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In this new millenium, how smart you are will be seen by all—by how healthy you are!

Both in war and in health, a winning strategy involves attacking the bad guys, holding the new position and then bringing up reinforcements.

Our Parasite Cleanse formula, designed by the doctors from the Center for Advanced Medicine, who utilize cleansing and food nutrition daily in their clinical practice and have helped more than 10,000 people regain their health, allows you to implement this winning strategy in the war against disease causing, strength-robbing parasitic organisms that inhabit our bodies, robbing our vitality, preventing desired weight loss and causing discomfort.

Parasites! More than 50% of the U.S. population has some kind of parasite living in their bodies and don’t even know realize it.

What are Parasites?
Parasites are living organisms, brutal scavengers that invade the human body. There are over 1,000 species of parasites; from amoebas to worms, from bad bacteria to fungus to viruses. Parasites secrete toxins that poison our cells. Once inside the body, parasites can produce up to 200,000 eggs everyday that are allowed to thrive. As these invaders go undetected, robbing our body of nutrition, the aging process accelerates, creating multiple symptoms that range from fatigue to degenerative conditions.

Parasites find their way into our intestinal systems not only through food and water, but also through insects, household pets and from person to person. One of the most at risk groups of people are our children. They are constantly sticking their fingers into their mouths. In day care centers, they are vulnerable because of poor hygiene practices or careless diaper changing. Once the child is afflicted with a parasite, the whole family is in danger, beginning with the mother who hugs and kisses and bathes her children.

Parasitic Symptoms

You can have parasites right now and neither you nor your doctor may realize it. Most of the time your doctor is not looking for parasites when you are being examined. The normal way of detecting parasites is very prone to error... because the eggs that are the tell-tale signs of parasites are cyclic and may not be in the stool sample being examined one day... and yet be present three days later. Parasites weaken the body’s immune system, making us more susceptible to other health problems. The symptoms of these other health issues get our attention. We don’t correlate them to parasites and as a result, the recommended cure does not actually treat the root cause of the health problem which was the parasites. Without a doubt, parasites are commonplace and are robbing the health of many Americans.

The Parasite Cleanse is an effective and exclusive two-stage delivery system that contains safe and effective herbs that create an inhospitable environment for worms, amoebas and fungus. The delivery system is designed to attack these parasites where they live, both in your upper and lower tracts. is an exclusive two-stage delivery system that contains safe and effective herbs that create an inhospitable environment for worms, amoebas and fungus. The delivery system is designed to attack these parasites where they live, both in your upper and lower tracts.

This product is especially suggested for:

  • For everyone - 50% - 80% of the US population has some kind of parasite living in their body and most don't even know of it!
  • Pet owners - According to the New England Journal of Medicine, "humans can become infected with at least thirty parasitic illnesses from their pets."
  • Those with multiple vague complaints, such as lack of energy, headaches…
  • A.D.D. and learning disabilities
  • G.I. Disorders
  • Travelers (10 days before and during the trip)

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Parasite Cleanse - Single Bottle: 180 Capsules




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Remember, any order totaling over $120.00 (before shipping or sales tax) receives a 5% discount.

Parasite Cleanse ingredients are:

Black walnut (hull)

186 mg


Ginger root

36 mg

Wormwood (root) (Piper longum) (Artemisia annua)

186 mg


Oregano (seed)

36 mg

Garlic (8000 ppm Lillicin)

148 mg


Fennel seed

36 mg

Gentian root

66 mg


Quack grass herb (Gentiana Quinquefolia) (Agropyron repens)

36 mg

Citrus seed extract (Citricidal)

74 mg


Pumpkin seed (Cucurbita species)

28 mg

Pacific kelp (leaf)

56 mg


Thyme (leaves)

28 mg

Butternut root

52 mg


Blue vervain (flower)

28 mg

Myrrh (resin)

52 mg


Peppermint leaf (Syzgium aromaticum)

28 mg

Goldenseal root

44 mg


Licorice root

22 mg

Ground clove (buds)

44 mg


Prune fruit (Prunus domestica)

14 mg

Bitter melon (fruit)

36 mg


Cayenne pepper (Momordica charantia)

14 mg

Barberry root

36 mg


Embelia rubis (fruit)

14 mg

Long pepper (fruit) extract

36 mg




Parasites and Bacteria in the Intestinal System create havoc in the body. The Parasite Cleanse helps you to accomplish a wonderful change. Also, the Parasite Cleanse is part of a more comprehensive Eight Day Cleanse.

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