option is designed for people who dislike network marketing and want maximum savings on the products they order
  3. Become an independent business owner for a fee of $9.95 (with annual renewals)
    • buy thereafter at 25% to 30% discounted prices
    • earn small commissions on referrals of others to Integris
    • this option is designed for people who will tell others about what they have found

You can enroll as a preferred customer or as an independent business owner through Healthy-Living.Org (option 1 below) or can you enroll directly through Integris (option 2 below):

  1. Place an Integris product order via the Healthy-Living.Org web site or call us and place your order on the phone. We will automatically enroll you with Integris when you place your order. You cannot obtain a lower Integris price anywhere than you will via Healthy-Living.Org.
  2. Enroll directly with Integris. Please use this enroller PIN# when enrolling directly through Integris: #727445.

Our best to you from all of us Healthy-Living.Org crusaders.

The information provided in this site is for educational purposes only. Nothing contained herein is purported to diagnose, prescribe or advise contrary to the instructions of your doctor or health professional. We always recommend nutrition plus medicine for your health.

© 2002-2003 Healthy-Living.Org. All rights reserved.

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