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New Earth Super Foods Products Were Recently Added to the Healthy Living Product Lineup

New Earth Super Foods (from Organic Foods Expert Rishi Ternes) manufactures its products with cutting-edge freeze dry methods that help ensure full bioavailibility of the nutrients in their carefully chosen super foods. Rishi carefully chooses the best organic growers who ensure nutrient-rich and pesticide free environments. New Earth products would be great additions to the health regimens of anyone. We utilize them as part of our WIN protocol for weight loss. Some New Earth Super Foods products include:

  • GPS (Green Powder Superdrink) -
    • with numerous freeze dried juices of grasses, sea plants, herbs,exotic fruits and berries, Shilajit minerals and Probiotics. This is the most nutritional powder money can buy, and easy to add to any protein shake!
  • Cupuacu -
    • an organic food powder from the Cupuacu fruit flesh and seeds. Cupuacu is called the Pharmacy in a Fruit in the Amazonian jungle basin where it grows.
  • Hechoco -
    • A super protein drink made from organic vegetable only sources (Hemp, Chocolate, Coconut Sap)
  • Richoco -
    • Like the above, but with sprouted Rice protein, instead of Hemp
  • Ricocu -
    • Cupuacu and sprouted Rice protein.
  • Berry Extreme -
    • with specially freeze dried juices from Organic berries (Aronia, Acai, Sea Buckthorn, Bilberry, Maqui, Goji Berry, Lingonberry, Cranberry, Black Currant, Blueberry, Blackberry, Raspberry, Pomegranate, Strawberry)

In addition to superlative wellness products that will change your life for the better, Healthy Living offers its customers:

 Excellent Customer Service:

  • I have used almost all of your products. They are the best. Glynda H (USA).
  • I am a repeat customer. Your service is excellent. Thank you. Wen A (Singapore).
  • customer-service_webI have done business with Healthy-Living.Org for over ten years. You are a delight to work with. I have never had a problem after more than 50 orders now. Anne J (France).
  • Friendly service by phone, email or web
  • Free health newsletters featuring cutting-edge wellness information.
  • Health coaching and guidance in transforming your health

 The USA’s health statistics are near the bottom of all nations — because our diet is nutrient poor and calorie-rich.

percentage oflifeinpoorhealthPeople in the United States of America must be doing something very wrong in regard to human health compared to other countries. Only Mexico, Poland, Turkey, Slovenia and Hungary have worse health statistics than does the United States of America in terms the number of years the people in that country live in extremely poor health before dying. Click here or on the graph to below to see more details regarding this statistic.

Americans are also among the worst in terms of longevity. These statistics simply beg the question, Why? — especially when Americans spend more on medical care and vitamins than the rest of the nations of the earth combined?

Answer: The reason for Americans poor health statistics is that our diet is far worse than their diets.

The culprit is what we could call the Standard American Diet (which could be characterized as nutrient deficient, toxic, “fast” or “processed” food). Very little of our diet is raw, nutrient-dense, fresh fruits and vegetables. That coupled with a prescription based medical care system (instead of nutrition) is what creates the above terrible health consequences.

standardamericandietThe SAD diet is characterized by very little raw food, very little minerals (they are mostly stripped out in processing), far too many denatured , adulterated, toxic fats, (virtually all modern  vegetable oils and far too many calories from processed foods and carbs.

  • Allopathic Medical Care, which is drug, surgery and radiation based medicine (i.e. symptom-control-medicine) is wonderful in terms of acute symptoms or trauma care, or the fixing of congenital defects and for delivery babies when complications occur. Allopathy, certainly, however, is not the way to maintain health. And, the popular modern fad of Vitamin pill popping does not fix the basic problem that Americans have of not eating healthy, natural food. All vitamins really do is to give a false sense of security.

So, consider: where  is the road you are on taking you in terms of your health? Are you on poor nutrition and high toxicity road? Or are you on a better nutrition and toxicity reducing road?

We each get to choose our road in life:

  1. endoftheroadThe end of the road of high toxicity and little nutrition is poor health, joint stiffness, lack of energy and poor quality of life.
  2. The end of of the high nutrition, low toxicity road is a body that stays young, supple, full of energy and free from pain into advanced age.


The road we recommend is:

  1. To eat a wide variety of undamaged, nutrient dense food.
  2. To maintain internal cleanliness of cells, blood stream and gastrointestinal tract.

Please check out our many nutritional and detoxifying products and sign up for our health inspiration newsletter. Remember, you are not exempt from the laws of health. No one is. You either do the daily habits of health, and get the reward of increased vitality and health, or you can not do it and get the end of the road of poor quality of life and early death

Hippocrates had it right a long time ago — when he said, “Let food be your medicine”.

Anne Wigmore had it right when she said — “The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful medicine or the slowest form of poison.

Medical Doctors Are Great... but Nutritionists Are Even More Important!

We love medical doctors and the great advancements in medical care that have taken place in the last century. They are great for saving us from complications of childbirth, from infections and putting us back together after accidents. But, in terms of overall health, nutritionists are more to be sought after than doctors.

Thomas Edison described this big picture a hundred years ago when he said: The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

We Teach the Five Habits of Health

Healthy-Living wellness coaches invite everyone to put into practice the five habits of health.

Human nature is such that people put off taking action unless there is an urgent and immediate threat to our well-being. For instance, we react instantly to the sound of a rattlesnake but we universally fail to act to avoid that which will certainly end our life decades too soon such continuing to eat denatured oils, excessive amounts of sugar and very little raw food.

Our Four Best Selling Products!!!

Seven Essentials Nutritional Beverage Mix


The Eight Day Cleanse

woman_with_seven_essentialsSeven Essentials Nutritional Beverage Mix contains seven types of uncooked, nutrient dense foods (including 10 different vegetables, RiSoTriene, Small Molecule Whey Protein, etc.). Seven Essentials is a nutrient powerhouse. In terms of its antioxidant value, a single serving of Seven Essentials furnishes 21,010 ORAC units (equivalent to 42 servings of vegetables). Yet it contains only 70 calories.

7essentials_drinkSeven Essentials tastes great when mixed into water, milk, juice.
We invite you to request a free sample of Seven Essentials to be mailed to you.

Fill out our  online form and request your free sample today!


eightdaycleanseproductsAccomplish more cleansing of your internal body in just eight days with the Eight Day Cleanse than you could any other way (even with a 40-day water fast).

  • Helps kill parasites, virus, fungi and mycoplasmas.
  • Helps stop sugar cravings, improve leptin receptivity and clear away toxic debris.
  • Helps clear the circulatory system of triglycerides and cholesterol.
  • No uncomfortable bowel changes. Can be done while working.




Cleansing Enzymes


Aloe Vera Power

cleansing_enzymesCleansing Enzymes is a premier aid to getting the most out of the cooked food (cooked food lacks enzymes) and maintaining a clean gastrointestinal system:

  • 17 pH balanced enzymes (including serratia peptidase, the silkworm enzyme that helps maintain a plaque-free circulatory system)
  • Botanicals that stimulate digestive juices.
  • Liver strengthening extracts that are far superior to milk thistle in strengthening the liver’s action of detoxifying the body.
  • Botanicals that kill harmful bacteria in the stomach and gut.
  • Probiotics that survive stomach acid and help maintain intestinal cleanliness.


aloe_vera_power_smallOur Aloe Vera Power concentrate:

  • Is 28 times more potent than natural Aloe Vera Juice.
  • Is one of our all-time best selling products.
  • Furnishes healing glyconutrients and numerous other nutrient tools that our cells can utilize to repair and maintain themselves (Aloe Vera is often reputed as the world’s best health tonic.)
  • Helps destroy viruses and fungi.
  • Is the most concentrated Aloe Vera product on the market. Click here to see an Aloe Vera comparison chart showing the superiority of our product.


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