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The key to health is eliminating toxicities and deficiencies! - Dr. William R. Kellas

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Helpful Friendly is owned by wellness advocates who teach two very simple principles of health that health is the natural result of the body being free from 1) toxicity and 2) deficiency.

Your Health is Your Greatest Wealth!

In other words, the human body will seek its own optimal health if given:  

  1. Comprehensive nutrition
  2. Continuous removing of health-suppressive-factors (toxicities, impingements, pathogens).

To put it another way, if we give our body the opportunity to be healthy, it will go in that direction naturally. Most people ignorantly prevent the body from optimizing itself by overloading it with toxins and not giving the body the nutrition it needs to heal itself. That means we can either keep our non-health supporting habits or we can seek health by learning better habits.

Going from a simple guiding principle to actual daily practices is the challenge for most people. A major value-add of Healthy-Living is that we search the world for the most effective nutritional and detoxifying foods, supplements and practices. Our goal is to help everyone have access to premier food powders and supplements that will help the human body to function at its highest capacity — starting with creating a foundation of comprehensive nutrition and freedom from toxicity.

We secure all checkouts with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology in order to provide a high level of security for Internet communications. You will see a lock symbol next to in your browser address. That let's you know you are in secure mode.

SSL provides an encrypted communications session between your web browser and a Web server. When sensitive information is being sent over the Internet between your browser and a web server, SSL verifies that the information has not been altered in any way on-route and is not able to be viewed by anyone else. All major browsers released in recent years support SSL.

Orders processed by Healthy-Living will show up on your credit card statement as payments made to Kent Hinkson, Healthy-Living.Org.

If you provide your email, we always send confirmation emails. Whether you get them or not depends on many factors, the most important of which is that you add the domain to your list of approved email senders.

Orders shipped to addresses within the United States are charged sales tax depending on the sales tax laws of the delivery state. Sales tax, however, is not shown at the time you check out online. Our software doesn't have the software tables built in. So, the sales tax is manually calculated and added later, as your order is prepared for shipment. Therefore, your final charge will be what is shown at the time of checkout plus appropriate sales tax.

Shipping charges within the U.S. are shown at the time of purchase. Shipping charges for non-United States destinations will not always show and will be calculated and added later, as the actual shipping cost plus $7.50 handling. Again, the shipping charge may not show (for some countries) at the time the order is placed but will be determined at the time of shipping. So, initially the shipping charge may show $0.00 or $X.XX). When we process your card for shipment the shipping/handling charge will be added to the order total.

We do not collect or pay import duties on products you purchase. That will be your responsibility. That means we do not ship to the United Kingdom which requires the sender to charge, collect and remit duties.

If you have accidentally ordered a wrong product or later regret making an order, please contact us by phone or email within 30 minutes of ordering, otherwise the order will not be able to be canceled (because it will already be in the shipping process) and will have to go through the return for refund process.

It is our intent to process and ship the same day all orders received before 2pm (of a business day). This is not a promise, but that is what we try to and normally do. Out of stock items, illness, and unexpected interruptions can prevent this. Our customers tell us that our shipping service is excellent.

  • USPS - Standard, Priority or Express
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If you have a specific desired courier please let us know during the ordering process or in the comments field.

For standard USPS or UPS ground It will take anywhere from two to ten days to receive a shipment within the U.S.

Priority USPS service within the United States is typically a two to three business day service, but occasionally takes much longer (especially around Christmas). We offer no guarantees on transit time of this service.

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Express USPS service is typically a one to two business day service within the U.S. and typically a 5 to 7 business day service for Canada.

We are not responsible or liable for costs/delays or losses resulting from errors you make in entering your delivery address.

If you enter an incorrect address, it is probable that the product will suffer lengthy delays in being rerouted back to us and will encounter additional expense, which will be charged to your account. So, please make sure you enter the address correctly!

Outside the United States and Canada, we offer USPS Priority shipping which is a reliable, ”tracked” service that typically* requires only 5 to 10 business days (* occasionally takes longer).

Shipping and handling charges for all orders going to countries other than the U.S. and Canada are not shown immediately because we do not know the cost until the order has been packed for shipping. The shipping/handling charge will the actual postage cost plus $7.50 handling. When originally placed, an order going to a destination outside the U.S. or Canada will show the cost of shipping as $X.XX or $0.00 even though the shipping charge is definitely not going to be $0.00. When you place an order for delivery outside the U.S. and Canada you are agreeing to a shipping charge that will be equal to the actual shipping cost plus $7.50. This will be charged to your card, when your order is shipped.

As soon as in International order is placed we will send you an email notifying you that we have received your order. Whether or not you get this email depends on many factors, mostly regarding how your email account handles spam filtering. We suggest that you add Healthy-Living.Org to your approved sender list to help ensure you get our emails.

When your order actually ships, you will get another email showing you the tracking number of the package. You will also (about the same time) receive an email with the total cost of the order, including shipping.

Import Issues Are Your Problem: Although we will ship products to virtually any country, the risk that a product will not be allowed into your particular country is your risk, not ours. So, please endeavor to understand your country’s import restrictions before ordering.

Import restrictions are constantly changing. Nevertheless, we have found the following countries to consistently be the most problematic: South Africa, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Argentina. In spite of past problems with these countries, we will ship to these countries if you request us to do so (again, the risk of non-delivery is your risk).

Once a product is shipped from our warehouse, it will not be refunded, unless it is received back here in salable condition. So, if it is confiscated by a government agency in your country such as customs or quarantine, it will not be refunded. If an order is returned to us, we will only refund the product cost and not the shipping charge.

Again, refunds Require Return of Product. Once a product leaves our warehouse, it will not be refunded unless you avail of our 30 day satisfaction guaranteed refund policy which requires that you return the product containers to us at your expense.

Food and Supplements Have a 30 Day Refund Period

We offer a 30 day from date of purchase satisfaction guarantee refund period on most items, unless a longer period is noted on the product page. You have those 30/specified number of days from the date of product purchase to decide if the product is satisfactory, and if not, to return it for a refund.

To initiate the process of requesting a refund we have a straightforward procedure for you to follow.

  • Call 800.704.0986 or email us at and explain that you would like a refund on a product you ordered.
  • We will then give you an RMA (return merchandise authorization) number Write the RMA # that we give you on the outside of the package in which the items are returned.
  • In order to receive a refund, you must return the products (even if partially used). We must receive the returned products within two weeks of the issuance of the RMA#.
  • Please note that we offer a refund of only one unit of each particular product that has been opened. That means if you order two or more of a particular item, and open more than one, we will refund only one of the opened items.
  • After receiving the RMA#, ship the product back to us in any suitable box (the original shipping box used by us to send to you, for instance).
  • Once we receive the products back from you, we will then begin processing your refund, which refund will be made to the credit card used to purchase the products.
  • It normally takes about a week to process the refund.
  • Note, that we do not refund shipping costs nor pay for your shipping costs in returning the products to us.

If you call within 30 minutes making a mistake in ordering, we can "undo" it and do it again with the products you want. After that, because we try to ship quickly it may be too late to intercept your package. That means to fix the problem you will have to wait for your package to arrive and ship it back to us. Then, we can refund it and help you place the order the way you want it.

The following statements apply to visitors and customers of

The web site Healthy is owned by Healthy Living International, LLC, based in Utah. We offer wellness newsletters and wellness products for sale.

Based on the way you interact with our website, you are either a visitor or a customer. However, we treat both types of users the same as far as what we do with any information obtained during a visit by you to our website. Specifically, we do not sell, rent or convey your information to any third parties. Additionally, we use industry standard methods that seek to prevent third parties from accessing any visitor or customer information. maintains tight controls over the data we collect, retaining it in fire-walled and secured databases with strictly limited and controlled access rights, to ensure it is secure. Your personal information that is transmitted from your browser to our website is done so via SSL (Security Sockets Layer protocol) which helps to ensure that it is not intercepted nor modified when going from you to us.

Our products and services are meant for adults. If we become aware that we have unknowingly collected personal data from a child, we will make reasonable efforts to delete such information from our records.

In compliance with certain privacy laws, in particular the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), provides specific additional rights for individuals who interact with such as the right to access, rectification, right to object, to complaint, erasure and blockage. More specifically and under certain circumstances:

  • the right to request information about whether and which personal data is processed by us, and the right to demand that personal data is rectified or amended.
  • the right to request that personal data should be deleted.
  • the right to demand that the processing of personal data should be restricted.
  • withdraw your consent to the processing and use of your data completely or partially at any time with future application.
  • have the right to obtain your personal data in a common, structured and mechanically readable format.
  • contact our data protection officer if there are any questions, comments, complaints or requests in connection with our statement on data protection and the processing of your personal data.
  • the right to complain to the responsible supervisory authority if believed that the processing of your personal data is in violation of the legislation.
  • Pursuant to the GDPR, citizens from "European Territories" mean the European Economic Area (EEA), the European Free Trade Area (EFTA) and Switzerland. For the purpose of this Privacy Policy, the term "European Territories" shall continue to include the United Kingdom, even after the United Kingdom leaves the European Economic Area following Brexit.

Some browsers transmit Do Not Track (DNT) signals to websites. Because there is no common understanding of how to interpret the DNT signal, does not currently alter, change, or respond to DNT requests or signals from these browsers. We will continue to monitor industry activity in this area and reassess our DNT practices as necessary. In the meantime, you can use the range of other tools we provide to control data collection and use, including the ability to opt out of receiving emails or having your information completely removed from our databases.

  • For both visitors and customers we collect non-personally identifiable information about you including your IP address and most-recently visited web page.
  • We may also collect any email address, phone number and name that you share with us in order for us to communicate with you.
  • Additionally, if you purchase items, then we collect all information requested by us as part of that purchase transaction.

If you make a request that we communicate with you or if you purchase an item from us then you consent to receive communications from us in the future via email, phone or postal mail, unless you opt out of such communications.

Information on our website may be inaccurate or outdated. Words may be misspelled and links may be broken. Remember, we who update the website, are humans and humans make mistakes (usually because we have so much to do and are always hurrying). We don't actually understand why anyone will have only one way to spell a word, but still we like to be on good terms with such people, so we will correct these misspellings, if you inform us. Let us know of any mistakes you find and we will correct them.

We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time. We will place a prominent notice that will be visible to you as a Site Visitor or Business Partner, but we do not have a means of advising Users of an update by way of notice. You should check back here periodically to see if the Privacy Policy has been updated as we will always show the date of the latest modification of the Privacy Policy at the top of the page so you can tell when it was last revised.

A Sampling of Customer Feedback

Shipment received today.... it is a pleasure to do business with you.

I have done business with Healthy-Living.Org for over six years. You are a delight to work with. I have never had a problem after more than 20 orders now. Most orders arrive within one week, some in just three or four days.

Thanks for getting the Paragon missing from my order to me so quickly. I'd left a telephone message as well, which Carol returned yesterday. Could you let Carol know that you have taken care of it?

Again, thank you for taking the time to give me responses to my questions. They are very helpful

Thank you! I appreciate the informational response received.

Hello there; I’m David from Australia. I have tried some of your products before and was very impressed by them.

I am a repeat customer. Your service is excellent. Thank you.

Your products and service are perfect. Thank you.

I have been ordering this product for 3 years now and have remained free of MS. I will continue to take E7 forever.

I’m a long time happy customer.

You have gone beyond just being a product supplier. Your service is excellent and your health knowledge is always reliable.

Thank you for such prompt package delivery. I seriously think your company is the only one that arrives on time or early and without having to track for missing packages.

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The information on this website is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of the Healthy-Living.Org staff and contributors. It is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and it is not intended as medical advice. You should not use the information on this site for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or for modification of any medication regimen. You should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before starting or discontinuing any medication, or if you suspect you have a health problem. You should keep in mind that cited references to ongoing nutritional scientific study are most likely not accepted by the FDA as conclusive. These references and mentions of benefits experienced by others are disavowed as product claims and are only included for educational value and as starting points for your own research. No food or supplement can be considered safe for all individuals. What may benefit 999,999 of a million people may harm you. Therefore, no one can take responsibility for your health except you in concert with your trusted health professional.

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