Hydrogen is the
Ultimate Antioxidant

The daily routine of supplying your cells ACTIVE hydrogen can make you more free from molecular oxidation (aging process), IE it can stop free radical damage and degradation of the cells and molecules of one's body; but this great benefit
occurs only if you consume an effective hydrogen product daily

drinking_waterDaily drinking water that has been enriched with active hydrogen is one of the most powerful health habits science has discovered. It offers tangible health benefits that can significantly boost one's happiness. It is a habit that most people can afford and it is definitely one of the top five health habits that we recommend to all people!

The reason that we single out the importance of drinking hydrogen rich water is that when one drinks water that has been enriched with hydrogen, those hydrogen molecules and atoms disperse throughout one's fluids and cells and they extinguish free radicals — significantly curtailing aging, inflammation and disease processes. Drinking hydrogen rich water improves hydration which additionally helps people live longer and recover quickly from illness.

So, choose to live healthier, longer by using one or more of these products that produce
“hydrogen rich water”... and stay younger longer! These products REALLY WORK!


The Original Hydrogen Rich Water Stick™

Least cost... very effective!

hydrogen-water-stick-any-bottleThe Hayashi Hydrogen Water Stick™ is an economical way to get ACTIVE hydrogen. The hydrogen stick is placed in a capped water bottle (so that hydrogen doesn’t escape into the atmosphere) where the magnesium impregnated ceramic stick continuously disassociates water into hydrogen and oxygen until the water reaches hydrogen saturation levels of up to 1.5 ppm — in from 30 to 90 minutes. The stick needs to be recharged (with vinegar) once a month.


Hydrogen Rejuvenation™ Tablet

Reasonable cost... most hydrogen delivery!

The Hydrogen Rejuvenation Tablet™ is made from effervescent magnesium. Ahydrogen_tablet tablet is placed in 10 to 12 ounces of  water (DON’T USE LESS WATER, or else the hydrogen will escape too quickly). The magnesium disassociates the water into hydrogen and oxygen and super saturates the water (with nano hydrogen bubbles) — 7 to 8 ppm in only to two minutes. Drink immediately. It is the fastest and most effective way to supply anti-oxidizing elemental hydrogen to the body... and therefore, the ultimate hydrogen product.


Liquid Cell Food™ Concentrate

Unsurpassed convenience!

CellFood™ concentrate disassociates water into inside one's body into  hydrogen and oxygen. It is consumed by taking 8 to 12 drops at a time directly on cellfood_dropsthe tongue or by squirting it into any liquid  and drinking. CellFood™ These drops use enzymes and deuterium to disassociate water inside the human body into hydrogen and oxygen, over a few hours time. This process was designed by Dr. Everett Storey over 30 years ago and kept under wraps for decades. Super convenient... just carry a bottle with you.


Redox Liquid

Hydrogen reduction plus redox signaling benefits

ASEA™ does not disassociate water, but provides short chain reactive, yet stable, redox signaling, molecules that boost production of endogenous antioxidants, increase cell signaling and increase hydrogen asea_cup_100reduction of free radicals. ASEA is made from a heavily patented process during which salt water is “rebuilt” into exactly 16 molecules that have zero LD50 reaction (toxicity) and that quench free radicals with hydrogen and also promote cellular healing at extremely high rates.

Elemental Hydrogen whether from the Water Stick™, Rejuvenation Tablet™, CellFood™ or ASEA™ Significantly Increases One’s Health and Hydrogen Levels!

A businessman in his 60s reports that since he started drinking hydrogen water, he has more energy and his memory is sharper than ever.


A runner says it has improved her endurance and sleep, and she has fewer aches and pains

The daughter of a woman with Alzheimer's disease noticed rapid improvements in her mother's ability to remember names and events, and now she's doing activities such as showering without help and “getting back to her old self.


A young man awoke from a three-month coma following a motorcycle accident with a dire prognosis due to severe cognitive, speech, and mobility problems. Hydrogen water jump-started his recovery, and today he is back working as a fitness instructor.

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