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Without Small Molecule Protein, You Must Rely Completely on 12 Inches of Duodenum

Protein molecules are chains of amino acids called peptides. The human body can absorb only very small di and tri-peptides. Larger peptides must be enzymatically broken down (hydrolyzed) before any absorption can occur. Most breakdown and absorption occurs in the proximal section (duodenum) of the small intestine. You have only one foot of duodenum. Once past this, there is essentially no further protein absorption (for most proteins). After going beyond this point in the intestines, unassimilated protein can be used as fuel only (not protein building blocks) or passes into the colon where it is a known health challenge.


If You Can’t Absorb It, You Can’t Use it.
The superior nutrient value of The Small Molecule Whey Protein is based on a revolutionary process. SEH® (Sequential Enzymatic Hydrolysis), a new method of protein predigestion is responsible for the exceptionally high di and tripeptide content of The Small Molecule Whey Protein.


Benefits of Small Molecule Whey Protein Powder

Athletes - Many athletes consume so much protein in their quest to bulk their muscles that they overburden their eliminatory systems with all the nitrogenous wastes from the proteins eaten that aren’t digested properly.

Our small molecule protein solves this problem handily since virtually 100% of the proteins are digested with very little waste.

Weight management - A similar problem occurs in that normally, those on a weight reduction program will eat less carbohydrate and more protein. This is likewise, prone to overburdening the kidneys and intestines and liver in regard to removing the undigested proteins from the body.

The problem is likewise solved by eating small molecule protein as part of the weight loss program, since the high quality proteins produce little toxic waste.

Heart and High Blood Pressure – Heart disease and high blood pressure are very prevalent in society today. High homocysteine levels have recently been pointed to as a major cause of cardiovascular disease. Homocysteine is one of the toxic amino acids we have been discussing.

Both our small molecule whey protein and our Methylate Me product address the issue of avoiding toxic amino acids.

Long Term Maintenance of Muscle Mass - Maintaining optimal health as we age is a shared concern of everyone. Typically as we age, we experience muscle and bone loss. One of the benefits of small molecule whey protein along with a healthy diet is that it has been shown to aid preventing the loss of both muscle mass and bone density.

Cancer - Although small molecule whey protein is not a cure for cancer, it will furnish cancer patients with a great source of easily digested protein. A common problem with cancer patients undergoing treatment is extreme nausea, so finding a protein supplement that’s easy to digest and that furnishes the amino acids that their very stressed system needs is of great value.


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Small Molecule Whey Protein

theonleywheySmall molecule whey protein is a perfect way to assimilate proteins regardless of digestive efficiency or stress levels.

Ordinarily, one’s body is limited as to how much protein can be taken up into the bloodstream and cells... because there is only 12 inches of duodenum area in the small intestines) that does this job of moving protein from foods into the bloodstream, and it can work only at a certain speed. Once proteins move beyond this area of the small intestines, assimilation ends. So, if the linings of the duodenum are damaged, or if you are sick, or if you are stressed to the point that food is not broken down well in the stomach before reaching this part of the intestines, then food may travel beyond the protein assimilation area and go unused.

Small molecule protein is 55% or more di and tri peptides... with protein molecules so small that virtually no active digestion is needed - so you get all the protein.

damaged_small_intestinesSmall molecule whey protein was originally created for persons whose small intestines weren’t functioning properly enough to digest protein either the result of heredity or inflammatory diesease...... but it is eminently valuable for nearly everyone.

Like all other products we offer, Small Molecule Whey Protein was brought to market by the doctors at the Center for Advanced Medicine, in San Diego, California, in order to address a clinical problem of many customers/patients.

As mentioned, Small Molecule Whey Protein was created originally to help persons who had small intestines with sufficient damage that they could no longer optimally digest food proteins.

  • This kind of damage occurs when fungi and other microorganisms damage the small intestines (leaky gut).
  • It also occurs through allergic reactions that damage intestinal linings and
  • From genetic issues, and
  • From free radical and glycation damaging that comes with aging

Symptoms of the above kind of damage include:

  1. Tiredness after eating
  2. Abdominal swelling after eating
  3. Intestinal gas

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Here are the salient features of our Small Molecule Whey Protein:

  • Very small protein chains — more than 55% of peptides are di and tri peptides - so that no further enzymatic breakdown of these peptides is needed.
  • No Casein or Lactose (they both have been removed).
  • Protein assimilates readily, even during times of stress and high activity making it great for people who have no time to eat properly.
  • Slow transit through the small intestines. FiberSol fiber has been mixed in with the whey protein so that a very slow transit time with virtually 100% absorption can be achieved.
  • No inferior casein, vegetable or deceptively labeled flash-hydrolyzed whey raw materials

Unlike Other Protein Supplements and Foods, You Get Virtually 100% Absorption With The Small Molecule Whey Protein.

Consumers are getting a small percentage benefit from the proteins in the supplements and food currently available to them in the market. The benefits obtained depend on the size of the protein molecules (smaller is better) and the speed with which it goes through the intestines (longer transit times are better).

Other protein foods such as soy, beef, fish, poultry and dairy products have zero amounts of di and tri-peptides. Their peptide sizes range from 20,000 – 100,000 Daltons. Such large proteins, which require significant breakdown time and limit absorption to 30% at best. Also, except for soy they have no fiber in them which is what slows transit time through the gut.

Unfortunately, proteins that don’t digest completely become toxic burdens. If the body doesn’t handle the disposal of toxic protein wastes, then some of it may get stored —  accounting for much of the weight we accumulate during our middle-aged years, which is really toxic storage.

Protein Molecule Sizes of Less than 1,000 Daltons

100% of the protein in The Small Molecule Whey Protein is hydrolyzed protein isolates, which contain over 50-% di and tri-peptides with the average size of less than 700 Daltons. Such small protein requires virtually no active breakdown by the body allowing for swift and total absorption

Fibersol Fiber To Slow Transit Through Small Intestines

Liquid travels very fast through the intestines allowing very little time for breakdown and absorption. Protein consumed without quality dietary fiber can result in gas, unhealthy and irregular elimination. To overcome these challenges, The Small Molecule Whey Protein was engineered with Fibersol®, a proprietary new form of soluble psyllium fiber. Fibersol® has the highest natural swell ratio keeping the protein in the proximal bowel until it is totally absorbed. The end result is the only protein available today that renders 100% absorption.

Smooth and Rich Taste Taste

theonleywheySmooth and rich, Small Molecule Whey Protein targets adult taste preferences in a low viscosity solution of the highest quality hydrolyzed whey protein isolates available. The superior nutritive value of Small Molecule Whey Protein is based around exceptionally high di and tripeptide content achieved through a complex process of sequential-enzymatic hydrolysis. This method of predigestion allows Small Molecule Whey Protein to work in harmony with natural gastrointestinal activity, producing maximum absorption.

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363 Small Molecule Whey Protein - Canister Containing 14 servings



Money Back Guarantee of Satisfaction.

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How To Take Small Molecule Whey Protein

Mix one scoop of Small Molecule Whey Protein into any liquid and mix until it is dissolved. A scoop a day provides 15 grams of the highest quality protein on the planet.

It’s a great addition to Seven Essentials, making Seven Essentials and Small Molecule Whey Protein a truly awesome meal replacement. For persons on a weight reduction program, we recommend replacing two meals per day this way.

Small molecule whey protein is the right protein for anyone who:
  • has small intestines that have been damaged or
  • wants the best protein assimilation possible.

Small Molecule Whey Characteristics

  • The small whey protein molecules need very little enzymatic breakdown.
  • Over 55% of the peptide molecules are di and tripeptides as compared to none in other supplements.
  • They proteins are absorbed completely as compared to an average 30% absorption for all other protein foods or supplements
  • Their average molecular weight (size) is less than 1,700 daltons (most less than 1,000) as compared to 60,000 to 90,000 for other protein products.
  • The small di and tripeptides protein molecules build and help retain muscle far better than whole proteins or free form amino acids.
  • No undigested protein moves into colon where it causes gas, diarrhea, nausea, etc.
  • The small molecule protein absorbs completely even at high levels of consumption needed by athletes, bodybuilders, dieters and the critically ill (even if up to 50 to 80 grams were  consumed at one time).
  • Clinical studies have shown that small molecule whey protein allows for extremely elevated glutathione synthesis.


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