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Nanofy Liquid Curcumin
Turmeric Root and Powder

What Liquid Curcumin Is:

  • Mycellized Curcumin

  • Nanofy™ Liquid Curcumin Micelle is less than 30 nm in diameter

  • and is water soluble — enabling penetration of all tissues.

  • It provides 185 (average and 277 times greater for women) times greater serum levels of Curcumin than natural Curcumin powder.

  • There are thirty 10 Drop Servings per Bottle

  • Ten Drops Equals Is More Than Equal to Twenty-Seven 500 mg Capsules of Curcumin Because of Exceptional Tissue Saturation

Why You Should Consume Our Liquid Curcumin:

The benefits generally speaking of curcumin consumption derive from its anti-inflammation and anti-glycemic properties, meaning consuming curcumin may help maintain more comfortable joint operation, less free radical attack of tissues throughout the body and brain and less glyaction damage to brain and body tissues. In other words, you may likely have a healthier life, more free from chronic diseases of the body and brain and less joint discomfort.

Curcumin is especially beneficial for joints, eyes, and brain (which are main targets of free radicals and sugar cross-linking or glycation).

The specific reason for consuming our Liquid Curcumin is that it up to several hundred times more effective than other curcumin products.

Absorption Rate of Curcumin
Curcumin Levels in Tissue Over Time
The above graph shows one serving of Nanofy versus one serving of natural Curcumin

Our Nanofy Liquid Curcumin is the Best Curcumin You Can Use!

  • After ingestion, ordinary curcumin stays in the plasma of one's body
    • for only a few hours
    • at 1/200th of the power of our Liquid Curcumin
  • In other words, our product puts two to three hundred times more Curcumin into one's blood and tissues and it stays there many times longer — that's the reason to use our product. Ten drops of our product is functionally equivalent to twenty-seven capsules of natural powdered curcumin, except that it stays inside the body ten times longer.
  • Our breakthrough technology for reducing the size of Curcumin (nanonization) and making fat soluble Curcumin particles water soluble (micellization) plus combining a small amount of Vitamin D3 (24 IU) to improve blood brain crossover it what makes our product unique.
  • Our Curcumin micelle is only 30 nm in size... and is water soluble — so that it penetrates all bodily tissues.
  • The Liquid Curcumin micelle matrix is completely stable at gastric pH and is FULLY delivered to the intestinal wall for maximum absorption.
  • That is why our Liquid Curcumin is the best curcumin product by far!

Curcumin Benefits and Science:

If there is a better for your health natural food product, science doesn't know what it is. Disclaimer: However, in spite of the preliminary scientific enthusiasm about Curcumin, until more exhaustive scientific research is done, all benefits described below should be considered to be folklore, anecdotal, opinion and preliminary research. Exhaustive, double-blind, peer-reviewed, FDA accepted, scientific research needs to be completed (unfortunately, at the pace of science this will probably take fifty years) in order to make a claim of "healthiest food" or to make reliable health benefit claims beyond "possible" or "perceived by many". Yet, the amount of interest and perceived benefits from Curcumin is significant and should be considered by everyone who cares about their health.

  • Curcumin helps improve the health of nerves and brain tissue by increasing the amount of BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor) in the brain.
    • brain derived neurotrophic factorA long time ago, it was believed that neurons weren't able to divide and multiply after early childhood. Fortunately, it’s now been proven that this does happen.
    • A main driver of brain cell and nerve cell replication and maintenance is brain-derived Neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which is a type of growth hormone that functions in your brain to help preserve and grow brain cells. It actually makes your brain younger and more capable of learning!
    • By increasing the amount of BDNF in the brain, Curcumin may be effective in delaying or reversing many brain diseases and age-related decreases in brain function. The only other factor in life that comes close to Curcumin in increasing BDNF in the brain is strenuous, high intensity interval training exercise.
  • Curcumin is powerfully anti-oxidizing (IE, capable of neutralizing free radicals). Oxidants (free radicals) are one of the causes of aging... and a major cause of disease and inflammation. Therefore, Curcumin should help out with many facets of aging, brain damage and disease.
  • Curcumin is powerfully anti-inflammatory. curcumin works against inflammation caused diseases
  • Curcumin is a chelator of heavy metals.
    • Helping to remove excess amounts of heavy metals from all tissues, including the brain (since Curcumin crosses the blood-brain barrier). This enables Curcumin to help out with many types of brain fog.
  • Curcumin helps improve digestion by increasing bile flow through the liver and gall bladder into the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Curcumin helps with menstrual issues by helping to calm the discomfort, cramping, bloating, excessive bleeding, mood swings associated with menstrual challenges.

Liquid Curcumin Dosing

  • A normal serving amount of our Liquid Curcumin is 5 to 10 drops.
  • We recommend one to four servings daily — three or four servings is a maximum therapeutic dosing level.
  • You can add Liquid Curcumin to water or to any beverage or put directly in the mouth.
  • Hot water enables faster dissolving, or with room temperature water, stir, drink, add more water and stir and drink again until no yellow residue remains.

Curcumin Safety

  • Curcumin and Turmeric have a GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) rating the the US FDA.
  • Curcumin is safe for most people (with thousands of years of use; for exceptions see below).
    • A phase 1 human trial with 25 subjects using up to 8,000 mg of native Curcumin per day for 3 months found no toxicity from Curcumin.
    • Five other human trials using 1,125-2,500 mg of native Curcumin per day have also found it to be safe.
    • The amounts of Curcumin used in these studies were far greater (10 to 20 times greater) than the amounts in Liquid Curcumin - (Link to Pub Med, giving study results).
  • Exceptions: In spite of the above, it needs to be recognized that natural foods are not always safe for every person. Just like not everyone can safely consume green leafy vegetables, grains, fruits or fish, not everyone can safely consume Curcumin. We strongly discourage the following people from taking Curcumin without discussing their plans with their doctor: pregnant and nursing women, those taking a blood thinner and persons with gall bladder problems.

Curcumin Facts

    Turmeric Roots and Turmeric Powder Turmeric Plants
  • Curcumin comes from Turmeric Root (curcuma longa). Turmeric root is the spice from which curry dishes are made.
  • Turmeric root is related to Ginger root and is grown throughout India, other parts of Asia and Central America.
  • Historically, Turmeric has been used in Ayurvedic medicine, primarily in South Asia, as an aid for many conditions, including breathing problems, rheumatism, serious pain, stomach and digestive disorders and fatigue.
  • Curcumin is the active component of Turmeric root. It is a polyphenol (plant compound). It gives Turmeric its yellow-orange color, yet makes up only 3% of the compounds in Turmeric Root.
  • Curcumin is not water soluble, so it is extracted from Turmeric by mixing the powder with ethanol, letting it stand for a few days, filtering and removing the ethanol.



The Mechanisms of Action of Curcumin:

  • Curcumin enhances neurogenesis — via a network interaction of genes involved in neurotransmission, neuronal development, signal transduction, resulting in increased production of Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor.
  • free radical being reduced by antioxidant
  • Curcumin is an antioxidant at the molecular level, meaning that it is able to contribute electrons to free radicals without becoming a free radical, itself. Numerous studies show that Curcumin has shown a remarkable ability to improve systemic markers of oxidative stress.
  • Curcumin can increase serum activities of endogenous antioxidants such as superoxide dismutase, making those antioxidants more potent. A recent, randomized, control-data and meta-analysis indicated that Curcumin supplementation had a significant effect on all investigated parameters of oxidative stress including increased plasma activities of SOD and catalase, as well as boosting of serum concentrations of glutathione peroxidase (GSH) and lipid peroxides - in other words, the performance of all endogenous antioxidants was improved.
    • Scientists theorize that Curcumin "resurrects" spent endogenous antioxidants, IE donates electrons to them so that they can continue neutralizing free radicals.
  • Curcumin’s direct reduction of free radicals is carried out by several different mechanisms enabling it to scavenge different forms of free radicals, such as reactive oxygen and nitrogen species.
  • Curcumin also increases the activity of GSH, catalase, and SOD enzymes and thus increases the neutralization of free radicals by endogenous antioxidants.
  • Curcumin can inhibit ROS-generating enzymes such as lipoxygenase/cyclooxygenase and xanthine hydrogenase/oxidase
  • Laboratory studies have identified a number of different molecules involved in inflammation that are inhibited by Curcumin including phospholipase, lipooxygenase, cyclooxygenase 2, leukotrienes, thromboxane, prostaglandins, nitric oxide, collagenase, elastase, hyaluronidase, monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 (MCP-1), interferon-inducible protein, tumor necrosis factor (TNF), and interleukin-12 (IL-12)
  • In addition, Curcumin is a lipophilic compound, which makes it an efficient scavenger of peroxyl radicals, therefore, like vitamin E (tocopherols) and stabilized rice bran (tocotrienols) Curcumin can be considered as a chain-breaking antioxidant
  • Finally, as mentioned under health benefits, Curcumin increases bile flow.


Liquid Curcumin Ordering Form

Our Price: $40 per 15 ml Bottle (300 drops)

Liquid Curcumin

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 10 Drops
Servings Per Container: 30
Calories Per Serving 0
Proprietary Blend
 - Curcumin (Curcuma Longa)
 - Vitamin D
Other Ingredients: Polysorbate

Liquid Curcumin - Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Liquid Curcumin taste like?

It tastes like an herbal tea without sweetener. The more water you dilute it in, the less the "herbal-tea" taste. And, you can easily add it to juice or a other liquid and then you may not notice the herbal taste at all.

How is Curcumin Similar to Ginger?

Differences Between Curcumin and Ginger

How Long Has Curcumin Been Used?

The use of Turmeric (curcuma longa) root, from which Curcumin extract is taken, dates back nearly 4,000 years to the Vedic culture in India. It spread from there to China, East Africa, South Africa. Turmeric is mentioned in Susruta's Ayurvedic compendium by 250 BC.

What Environment Can Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) Grow In?

The Turmeric plant needs temperatures between 70°F and 90°F (20°C and 30°C) and a considerable amount of annual rainfall to thrive. Individual plants grow to a height of 3 feet (1 Meter), and have long, oblong leaves. Plants are gathered annually for their rhizomes, and are reseeded from some of those rhizomes in the following season. The rhizome, from which the Turmeric is derived, is tuberous, with a rough and segmented skin. The rhizomes mature beneath the foliage in the ground. They are yellowish brown with a dull orange interior. The main rhizome is pointed or tapered at the distal end and measures 2.5–7.0 cm (1–3 inches) in length and 2.5 cm (1 inch) in diameter, with smaller tubers branching off. When the Turmeric rhizome is dried, it can be ground to a yellow powder with a bitter, slightly acrid, yet sweet, taste.

Where is Turmeric Grown?

India produces nearly all of the world’s Turmeric crop and consumes 80% of it. With its inherent qualities and high content of the important bioactive compound Curcumin, Indian Turmeric is considered to be the best in the world. Erode, a city in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, is the world’s largest producer of and the most important trading center for Turmeric. It is also known as “Yellow City,” or “Turmeric City,”. Sangli, a city of Maharashtra, is second only to Erode in size and importance as a production and trading site for Turmeric.

Where is Liquid Curcumin Produced?

It is produced in Germany from Indian Grown Turmeric, using patented processes of nanonization and micellization.

What Are the Main Reasons to Consume Curcumin?

  • To Help Make One's Brain Younger And More Capable of Learning and Remembering
  • To Fight Free Radicals and Inflammation Everywhere in the Body
  • For Less Stiffness in Joints and Muscles
  • For Cardiovascular Benefits
  • For Help in Maintaining Normal Blood Sugar

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