Think About Your Health...
Keep Current with Advancing Health Knowledge

Health Habit #1 is to take personal responsibility for your own health — and that means to understand current nutritional science.


  • Most people stop learning about health with their last health course in school.
  • Don’t you do that!
  • Instead, keep learning about how to nourish and detoxify your body... the two great goals for anyone who wants to live long and healthy.

Health knowledge is doubling every few years. You need to be informed of the current understanding about health, not the past understandings.

  • The best scientific knowledge available today, in 50 years, will probably seem like bloodletting (as a cure for infection) seems to us now.

    For instance, only sixty years ago medical teachers taught their students that if you touched the ‘fragile’  human heart it would be bruised and die. Today, doctors save lives by vigorously squeezing the heart. Sixty years ago, doctors were wrong.
  • And, only 20 years ago, scientists knew that stress caused stomach ulcers. Today, doctors know that bacteria cause stomach ulcers. 20 years ago, scientists were wrong.
  • And, only five years ago, scientists knew that antioxidants which extinguish free radicals would stop aging. Today, they know that stopping free radicals is only one of several essential actions for slowing down aging. 5 years ago, scientists were wrong!


So, make sure you stay current with the science of health. The reward could be many more years of enjoyable, healthy life. To help you do this, sign up today to receive our free health nutrition newsletter.

To Start With, Get Rid of All the Following Attitudes About Health


heart_attackMost people don’t think about their health until they lose it. You should determine to be wiser and act preemptively to avert poor health down the road!

Make your health more important than anything else in your life.  Go into HEALTH URGENT MODE yesterday before a crisis hits! This is the advice of so many people who failed to do so.

Pay attention to your health! Notice how your body and your energy may be changing. Believe in your mortality. Believe that you are the man or woman dying from a cardiovascular event or from cancer — unless you keep an inwardly clean, well-nourished body. Think about the direction that  your health is going... and when you see that you don’t like the end of the road that you are on... then you’d better back up fast. To help you think about your health, and for wise tips on what you should be paying attention to, sign up today to receive our free health nutrition newsletter.


take_care_of_yourselfMost people relegate the responsibility for their health to their doctor or to pharmaceutical companies, or to spouse, family or friends. You should believe your health is all up to you... because it really is!

Do not relegate your responsibility to be healthy to anyone else. And especially do NOT relegate it to those who could benefit from your poor health or early death, i.e. doctors and drug companies (who hope for your poor health so they have more business and profits) or the government (that pays less social security money the sooner you die after retirement). If you were to blindly follow their advice, it would be like hiring the fox to guard the hen house. To increase your understanding about wise health practices and unwise health practices, sign up today to receive our free health nutrition newsletter.


dont_give_up_86Most people just give up hope when they get a serious disease such as arthritis, cancer, heart disease, etc. You should use any health challenges you encounter as springboards into a keen interest in health... and impetus to turn your current less-than-perfect-health into GREAT HEALTH... and teach others to be wiser.

Your body has an amazing ability to recover from health disasters if you give it the tools it needs. Here at this website you will gain the true knowledge about the tools your body needs to restore its health. You will find disease specific nutritional support information in both our Health Blog and Links sections. And, you will find constant ideas for how to get back health that has been lost as you read our free health nutrition newsletter.

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Strategizing for Optimum Health

No one has a vested interest in your health except you. You need to plan how to keep your health. If you follow the crowd, you are on your way to truly disappointing health results.

We used to hear people say, “If you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich?

But, then, when we saw rich people who couldn’t enjoy their riches because of their poor health, we learned to say instead, “If you’re so smart, then why aren’t you healthy?

If you have your health, then you can enjoy life better than the rich who don’t have their health.

Today’s wisest people...

  • Are going to live well past 120 years of age
  • And stay young for most of that time.
  • They’ll be enjoying wonderful, healthy lives
  • Doing all the things many people never get to because their health is gone before they have the time
  • Writing their memoirs
  • Getting to know many of their great, great, great grandchildren

While their less wise peers have either been consigned to resting homes or resting boxes.

Only one hundred years ago, one out of two people died from infection. Then entered the miracle of antibiotics. That’s why the parents of baby-boomer learned to place too much trust in medicines. Their parents had just witnessed the miracle of medicines stopping the leading causes of death of the last century.

The current generations beginning with baby-boomers and their children understand that medicines are wonderful for trauma and infection but aren’t the cure for degenerative disease that are today’s leading causes of suffering and death. They are ready for the incoming era where those people who will take their health seriously can live to 120, 150, 200 years and beyond.

The thinkers and planners of today will be able to accomplish the seemingly impossible — they will “die young”, late in life, with their natural force unabated, dying only when their last telomere is gone. This because they will have discovered the health secret of planning into their lives the 5 Habits of Health.

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