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History of MAL-X

MAL-X is a proprietary distillate of Melaleuce tea tree oil. It contains 98 compounds extracted from  the 144 compounds present in the oil of the Melaleuca Alternifolia (tea  tree) shrub.

Tea tree oil has long been  known to aborigines for its ability to prevent infection. Western  scientists learned about it only a century ago, but, because of toxic  elements in the oil that limited its oral use, Melaleuca Oil never  received medical support.

In the past decade, after considerable effort, distillation techniques have been discovered for removing those toxic elements.

By using these techniques, MAL-X does not contain any of the toxic  compounds of Melaleuca Oil that previously limited its oral use.

Why is MAL-X Important?

In today's world where super  bugs (such as MRSA and Avian Flu) are constantly evolving, your next  trip to the hospital or to Asia might result in you getting an infection that ends your life. Everywhere , pathogenic microorganisms are part of this world... even a hike into the woods could result in you picking up a Lyme's spirochete or West Nile virus that could alter your life  forever.

With MAL-X in your medicine  cabinet and your emergency supply, you will not have to worry nearly so  much about the microbes in this world. MAL-X is destined to be the most  important addition to your repertoire for staying well and sickness-free that you ever learned about. In fact, with it in your life, your last  sickness episode may very well have been your last.

MAL-X enables you to live in this world without a huge fear of microorganisms. Please learn more.


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MAL-X is a must have in everyone’s home, medicine cabinet and  survival cache. It is a powerful natural killer of microorganisms. Here’s what it will do:

  1. Bolsters your immune system in the immune system’s all-important job of defending you against bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites.
    • MAL-X Support is broad spectrum immune system support against earth’s worst killer and health reducing microorganisms (viruses, fungi and bacteria), including Tuberculosis, Dengue Fever, West Nile Virus, Candida, etc.
    • Especially, in regard to the MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) bacteria and many fungi and viruses that are a virtually unsolvable problem for modern medicine, MAL-X is a fantastic, supportive tool that assists your body to naturally overcome these harmful microorganisms.
  2. Naturally helps “dispatch” all types of microorganisms.
  3. It is an antioxidant product with an ORAC rating (free radical quenching) of 1,850 TE umole/gram (which is 36 times higher than astaxanthin).

MAL-X’s Composition

MAL-X is Melaleuca Tea Tree oil that has had the removed the harmful monoterpene compounds via a proprietary distillation process.

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MAL-X Studies

The ability of MAL-X to assist the body in maintaining an internal  environment that is free of pathogenic microorganisms has been  demonstrated through numerous studies.

Study of Minimum Inhibitory Concentrations of MAL-X

The table below shows the test results for the determination of the minimum inhibitory concentrations (shown as a percentage) between standard Tea True Oil (MP101l190) and the extract containing 98 compounds (CFJ1) that is utilized in MAL-X. The minimum inhibitory concentration is the lowest concentration of a substance needed to stop growth of a microorganism. Results are also shown for the solvent Tween 60, tested as a control to eliminate it from being a contributor to antimicrobial activity. The red shaded areas highlight the lowest concentrations, showing that in many cases, the removal of the toxic elements of Melaleuca oil increases its effectiveness, but that in no case, did the removal of the toxic compounds decrease effectiveness.



Study of the Immune System Boosting Properties of MAL-X

Our immune system is an internal scavenging system that is constantly protecting us from viruses, bacteria, fungi toxins and genetically altered cancer cells. Every day we're exposed to millions of harmful organisms and our bodies are constantly under assault and fighting off invading microorganisms and harmful chemical compounds. In fact, many viruses and bacteria can multiply and create billions of new viruses or bacteria in the body every day. So, a healthy immune system is extremely important to our health and wellbeing. MAL-X Support has been shown to be a natural growth enhancer of infection fighting white blood cells including Lymphocytes (T-Cells and Natural Killer Cells), Monocytes and Eosinophils (parasitic infections) and Neutrophils (Bacterial and Fungal infections).



Centers from Which Information About the Properties of MAL-X Have Been Obtained


    Griffith University – A number of cancer studies and Murine Immune System Study
    Green Slopes Hospital – Non TB Mycobacterium lung infections
    University of Western Australia - Transdermal Patch Study
    ICR Inc. – Bed Bug Repellent and Mortality Studies
    Queensland Pathology – Antibiotic Resistant Bacterial Strain Study
    AMS Labs - H1N1, Corona Virus (SARS) and HS II
    Fire Fox laboratories – Toxicity studies
    BioTest Labs – Face Mask Studies, Food Pathogens and Textile Impregnation Trials
    CSIRO – H5N1


    Chinese Academy of Medical Science* – Tuberculosis Murine Trials and Cancer Studies
    Sun Yat-sen University – Human Dengue work and Murine Avian Studies H1N1 & H3N2
    Beijing Chest and Infectious Hospital - Tuberculosis.
    Peking Medical University College (PMUC) - Tuberculosis


    National Cheng Kung University – Antibiotic Resistant Helobacter pylori
    National Defence Medical Centre – Wound Care Study


    Southern Research Organization – HIV & H5N1
    National Cancer Institution – cancer study
    Brunswick Laboratories – antioxidant testing
    Ferret Model trials ICR Inc. - Mosquito Repellent Studies


    Gadjah Mada University – Dengue Fever Phase I and Phase II Study and 90 Day Oral Toxicity Study, Acute & Subacute Toxicity Studies
    Airlungga Infectious Research University – Dengue Phase III
    Sul Saroso for Infectious Disease Hospital – HIV studies



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