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Essential Silica Formula

Silica is One of the Most Overlooked Nutrients — That Has Youth Restoring Benefits !

What Our Essential Silica Formula Is:

staying young

It is super-finely ground mined silica that has been put into water solution through a highly technical process with CellFood™ to enhance its absorpability and total benefit.

Why You Should Consume Our Essential Silica Formula:

The specific reason to consume our brand of Silica product is that it absorbs far better than other silica products to due to our proprietary process for putting silica into a highly absorbable solution with CellFood™.

The general reason to consume Essential Silica Formula is to be more youthful in appearance and ability to move (IE, flexibility).

Very few people over the age of 30 are able to extract silica from their food due to decreasing powers of digestion. That makes a silica product like Essential Silica Formula invaluable for people over the age of 30 who want to stay younger looking and flexible.

  • Virtually everyone loves the benefits of having younger, tighter, healthier skin, stronger bones and sinews, and also healthier hair and nails. Silica is essential to their formation and repair.
  • You will look younger and have more strength and flexibility with optimum levels of silica.
  • No other type of silica assimilates as well.
In our youth, our tissues absorb and maintain high levels of silica — enabling our bodies to remain flexible, resilient (able to heal quickly), and energetic — but as we age our silica levels steadily decline.

When it comes to trying to keep our bodies young and resilient, silica is superb for hydrating tissues and ensuring they're tight, healthy and firm. Our Essential Silica Formula gives you all the benefits of silica combined with the unique delivery power of Cell-food.

Here is a list of what you need to know about Silica:

  • Silicon, along with Vitamin C, sulfur, boron and amino acids, enable collagen formation for keeping youthful skin, bones, joints, muscles, and connective tissue. Virtually nothing is more important for maintaining health and vitality than collagen formation.
  • silica decreases over time
  • Silica is silicon dioxide and is GRAS listed by the FDA, meaning it's generally recognized as safe.
  • Human silicon levels decrease with age (see graph) because human digestive powers decrease with age, meaning that one is less able to extract silicon from food as one gets older. The truth is that silicon levels drop signifcantly by age 30 since this is the time that enzyme digestive production drops drastically in human beings. Very large amounts of digestive enzymes are required to extract silica from grains, bamboo, horsetail and other plant sources, and since those enzymes diminish as we age, silica is very poorly absorbed after the age of 30. That's when a highly absorbed product like Essential Silica becomes important to have in one's life.
  • Studies show that silica counteracts the effects of aluminum on the body and therefore may be important in supporting neurological health.
  • Silica, along with other trace minerals, is needed to strengthen bones and increase collagen production. Without Silica integrity of these tissues is not possible.
  • Cell-food Essential Silica Formula contains easy-to-absorb silica plus many other trace minerals required for healthy bones, joints, skin, hair, muscles and connective tissue. It can be added to any beverage.
  • Silica is an essential beauty mineral that helps support teeth, hair, and nails. It is also well known for its anti-aging, anti-wrinkle properties due to its ability to help form collagen and repair damaged or loose skin.
  • Supplementation with Silica can help form strong teeth and gums.
  • Finally, our Liquid Silica contains a good amount of antioxidizing and nourishing CellFood™.
Safety and Absorbability of Essential Silica Formula

Our silica source is very-finely ground mined silica that is then put into water solution with CellFood™ through our proprietary techniques. The type of silica in Essential Silica Formula assimilates far better than bamboo and hundreds of times better silica in horsetail. Studies have shown when fed a variety of silica products test animals consuming our type of silica had much stronger bones and better collagen formation.

Essential Silica Formula Ordering Form

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Essential Silica Formula


Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 15 drops
Servings per container: 80
Ingredient Per Serving
% of Daily
Silica 25 mg *
Cellfood™ Proprietary Formula 125 mg *
Deuterium Sulfate, Ionic Trace Mineral Blend, Trace Enzyme Blend, Trace Amino Acid Blend
*Daily Value not established.
Essential Silica Formula


How to Use

Take 15 drops in 1 to 8 ounces of water, juice or any other liquid, twice daily. May be used after strenuous activity to help with muscle repair. No refrigeration needed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Essential Silica Formula

Why is Silica No Longer in Our Diets and Bodies?

Whole grain foods could be a good, natural source of silicon, except for three problems.

  • First, the silicon from grains is insoluble and cannot be directly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract without good digestive enzymes and gastric juices, which many people do not have. Ordinarily, silicon in food is solubilized by stomach acid into orthosilicic acid, which absorbs directly through the stomach wall and the intestine into the blood. Unfortunately, lower stomach acidity, whether due to illness or age, diminishes people's ability to metabolize silicon from food sources. Anyone over the age of 30 will have a decreased capacity to convert dietary silicates into bioavailable orthosilicic acid.
  • Second,mineral deficient soils no longer have as much silicon as they used. Mono-crop farming and the application of minimal fertilizers to soils tends to ensure that orthosilicic acid is not available to the plants. Consequently these crops will have a lower silicon concentration and contribute less to the dietary silicon intake compared to crops which have been cultivated on a natural, mineral rich soil.
  • Third, the refining and processing of food, which removes silicon-containing fibers, contributes to a lower dietary silicon intake. Additionally, many of the additives used in the food industry interfere with the uptake of silicon. In fact, these additives can (a) increase the gastric pH and thereby decrease the rate of hydrolysis of dietary silicates, (b) promote polymerization of orthosilicic acid and (c) chelate minerals in general which are then eliminated through the intestinal tract without absorption.
  • Given all these factors, it is not surprising that silicon supplementation may be useful for staying young (a Fountain of Youth secret). Our product, Essential Silica Formula, comes in a highly assimilable format that can be added to any beverage.

What Is Better About Our Essential Silica Formula?

The chief differing benefit is that our silica formulation absorbs better than other types of silica (far better than bamboo or horsetail). It is finely ground, mined silica that is filtered from impurities and put into water solution through a highly technical process with absorbability enhancing CellFood™ Enzymes and trace minerals for increased uptake into cells and tissues.

Please Describe the Manufacturing Process

  • Our silica product begins with the mining of silica quartz from a high-purity source.
  • It is triple filtered to remove impurities.
  • Next, is finely ground and filtered again to remove irregular shapes.
  • The next step is a proprietary solubilization step, allowing it to easily absorb into the body.
  • Finally, it is mixed with CellFood® to further improve assimilation.

At What Age Should You Start Taking Essential Silica Formula Complex Supplement?

You should start when you turn 30 years old. Some people should have started in their late 20s.

What are Signs of Silica Deficiency?

As we age, our silica levels steadily decline, and we begin to exhibit the traditional signs of aging - including bone, joint and cartilage deterioration; dry, distressed skin; brittle nails, thinning hair, and tooth and gum loss. Especially, hair and nails become brittle and loses their shine. Longitudinal ridges on the nails are a tell-tale sign.

Tissues That May Most Benefit From Silica

Please note Silica may be contraindicated for some people, so check with your physician. These discussions of benefits are not claims, but are observations found in limited studies and anecdotal accounts. It will take another millenia of time before we know enough about the human body to make definitive health benefit claims, and even then, uniqueness makes everyone's health needs different. We, like you, are looking for possible ways to extend youth. So, we explore and share interesting observations. Click on the tissue types below:

  • Silicon acts as a regulating factor in bone mineralization.
  • Silicon stimulates DNA synthesis in osteoblast-like bone forming cells.
  • Silicon inhibits osteoclast mediated bone reabsorption in vitro.
  • The synthesis of collagen, the fibrous protein which is essential for the flexibility of the bone, is decreased by Silicon deficiency.

Studies show that the type of silica in Essential Silica Formula makes bones much stronger than does no supplementation, or supplementation with horsetail or bamboo silica.

  • Silicon has shown to be essential for the formation of articular cartilage.
  • Silicon is a cross-linking agent in the glycosaminoglycan network which attracts and holds water in the joint.
  • The synthesis of collagen, a major compound in tendons and ligaments, is decreased by Silicon deficiency.
  • The activity of prolylhydroxylase, a specific enzyme for collagen synthesis, was shown to be Silicon dependent in vitro.
  • Silicon makes the inner lining of arterial tissue (tunica intima) less permeable. In the case of a high cholesterol diet, Silicon supplementation reduces the occurrence of artherosclerotic lesions in blood vessels.
  • The aorta and the carotid artery of healthy persons contain approximatively 10 times more Silicon compared to arteries with artherosclerotic lesions
  • Silicon is important for optimal collagen synthesis
  • Silicon is crucial for activating the hydroxylation enzymes for cross-linking collagen, which improves the strength and elasticity of this fibrous protein. Better collagen means better skin, more elasticity and fewer wrinkles.
  • The outer shaft of hair, that provides elasticity and strength, is rich in Silicon. Hair with higher Silicon content tends to fall out less and has more shine and luster.
  • Silicon stimulates DNA synthesis in osteoblast-like bone forming cells.
  • Silicon inhibits osteoclast mediated bone reabsorption in vitro.
  • The synthesis of collagen, the fibrous protein which is essential for the flexibility of the bone, is decreased by Silicon deficiency.
  • Silicon is one of the predominant minerals in nails. A sign that Silicon may be systematically deficient is brittle and soft nails.
  • Silicon improves the nail quality which results in a better protection against nail infections.
  • Silicon restores mucosa in the respiratory tract in case of dehydration.

Resources for Further Studies about Essential Silica Formula

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