Quantity Discounts for Integris Products

As of November 8, 2011, Integris ended its previous discount program, which gave a 5% discount on orders of $120.00 or more.

The Integris discount program gives discounts for the quantity of Integris items purchased in a single order, instead of for the total of dollars spent. Quantity means the sum of the quantities of all Integris items, meaning that two canisters of RiSoTriene and one bottle of Kona Gold Minerals would be a quantity of three. Non-Integris items don’t count in this total quantity.

Here is our new discount program:






1 to 2

No Discount



3 to 5




6 to 8




9 or more



We round down to nearest dollar.

These are minimum discounts since item prices are rounded “down” to the next lowest even dollar amount. As an example, consider our Liver Boost formula with a regular price of $30.00. The 5% discount calculation gives a discount price of $28.50, but, this would be rounded down to the next lower whole dollar amount which is $28.00, making the true discount 6.7%.

RiSoTriene and E7 discounted even more.

For our two most popular products, RiSoTriene and E7, we have discounted even more than the above percentages, about 5% more (i.e. 5% becomes about 10%, 10% becomes about 15%, and 15% becomes about 20%). You will be pleasantly surprised. This is all part of our efforts to make sure that our customers have the best possible prices we can give.

Discount Schedule Does Not Apply to Special Promotions or Non-Integris Items

Please note that these discounts do not apply to non-Integris items or to promotional items such as Special Promotions.

Start shopping to see these new discounts in action.



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