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The key to health is eliminating toxicities and deficiencies! - Dr. William R. Kellas

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Smart A-Z Minerals

Smart A-Z Minerals — are pure, soluble, ionic, virtually instantly-assimilating minerals that can quickly integrate into your cellular structures and raise your cellular operational health.

What Smart A-Z Minerals Are:

Smart A-Z Minerals are ultra-pure, highly assimilable, water solutions of the eight minerals and trace minerals that are under-supplied in most people's bodies. Smart A-Z minerals are prepared and offered as bottles of single minerals or combinations of minerals.

  • Created from high purity mineral ingots and pure water, utilizing a highly technical, proprietary process, Smart A-Z minerals are offered as water solutions not mineral compounds. That means the minerals are dissolved in water and are in an ionic state. Because of their small angstrom size and ionic state, Smart A-Z Minerals avoid normal digestion and assimilation processes in the stomach and intestines. By avoiding losses from poor digestion and competition with other nutrients, Smart A-Z minerals are quickly and 100% welcomed into the bloodstream and cells of the body.
  • Teaspoon servings of single minerals are recommended for average-sized people and most situations. The teaspoon amount is easily increased or reduced based on body size, activity, or stress level.
  • Smart A-Z Minerals can be consumed on an empty or full stomach. Smart A-Z mineral liquids can be swallowed alone, or can be consumed with other foods and liquids. Swishing the Smart A-Z Mineral liquid around in the mouth for a minute or two before swallowing is the absolute best way to take the minerals as this allows the minerals to strengthen the teeth and gums and to enter the bloodstream quickly prior to getting into the stomach.

Why You Should Consume Our Smart A-Z minerals:

The ultimate reason is to be optimally healthy. Minerals are a major key to having long-lasting and superior health. Statistically speaking, Smart A-Z minerals are the minerals and trace minerals North Americans most need. They are highly absorbable and easy to take.

Most People are Deficient in These Eight Minerals

Click on each to learn more.

  • 100 percent of Americans are deficient in Indium
  • 99 percent of Americans are deficient in Boron
  • 98 percent of Americans are deficient in Potassium
  • 96 percent of Americans are deficient in Iodine
  • 67 percent of Americans are deficient in Magnesium
  • 60 percent of Americans are deficient in Calcium
  • 40 percent of Americans are deficient in Zinc
  • 25 percent of Americans are deficient in Copper

The above deficiency statistics are a clarion call for people to make minerals a health priority. Youc health depends upon having the small and simple habit of ensuring optimum mineral levels in your body. In simple point-of-fact, seeking optimum mineral levels should be your prime health goal. Anyone who aspires to optimum health will have to have a strong foundation of minerals.

super healthy

With Smart A-Z Minerals you can surmount the mineral deficiencies that undermine most people's health. It is a smart person that makes, hitherto weak things become strong.

By consuming Smart A-Z Minerals, with their far superior assimilation, you are guaranteed to overcome the most common mineral deficiencies of mankind.

Why, Technically, Minerals Are So Important to Life

Generally speaking, minerals and trace minerals have a capability that other elements in nature don't have, namely, their electrons can move to higher transitional orbits. This allows them them to combine with other elements in ways that non-minerals cannot do in order to catalyze reactions at lower energy requirements.

Without minerals, biochemical life COULD NOT EXIST! Optimal cellular function and the total body health that results from trillions of correctly functioning cells DEPEND ON the presence in cellular structures and intra-cellular and extra-cellular fluids of most all the minerals on the periodic table.

Why People Are So Deficient

Because modern farm soils are extremely deficient in minerals, foods derived from those soils (including meat, milk, and eggs) are deficient, too. Human beings, who are at the top of the food chain, unless they supplement or seek mineral-rich food sources from non-commercial farms, will inexorably become mineral deficient. That is why anyone who cares about health must supplement with minerals.

Why Other Supplements May Not Be Enough

Yet, supplementing with an average-quality mineral product or with mineral-rich foods, in general, may not be the full solution to mineral deficiencies. That's because one's digestive abilities may prevent one from assimilating the minerals. For instance, most chelated minerals are digested and assimilated at rates less than 35%, and carbonate-type minerals at less than 10%.

Why Smart A-Z Minerals Can Get Into Cells Better Than Other Mineral Supplements

Smart A-Z Minerals assimilate completely because they're in ionic form and don't depend on a person having good digestion in order for the minerals to assimilate into one's blood, lymph, tissues, and cells.

Smart A-Z Minerals can pass into the bloodstream (even from the mucosal membranes of the mouth) without digestion and without having to go in via mineral access sites in the intestines. This is important because intestinal access sites may get damaged by pathogens or inflammation with the result that mineral assimilation doesn't happen efficiently.

Also, Smart A-Z minerals don't compete for entrance at these access sites. That means zinc and copper will both get into the bloodstream together (unlike what occurs with mineral-rich foods or supplements where zinc and copper compete with each other.

The difference between Smart A-Z Minerals and most other mineral supplements is huge. When consuming other mineral supplements up to 95 percent may be unassimilated.


You Are Dirt!

Minerals are the most important component to your body. You are made of the dust of the earth. That's what God says and science is catching up to the realization that minerals and trace minerals give your tissues their unique functioning and life capability.

  • During gestation each person takes from their mother's body the minerals needed to grow.
  • After being born, however, one's mineral levels are never as good as they were at birth.
  • That's because modern soils are deficient in minerals, which means that grains, vegetables and fruits derived from the soils are deficient and also, meat, milk and eggs derived from animals eating mineral-deficient produce is deficient.
  • Therefore, you need to add mineral and trace mineral supplements to your diet.

Smart A-Z Minerals allow you to address intelligently your unique deficiencies. If you believe you're deficient in copper only, you can supplement with just copper. Or, if you believe you're deficient in both copper and boron (very common), you can supplement with both our copper and boron liquid mineral supplements.

Or you can supplement with our EZ8 mineral supplement that furnishes your body with the eight most likely-to-be-deficient minerals.

Learn More About Each of our Great Smart A-Z Mineral Products:

Click on each Mineral to learn more about its great benefits, and read Kent's comments as to which Smart A-Z Minerals are (in his estimation) the most important.

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Smart A-Z Boron Liquid Mineral

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Boron is Not Boring!

Boron is one of the most important trace minerals for the human body and most people are deficient in Boron. Boron is involved in all of the following activities and functions of the human body:

  1. Boron Helps in Preventing Vitamin-D Deficiency.
  2. Boron Helps in Production, Transmission, and Reception of Hormones. In other words, it beneficially impacts the body’s production and use of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, vitamin D and other hormones.
  3. Boron Improves Bone Growth and Maintenance. Scientists have known for many years that boron is essential for healthy bones.
  4. Boron Improves Wound Healing. Since 1990, studies with boron show that it has been able to significantly improve wound healing.
  5. Boron Boosts Magnesium Absorption. And since magnesium is so important to detoxification, studies show that Boron helps protect against pesticide-induced oxidative stress and heavy-metal toxicity.
  6. Boron Boosts Brain Tissue Health. Boron improves the brain's electrical activity, cognitive performance, and short-term memory.
  7. Boron Reduces Levels of Inflammatory Bio-markers, such as high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) and tumor necrosis factor μ (TNF-μ).
  8. Boron Boosts Expression of Extracellular-matrix Proteins. Boron facilitates the activity of key enzymes in fibroblasts, improving extracellular-matrix turnover.
  9. Boron help in the formation and activity of key biomolecules, such as S-adenosyl methionine (SAM-e) and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+). SAM-e and NAD+ helps keep the cardiovascular and mental tissues in tip-top shape.

$24.99 per 16 Ounce Bottle (26 cents per day)

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Add Smart A-Z Calcium Mineral To Cart

Calcium is crucial to electrolyte signaling in the body.

Calcium functions, along with potassium, sodium, phosphorous, and magnesium, to move electrical signals through nerves and muscles to make them function. Calcium is essential for hydrating the the body, balancing blood acidity and blood pressure, and signaling for the rebuilding of damaged tissues. The muscles and neurons are sometimes referred to as the “electric tissues” of the body and calcium is cardinal among the electrolytes in managing that electrical function. Calcium ions are critically important for the overall health of these tissues. Nearly half of all calcium in the blood plasma is in exactly the same form as found in our Liquid Calcium. Calcium also combines with phosphate and collagen to make up bone structure.

  1. Ionic calcium, such as in our Calcium Supplement, is important for sending messages from cell to cell and organ to organ. Your body needs ionized calcium in order to circulate blood into capillaries, move muscles, and release hormones. Calcium helps carry messages from your brain to the many parts of the body.
  2. Calcium is important for helping to avoid calcium deficiency challenges including: Dental decay, Anxiety and depression, Acidic digestive pH, Cardiovascular stress and high blood pressure.
  3. Our Liquid Calcium is ideal for ensuring tooth health.. Many people don't realize that calcium enters into teeth and makes them strong as it is absorbed in the mouth from food and drink. That's why thoroughly chewing calcium rich foods is the best habit for having strong teeth. Swishing our Liquid Calcium in the mouth for at least a full minute is even better.
  4. Many people have come to realize that calcium is important. Therefore they supplement. In many cases, however, people intake too much calcium or they take poorly-absorbed calcium supplements. In either case, the likelihood is increased that calcium deposits will end up in soft tissue such as in the arteries, joints, or in the kidneys.
  5. Our ionic calcium completely overcomes both of these problems by being completely assimilable and by being in a small dose that will not exceed the body's ability to immediately utilize.

$38.99 per 16 Ounce Bottle (41 cents per day)

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Add Smart A-Z Copper Mineral To Cart

Copper needs to copiously exist in all parts of the human body, but copper is especially needed in the liver, heart, kidneys, brain, bones, muscles and blood.

Trace amounts of Copper are present in all cells of the body in order to fulfill its role as part of the immune systems’ response to bacteria, virus, and especially yeast and mold. When copper levels decline in tissues, the ability of pathogens, especially mold and yeast to damage the body increase. So, keep your copper high or your cells will capitulate their health to invading pathogens.

Copper is absolutely essential for making red blood cells and enabling optimal function of nerve and immune cells. Copper is essential to maintaining color in the hair and pigmentation in the skin. It also is essential in the formation of collagen, a key part of bones and connective tissue. Copper also is essential to the formation and production of enzymes and antioxidants which help digest food and neutralize free radicals and toxins that would otherwise damage cells and DNA.

Copper influences how your body perceives pain. Having optimum amounts of copper in the body ensures that the pain circuits are not always "on".

Copper is integral part in the formation of RNA (RNA carries out thousands of functions in our cells, so copper has a profound effect on overall health).

Graying hair may be an indicator of diminishing amounts of copper in your body.

  1. Preliminary on the effect of copper upon health shows that it may assist the body in avoiding these kinds of health challenges (more research is needed, but the research is already very promising):
    • Osteoporosis
    • Low white blood cell count
    • Unsteady walking and dizziness
    • Anemia
    • Hair loss and graying hair
    • Rapid heart rate
    • Prostatitis
  2. The uptake of our Smart A-Z Copper is unaffected by the presence of zinc. Unlike copper and zinc in other foods or supplements that must compete for uptake, one can take our liquid copper and zinc at the same time and still absorb both.

$19.99 per 16 Ounce Bottle (21 cents per day)

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Add Smart A-Z Copper + (Plus) Mineral To Cart

Our Copper + (Plus) product is a super concentrated version of copper, zinc and calcium. It is designed to rev up the immune system quickly and powerfully.

Because of its ionic, form, all of these minerals assimilate without competition. It is one of our premier immune boosting supplements.

Just one dropperful (20 drops) contains 1.6 mg of copper, 5 mg of zinc, and 83 mg of calcium, all in quickly assimilable, non-competing, ionic form.

When one desires to quickly and sustainably boost the immune system, taking several droppersful a day, may be a great practice to establish, for a week or several months.

$91.00 per 120 Serving, 2 Ounce Bottle (75 cents per serving)

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Add Smart A-Z EZ-8 Mineral Combination To Cart

EZ-8 is formulated with one thing in mind, convenience.

EZ-8 has all of our minerals that are in the Smart Pack (eight different mineral products). A serving is one tablespoon instead of eight teaspoons (one teaspoon for each mineral). Just one tablespoon of EZ-8 gives you the same amount of minerals that you would get with one teaspoon each of our standard eight minerals. EZ-8's benefits are:

  • You'll receive your daily dose of Boron, Calcium, Copper, Iodine, Indium, Magnesium, Potassium, and Zinc faster.
  • Especially if you're going to swish and swallow the minerals, EZ-8 is the easier way to do it. Just put a tablespoon in your mouth (EZ- can be mixed in other liquid such as E7 to improve taste) and swish and squirt the liquid through your teeth and all parts of your mouth for at least a minute. This method lets you absorb the minerals directly into your bloodstream and buildup your teeth strength.
  • Staying healthy just became simpler.

$75.99 per 16 Ounce Bottle (79 cents per day)

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Add Smart A-Z Indium Mineral To Cart

Indium is an obscure trace mineral (least abundant minerals on Earth) that is difficult to obtain, isn't in fresh water or crops. The scientists who studied it believed (they may be wrong in the interpretations but Indium study isn't being done presently, so all we have are previous scientists opinions) that it supported the health of the body by increasing reception of nutrients and signaling molecules. Proponents of Indium benefits believe that it is a health treasure, doing more than any other single mineral to boost mood, productivity and happiness. Proponents describe its mechanisms of action in terms of:

  • Increased intra-cellular signal transmission
  • Increased assimilation of nutrients
  • Increased elimination of toxins
  • Increased flow of Qi (IE, Chi energy along energy meridians)
  • A more balanced flow of energy signals in endocrine glands

According to the limited study tests, the self-reported beneficial effects of indium occur quickly.

  • Improved sleep after 15 days
  • Increased feeling of well-being after 1 week
  • Better physical resistance to stress after 2 weeks
  • More Normalized blood glucose after 3-5 weeks
  • Improvement of libido after 4 weeks
  • More normalized blood pressure after 10 weeks
  • More normal of menstruation after 3 months
  • More normal eye pressure after 4 months

Proponents also assert (through observation of its effects balancing hormones processes) that Indium has beneficial effect on both the hypothalamus and the pituitary glands. These glands are highly important in producing essential hormones and are responsible for the maintenance and control of most hormone processes of the body.

Again, anecdotally speaking (meaning rigorous testing is absent), Indium helps some people feel a greater sense of energy, focus, and satisfaction with routine tasks. Some have said that it has helped them in regard to being able to stick to tasks rather than getting bored or side tracked.

Non-rigorous studies have shown that Indium supplementation resulted in increased absorption of zinc, copper, manganese, and chromium.

Other non-rigorous studies report that Indium stimulated the Pineal, adrenal, hypothalamus, and pituitary glands, and helped stabilize the Limbic System and increased the body's metabolism set point. Japanese researchers Yukawa et al reports that Indium balances out 23 of the 24 hormonal systems in the body.

Indium is absent from most soil and is virtually never found in water or food, making it a treasure to be prized for those who can get it. Supplementing with Indium is the only way to experience its benefits.

People who take indium often experience benefits very quickly. Most often reported benefits of Indium include:

  • Increased Energy
  • Deeper Sleep
  • More Balanced Responses to Stress
  • Healthier Body Weight
  • Returning of Moons on Fingernails (indicating increased oxygenation of the body and cells)
  • Anti-Aging and Youthing effects

$24.95 per 16 Ounce Bottle (26 cents per day)

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Add Smart A-Z Iodine Mineral To Cart

The mineral Iodine is extremely important to optimum health, hormone production and communication, and cellular detoxification. Up to 96% of Americans are deficient in Iodine.

Iodine is in short supply in most modern soils that have been over farmed.

It's important to consume enough iodine in your diet because hormone transmission and reception, as well as embryonic growth, detoxification, and passage through cell membranes are all controlled by Iodine.

Iodine is especially important for thyroid health. The thyroid gland regulates energy set-point, appetite, and many bodily functions. Not having enough iodine, therefore, can be a huge "downer" on how one feels.

Iodine's brain-development benefits continue into early infancy for developing babies and infants. Iodine deficiency raises the risk of learning disability in infants.

$20.99 per 16 Ounce Bottle (22 cents per day)

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Add Smart A-Z Magnesium Mineral To Cart

There is Something Truly Magnificent about Magnesium!

Magnesium ions regulate over 300 biochemical reactions in the body through their role as enzyme co-factors. Magnesium ions are essential to cellular detoxification being highly involved in many detoxification pathways.

  1. Along with Iodine, Magnesium is a gatekeeper. Its electrical signaling allows nutrients into cells and ensures waste products are removed from cells.
  2. Its electrical signaling also stimulates food digestion and enzyme activation.
  3. Its presence in tissues ensures healthy muscle contraction and relaxation, including contraction and relaxation in the heart and in the blood vessels, making it important for blood pressure management.
  4. Magnesium is known as the "anti-stress mineral" because it helps to calm nerves and ease everyday stresses.
  5. Magnesium promotes a restful night's sleep.
It's not easy to have too much magnesium in your body.
  • Because of all that it does, Magnesium is quickly spent and must be replaced regularly.
  • As a person ages, absorption rates for Magnesium also decrease (most likely due to loss of Boron from the body).
  • Please note that Boron may reduce the rate at which Magnesium is excreted from the body. So, it's a good idea to take Boron or EZ-8 along with Magnesium.
Magnesium is essential for efficient cellular detoxification.

After Iodine, magnesium is next on the list in importance for enabling maximum cellular detoxification. It needs to always be available to one’s cells. Here's how Magnesium works to detoxify the cells:

  1. Magnesium stimulates the sodium potassium pump on the cell wall which regulates intracellular electrolyte levels and the intake of nutrients and elimination of waste products, including elimination of heavy metals.
  2. Glutathione is the master toxin binding molecule that the body makes and utilizes continuously in all cells of the body neutralize free radicals and bind with toxins. Without Magnesium, Glutathione won’t be made — and without Glutathione, free radicals will build up within one’s cells. So, since Glutathione production is dependent on having available magnesium, we should all sure that our body has plenty of Magnesium.

Studies show that when our bodies are replete with magnesium we are much more protected from heavy metal deposition than without that magnesium, and we are also being protected from the development of associated neurological diseases.

$29.99 per 16 Ounce Bottle (22 cents per day)

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Add Smart A-Z Potassium To Cart

Potassium is one of the potentates for ensuring healthy cellular life. 98% of Americans don't have enough to have the healthiest possible life.

Potassium is the third most abundant mineral in the body, and the third most likely mineral deficiency any person has, right after Indium and Boron, even for people who think they are supplementing with lots of it.

  • Potassium helps the body regulate fluid and sugar levels, send nerve signals and regulate muscle contractions.
  • Roughly 98% of the potassium in the body is found in the cells. Of this, 80% is found in muscle cells, while the other 20% can be found in the bones, liver and red blood cells.
  • Potassium functions as an electrolyte to ensure electrical signals get transmitted well, to coordinate fluid balance, nerve signaling, and muscle contractions.

Studies show that persons who consume the most Potassium (even though they're still in the category of not consuming enough) have better:

  • Cardiovascular Health and Blood Pressure
  • Nerve Function
  • Bone Health
  • Muscle Strength
  • Blood Sugar Levels

Remember less than 2% of Americans have adequate amounts of Potassium in their diets. So, if you want to be wiser than 98% of Americans, supplement with Smart A-Z Potassium

$34.99 per 16 Ounce Bottle (36 cents per day)

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Add Smart A-Z Silver To Cart

Silver: Powerful Proven Immune System Support

At least two millenia ago, Silver was recognized as having Immune assisting properties. For instance, it was discovered that Silver could delay the spoilage of food and reduce the symptoms of illness. In the 19th century, Silver became a prominent "goto" treatment for everything from colds to skin infections. Silver was put in eyes of newborns to help prevent eye infections. Several modern studies suggest (but don't conclusively prove) that taking Silver internally helps the immune system to reduce pathogen levels.

The mechanism of action of silver in supporting the immune system is by neutralizing bacteria and viruses. Silver has been shown in test tubes to stop the growth of certain strains of fungi.

Other studies have shown that silver was able to help skin ulcers and wounds to heal faster. Silver is often in nasal sprays to help with sinusitis (rhinosinusitis).

Silver works by binding to pathogen protein cell walls, and eventually enter the pathogen cell and interfere with pathogen metabolic process and DNA, eventually leading to the pathogen death. Silver also is able to stop pathogen cell division.

$19.95 per 16 Ounce Bottle (21 cents per day)

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Smart A-Z Smart Pack Liquid Minerals

Smart Pack

This Liquid mineral supplement Smart Pack includes each of our 8 dietary minerals in a 16 ounce bottle at a 9% discounted price. The pack will last 96 days (a little over three months) at a teaspoon per day of each mineral.

Why order each mineral one at a time when the Smart Pack provides them all! The Smart Pack is a perfect way to get all of our Smart A-Z minerals to try out.

$199.99 for Eight 16 Ounce Bottle ($2.08 per day)

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Add Smart A-Z Zinc To Cart

Zinc helps the immune system and metabolism to function efficiently. Zinc is also important to wound healing and your sense of taste and smell.

Studies suggest that Zinc has the potential reduce the risk of age-related diseases, such as pneumonia, infection, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), oxidative stress and to help improve immune response by boosting the activity of T-cells and natural killer cells, which help protect the body again infection

  1. It supports good immunity. “Zinc is essential for a robust immune system — it helps in the development and function of immune cells, supports the body's defense against pathogens that can make you sick, and plays a role in regulating a healthy immune response,” explains Basson. Zinc has even been shown to potentially shorten the duration of the common cold when taken in lozenge form, Poon adds. You’ll know that your immune system needs some love if you notice you’re getting sick more frequently or can’t seem to heal as well from injury or infection.
  2. It helps reduce inflammation. It’s important to keep tabs on inflammation because when it becomes chronic (translation: it’s constantly present in your body) it may increase your risk for things like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and certain cancers. But, “zinc has anti-inflammatory properties,” says Laura Iu, R.D., a certified intuitive eating counselor in New York City.
  3. It boosts bone strength. Studies suggest that it’s an essential mineral for building and maintaining strong bones, which is super important to help prevent fractures or conditions such as osteoporosis. “Zinc supports the activity of cells responsible for bone formation and helps regulate bone remodeling processes that occur throughout life,” Basson says.
  4. It is important for reproductive health. You may not realize how much nutrition can impact your hormonal balance and function, and in turn, your reproductive system. “Zinc contributes to hormone regulation and supports normal ovarian function,” Iu says. “It’s also essential for sperm production and maintaining healthy testosterone levels.”
  5. It helps you smell and taste. “This mineral helps maintain the integrity of taste buds and olfactory receptors, which contributes to how we perceive flavors and aromas,” explains Basson. This means that zinc may be helpful for people who are malnourished or going through cancer treatment, Iu adds, two scenarios when appetite may be an issue.
  6. It is great for your brain. It plays a role in brainpower by supporting cognitive processes and neurotransmitter function, Iu says, and “some studies even suggest that zinc may protect against age-related cognitive decline and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.”
  7. It aids in wound healing. If you have a cut, scrape or other ouch, loading up on this mineral may help you heal better and faster. “Both minor and more serious injuries can benefit from zinc’s healing powers,” says Iu. “It helps with cellular health and collagen formation.”
  8. It is good for your skin. The antioxidant activity of zinc may be why it’s beneficial to skin health. “Zinc’s antioxidant properties help protect cells from damage caused by free radicals and helps reduce oxidative stress,” explains Basson. And zinc’s anti-inflammatory action may also help improve acne, Iu adds. It helps your eyes. “Zinc is part of a collection of vitamins and minerals that may slow the progression of age-related macular degeneration,” says Poon. It also plays a role in overall vision health, particularly that of the retina. “Zinc is involved in the synthesis of melanin, a pigment that helps protect the eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays,” Basson adds.
  9. It plays a role in heart health. It helps maintain healthy blood vessels and regulates blood pressure — all factors in maintaining a strong heart. "Some studies have shown the association between zinc deficiency and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, but more research is needed,” Basson says. It is crucial for growth and development. Little ones need zinc to grow big and strong. “It supports DNA synthesis, cell division and protein production, which sets the foundation for bone development, maturation and overall healthy growth during these critical stages of life,” says Iu. It helps keep blood sugar balanced. Steady blood sugar helps with everything from mood to energy, and if you have diabetes, keeping it in check is an important factor in preventing complications; research shows that zinc is a nutrient that can be beneficial in this area. “Zinc is involved in the synthesis, storage and release of insulin, a hormone that helps with blood sugar regulation,” Basson explains.

$24.99 for 16 Ounce Bottle (26 cents per day)

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Mineral Levels in One's Body Go Down From Birth and Have A Huge Impact on Health:

foundationTrying to build anything on a faulty foundation is an exercise in frustration because without a strong and adequate foundation that superstructure will eventually fail and everything built on it will come to ruin.

An important foundation of human health is minerals and trace minerals.

We are made from the "dust of the earth" being comprised in elemental descending order of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen (these atoms make up 99.1 percent of all the atoms in the human body) and a relatively small amount of minerals (less than 0.9 percent of the atoms in the human body). Minerals (including trace minerals), with their capability for transitional electron orbits, give our biological compounds their unique capabilities and functions.

baby and mom

Infants start their lives with all the minerals and trace minerals that their bodies need because during gestation, babies' bodies simply take those minerals from their mothers' body. That's one of the reasons why pregnancy is so hard on mothers and why mothers need to have superb mineral nutrition while growing a child within their womb.

After being born, a child's mineral levels will probably never be again as good as they were at birth, because his or her mineral levels will constantly go down from that point as a result of lack of minerals in modern soils and as a result of the standard American diet that causes minerals to be used up in processing excess sugar and dealing with stress.

Two Factors Destroy the Mineralization of the Human Body

The Standard American Diet Reduces Mineral Levels in the Body

standard american diet

Any food or drink that one eats or drinks will use up already-stored nutrients in the body in order to metabolize the food just eaten.

Metabolize means to extract and put to use the nutrients and fuel from food. If such metabolic effort does not obtain more nutrients than was expended then one's nutrient reserves go down. So, nutrient-empty foods are vacuum foods because, ultimately, they suck nutrients out of the body and health becomes worse in the long run for having eaten them.

The goal of eating is to obtain fuel to energize the body and to increase nutrients or at least to maintain nutrients after the expenditure of nutrients during metabolism. That's why the Standard American Diet is so bad — it reduces nutrition over time, bite by bite, drink by drink, day by day and month by month — until the body's ability to maintain health is gone.

The Standard American Diet consists of processed foods that are essentially stripped of nutrients. These SAD foods mostly carbohydrates, sugars, denatured oils and tasty chemical additives and preservatives that damage the body and reduce nutrient levels, inexorably creating poor health.

Commercial Farm Produce is Deficient in Minerals

Since the 1900s, farming has changed in a big way. Big companies have purchased the majority of small farms and on their mega-farms they push high yield farming techniques that do not focus on soil renewal and nutrient-dense produce, but rather on profits. They routinely fertilize with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium only (and even so, potassium levels are declining).

Pulling more produce out of the soil with high yield techniques is contrary to the God-given farming principles given in the Bible of renewing soil by allowing it to lie fallow periodically. Little soil renewal runs counter to the health of people, although it enriches big agriculture companies.

The below graph shows that in a past 36 year period (this study was done from 1963 to 1999), macro-minerals in the crops below dropped significantly (even potassium levels dropped, which is amazing since farmers unfailingly add nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium to make their crops look big and healthy).

percent mineral loss in produce over 36 years

Declining levels of macro-minerals isn't the biggest problem, in our viewpoint, but rather declining trace minerals are the real deficit because of their essentialness to optimum health. According to one government estimate, trace mineral nutrients (elements such as zinc, selenium, iodine, silicon, boron, etc.) have dropped from 40 to 80 percent as compared to levels that were present a century and a half ago.

Only progressive farmers are renewing trace elements.

Please note that general discussions about minerals cannot be applied without precautions to everyone because people have unique circumstances and individual gene defects. Some people have a gene defect, for instance, where they cannot eliminate copper from their bodies. These people would be harmed by taking additional copper. So, always seek the guidance of your wellness professional who knows you well.

  • Many mineral supplements have great-looking labels, but the supplements themselves don't improve one's health much. Often, the reason is either that those supplements lack important minerals or trace minerals or they assimilate very poorly (see below).
  • For instance, Indium is very valuable to health, yet there is no detectable Indium mineral in any tested water or food in America. Very few supplements offer it. Indium is both present and perfectly assimilable in Smart A-Z Minerals.
  • Most chelated forms of minerals offer assimilation rates between 3 and 35 percent. That's because mineral-rich foods and mineral compounds as in most supplements must be digested (broken apart into small sizes and enter the bloodstream through "mineral access" sites in the intestines. Most mineral products are very ineffective at actually entering the bloodstream and simply go on out of the body into the sewage, rather than being assimilated into the cells of the body.
  • Smart A-Z minerals are in a highly assimilable, water solution form. There is no Tyndal effect when shining a light through the Smart A-Z mineral solution, proof that the minerals in these liquids are dissolved, rather than being colloidal particles.
  • Being Ionic and in water solution, Smart A-Z Minerals offer virtually instant and complete assimilation of its minerals to the blood and cells of the human body. It follows that with Smart A-Z Minerals, mineral inadequacies in the body will more rapidly be remedied.


Frequently Asked Questions About Smart A-Z Minerals

Smart A-Z Minerals Are Exclusively Focused on Minerals That Are the Most Under-supplied in Most People!
  • 100 percent of Americans are deficient in Indium
  • 99 percent of Americans are deficient in Boron
  • 98 percent of Americans are deficient in Potassium
  • 96 percent of Americans are deficient in Iodine
  • 67 percent of Americans are deficient in Magnesium
  • 60 percent of Americans are deficient in Calcium
  • 40 percent of Americans are deficient in Zinc
  • 25 percent of Americans are deficient in Copper
Smart A-Z Minerals Have 100% Assimilability into Cells - Making Them Much More Likely to Get into Cells than Mineral Rich Foods or Mineral Compound Supplements

Smart A-Z Minerals don't compete with each other for access into the bloodstream. That is especially important as regards Zinc and Copper that otherwise compete at access points. With Smart A-Z Minerals you don't need to consume Zinc and Copper at different times to get them into your cells.

Following the label directions on the bottles is always a great way to go. Smart A-Z Minerals can be taken on an empty stomach or with a stomach full of food.

Also, we offer a few suggested practices that will help one to get the most benefit possible. Except for the first suggestion, these will apply to assimilation of any type of mineral supplementation or consumption of any type of mineral-rich food:

  1. If you have time, it's a good practice to swish the Smart A-Z Liquid through your mouth for a minute or two before swallowing. This does three things:
    • It allows minerals to incorporate into the teeth to strengthen them.
    • It allows minerals to enter the gums to strengthen them.
    • It allows minerals to quickly enter the blood stream through mucosal membranes.
  2. Ensure high levels in your cells of repair catalysts (listed below). Repair catalysts are enzymes, minerals, and vitamins that communicate with cells to instruct them to repair themselves. They're like foremen keeping workers busy. Without these catalysts, minerals may just go through the body and out into the sewage (kind of like workers may just be daydreaming instead of working). These catalysts include:
    • Vitamin D3 - helps make minerals available for assimilation into cells.
    • Vitamin K2 - helps minerals integrate into bones (that is where minerals are stored for future use). Without K2, minerals are likely to go to the wrong places (soft tissue).
    • Buffered Vitamin C - catalyzes tissue repair
    • Indium - catalyzes mineral assimilation
    • Boron - stimulates intracellular signaling that increases effectiveness of all catalysts
    • Fibroblast Growth Factors - directs replacement of damaged cells

    If a person can increase levels of the above, then his or her body may begin to more actively incorporate minerals and trace minerals into cells, to boost their function, structure, and health. Very often, our body is functioning in somewhat of an apathetic state wherein it isn't trying very hard to improve its own health. Repair catalysts are a good way to combat this "repair apathy".

  3. Take Smart A-Z Minerals (or any mineral supplement for that matter) at a different time than seeds and nuts since seeds and nuts are rich in phytates that will block the uptake of all minerals that are in the digestive tract and blood stream at the same time as the phytates. It is possible to get around this challenge, however, by consuming Cleanzym at the same time. Either taking Cleanzym with seeds and nuts or soaking overnight or sprouting the seeds or nuts deactivates the phytates.

This is Kent's opinion regarding priority for himself and may not apply to others with their unique needs.

EZ-8 is kind of a no-brainer for people who like convenience and simplicity. It provides all the eight minerals in which most people are deficient in an easy "one tablespoon" per day habit.

If the EZ-8 option weren't available, Kent's priority ranking would be as follows:

  1. Indium - is completely absent from food and fresh water and if one isn't going to use the EZ-8 combo, then Indium would be Kent's first mineral choice because Kent believes it significantly improves digestion and assimilation of all other food, boosts intra-cellular and hormone signaling, and increases production of youthful, feel good hormones. Even with EZ-8, Kent would additionally supplement with Indium for at least a few months in order to improve nutrition and intracellular signaling as rapidly as possible through greater presence of Indium.
  2. Boron - is in second place for Kent because most people are deficient in Boron, and Boron helps to optimize signaling processes in the body. As with Indium, Kent would probably take both Boron and EZ-8 for several months to get Boron levels optimized. In Kent's opinion (based on 20 plus years of wellness coaching), perfect intra-cellular and hormone signaling is even more important than perfect cellular structure in terms of experiencing optimized health and function. Think of how a well-coordinated team could beat another team that had stronger players but didn't work together. That's the power of intracellular signaling.
  3. Potassium - only two percent of Americans are getting optimal amounts of Potassium each day. Potassium is essential to the sodium potassium pump which is highly involved in the active transport of nutrients into cells. Smart A-Z Potassium is the best potassium source because of its excellent assimilation rate.
  4. Iodine - goes next in Kent's priority list because most North Americans are under supplied with iodine and iodine enables toxins to leave cells and nutrients to enter and assists with hormone transmission and reception. Taking EZ-8 is the easiest way to get Iodine each day, but Iodine can be supplemented individually, too.
  5. Magnesium - is also a high priority for Kent. Only about 30 to 40 percent of Americans get enough Magnesium in their diets. The big thing that Magnesium does is help the body to stay detoxified. Being detoxified is essential to long-term health. That means one almost cannot take too much Magnesium. Kent believes in taking Magnesium up to bowel tolerance in order to maximize detoxification processes.
  6. Copper Plus - this is an extremely powerful immune-boosting product. Because of how concentrated it is, its relative price is lower than taking the individual Copper and Zinc products, and with the added Calcium it is very cost-effective. If one's immune system is weakened, then it should be ranked higher in one's priority list of mineral intake.
  7. Zinc - if one isn't using the concentrated Copper Plus supplement to keep a strong immune system, then normal-strength zinc and copper would come here in Kent's priority list.
  8. Copper - if one isn't using the concentrated Copper Plus supplement to keep a strong immune system, then normal-strength zinc and copper would come here in Kent's priority list.
  9. Calcium - is always important, it's the most important electrolyte. Not as many people are deficient in Calcium as the other minerals. Kent would be getting it either with EZ-8 or Copper Plus combo.

Kent believes that EZ-8 makes it more likely that one will not be mineral deficient because it addresses the most often deficient minerals.

  • However, Kent believes in having a mineral priority that includes taking many different mineral supplements, rather than depending on only one particular supplement. And, especially during the winter Kent will be getting extra Magnesium from ACC Ormus and extra iodine from Magnascent Iodine because two supplements are energetically enhanced and fine-tuned to boost immune function and mood enhancement, which are the two great needs of winter time.

These types of people are most at risk for the following reasons:

  • Athletes - when we speak of groups that are at risk, we don’t always think of athletes, but we should — being an athlete involves a nutritional risk that many do not think about.

    The scientific explanation for this risk is perhaps best understood by thinking of a racing car compared to an ordinary commuter car (or an athlete compared to a sedentary person). A racing car deals with more stress and strain and energy expenditure in one race than a commuter car does in many days (maybe months or years) of driving a few miles each day back and forth.

    Both stress and metabolizing food to create energy use up nutrients (IE minerals), so if they aren't replaced because the athlete is eating the Standard American Diet, then the athlete's mineral reserves are being lessened significantly — until one day they are dangerously low.

    But, that isn't all. Athletes lose a large amount of electrolytes, minerals and trace minerals through sweating. Again, they do more sweating in one athletic event than most people do in days, weeks or months. That is another reason for their mineral levels declining into dangerous ranges and why you hear of athletes falling over dead so often.

    Smart A-Z Minerals would be excellent for athletes to consume daily.

  • People with stress-filled lives. Those with significant amounts of stress lose their minerals at a much faster rate, especially Magnesium, Boron, Zinc, Iron, Chromium, Copper and Manganese.
  • People who consume significant amounts of empty carbs or alcohol. Eating simple carbohydrates foods or drinking alcohol means that one forces his body to metabolize those calories and expend minerals in doing so, without receiving at least as many minerals as were used up in the metabolic effort. Therefore, one has suffered a net loss of minerals. As this continues repeatedly, one's health foundation of minerals is eroded.

Heavens no!

Dr. Kellas always has emphasized the concept that one should never trust his or her health to only one or two mineral products. Dr. Kellas recommends that we consume at least four different mineral supplements per day and that we change the mix of mineral supplements every three months. Melony and I alternate between Smart A-Z Minerals EZ-8, Kona Deep Sea Minerals, Essential Silica Formula, Berry Extreme, Organic Sulfur, Body Genesis. We think these are some of the best options. Here's what we recommend:

  • First Three Months:
    1. Smart AZ Minerals EZ-8
    2. Kona Deep Sea Minerals
    3. Essential Silica Formula
    4. Berry Extreme
  • Second Three Months:
    1. Kona Deep Sea Minerals
    2. Essential Silica Formula
    3. Berry Extreme
    4. Organic Sulfur
  • Third Three Months:
    1. Essential Silica Formula
    2. Berry Extreme
    3. Organic Sulfur
    4. Body Genesis
  • Fourth Three Months:
    1. Berry Extreme
    2. Organic Sulfur
    3. Body Genesis
    4. Smart A-Z Minerals E-Z8
  • Fifth Three Months:
    1. Organic Sulfur
    2. Body Genesis
    3. Smart A-Z Minerals EZ-8
    4. Kona Deep Sea Minerals
  • Sixth Three Months:
    1. Body Genesis
    2. Smart A-Z Minerals EZ-8
    3. Kona Deep Sea Minerals
    4. Essential Silica Formula

Yes, people who have Wilson's Disease (1 in 30,000 people have this disease) should not consume our Copper Mineral product (or any food or supplement with copper). The reason is that the bodies of people with Wilson's Disease are unable to remove excess copper, and the copper will build up to the point of doing serious (life-threatening) damage to the cells of the body.

Also, anyone who is taking the prescription Amiloride (Midamor) should not take the Zinc supplement (or any zinc supplement) because Amiloride prevents the body from excreting excess zinc.

There may be a few other other unknown situations where removal of excess mineral is impaired in one's body (either because of a gene defect or medicine being taken that interferes with excretion of excess minerals). So, if one has any allergic response, after taking a Smart A-Z mineral, one should discontinue use and seek medical advice.

Our proprietary, eco-friendly process breaks down each mineral to its Ionic / Angstrom state. From there we purify our water extensively to reach the highest purification levels. Once finished we mix our minerals with the purified water ensuring that optimal milligram levels have been met for your body.

Before we certify that our products are safe and accurately, we thoroughly test each batch of products, both in house and with a 3rd party tester, to ensure every product is an exact match and made to our high standards. Once testing is completed, the batch of bulk product in our sterile mineral bottling tanks is bottled into 100% recyclable bottles. Then, Lot and Batch numbers are printed on each bottle and their respective test results are logged for future reference.

Our Smart A-Z Mineral products are Vegan Certified, Gluten Free, BPA Free, Cruelty Free, 100% recyclable, HACCP approved and are registered with the FDA. All of our products are dosed for daily consumption, meeting recommended daily value percentages for both adults as well as children

The reason is that minerals are the foundation of health.

No superstructure or outgrowth, including optimal human health, can long exist on a faulty foundation. Life makes huge tolls on mineral reserves. Metabolism, activity, stress and eating carbohydrate foods use up mineral stores that we may have in the body.

We must daily eat as many or more minerals than our body uses up in metabolism, and other mineral expending activities. If we don't do this, we are on "one way street" to inadequate amounts of minerals and poor health.

  1. Bad result # 1 of inadequate mineral supplies is that our cells start to lose correct function. When our mineral and trace mineral reserves are insufficient, many chemical reactions no longer occur properly because of the missing needed minerals.
  2. Bad result # 2 of inadequate mineral supplies is that our bodies lose the ability to stay alkaline — allowing degenerative diseases a greater chance to develop since many diseases occur primarily in an acidic environment. So, as we lose a plentiful supply of minerals, we become ever more acidic and disease prone.
  3. Bad result # 3 of inadequate mineral supplies is that we become more prone to autoimmune disease because with inadequate minerals there will be mineral substitution in our tissues meaning an an incorrect mineral being substituted for the correct one, because the correct mineral is inadequately supplied.

    The end result of mineral substitution can be billions of molecules in our body that are not built right. The tissues with these incorrect minerals appear to the immune system as foreign... and this can be the beginning of autoimmune disease.

What Studies and Scientific References Are There Regarding the Importance of Minerals In Regard to Health?

Here's a starting list to begin your education, but please note that no amount of these references can be used as predictive. They are anecdotal, opinion and lack scientific controls. So, they are for education only:

  • Rene Quinton — a French biologist and biochemist, studied sea water by comparing the microcosmic ocean environment and its similarities to blood plasma. His studies, grounded in the rich live mineral content found in plankton-fed seawater, led to his publication, "L’eau de Mer Milieu Organique" in 1904. His discovery became known as Ocean Plasma and led to an understanding that seawater contains every mineral and trace mineral known in organic form and provides all the necessary elements needed by human tissues. He documented that seawater is virtually identical to mammalian blood plasma. With the assistance of many eminent physicians, he successfully used seawater as a healing agent on thousands of patients in France and Egypt in the early 1900s. His reports included before-and-after photos of patients, including babies brought back from near death from cholera and other causes; cadaver-like bodies filled out to healthy plumpness; raw, weeping skin from eczema made smooth and lesion free…all by the power of seawater. Many early-20th-century scourges such as tuberculosis were shown to be healed by this remarkable marine plasma.
  • Harvard University - Precious Metals and Other Important Minerals for Your Health - February 15, 2021. This article discusses major and minor minerals - including their various roles in human health. It's a great education starting place.
  • Academic Journals - The importance of mineral elements for humans, domestic animals and plants: A review. Another great starting point for learning about the importance of minerals. Discusses individual minerals and trace elements - describing the use of each mineral in various systems and processes within the body.
  • Indium - Health Benefits - Please note that there are insufficient scientific studies to proclaim definitively benefits, no benefits, or detriments from supplementing with Indium. These are all preliminary studies, animal studies or anecdotal reports that are promising, but not conclusive.
    • Kawamura N, Sun B, Tanaka A, Araki Y, Hasegawa T, Tokuda M et al. Effects of dietary indium supplementation on immune function in mice. Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry. 2006;70(6):1465-71.
    • Schauss AG, Jensen GS, Burt D, Redman KA, Sherwood LM, McKee J. Indium: a trace mineral essential for health and performance. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. 2005;2(1):1-6.
    • Ozdemir O, Genc GE, Ozdemir PG, Kokacya MH, Emul M. The effect of indium supplementation on trace element levels in post-menopausal women. Biological trace element research. 2015;163(1-2):58-62.
    • Lidbury BA, Miller EA, Phillips RB. The origin of indium-rich sulfides in the Footwall Cu-Zn Massive Sulfide deposit, Northwest Territories, Canada. Economic Geology. 2006;101(1):95-102.
    • Chen X, Chen Y, Chen X, Lin S. Antimicrobial and Cytotoxicity Properties of Indium Tin Oxide Thin Films. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. 2019;19(5):3018-3025.
    • Kawamura N, Sun B, Tanaka A, Araki Y, Hasegawa T, Tokuda M et al. Effects of dietary indium supplementation on immune function in mice. Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry. 2006;70(6):1465-71.
    • Kodama Y, Yamauchi H, Hotta N. Effects of indium administration on serum GH and IGF-I concentrations in rats. Endocrine Journal. 2003;50(4):399-405.

Indium - Hidden Trace Mineral Superstar

Indium is one of the least prevalent trace minerals minerals on earth. By those who have studied it extensively, it is considered to give a treasure chest of human health benefits.

The most prolific researcher into minerals and trace minerals of the past century, Dr. Henry Schroeder, made it his mission to research the effect of trace minerals on human health. He's the one who documented Indium's benefits. He is also the one who first declared that the greatest need of modern man is to eat trace minerals in much larger quantities than is the normally the case. He lamented that when up to 50% of one's diet is "empty calories" it is difficult to obtain sufficient mineral and trace minerals for optimal health in the remaining 50% of one's diet. He was an advocate for seeking out trace-mineral rich food, meaning wild-grown or wild-harvested. He was also an advocate for trace mineral supplements to fill in the void of the common diet.

Most Indium research has been conducted by Dr. Henry Schroeder and his team. Dr. Schroeder's pioneering research into trace minerals was cut short (he suffered from muscular dystrophy and cancer from the early years of his life and died in 1975). His students, however, carried on his work for the next 20 years documenting the below observations and obtaining a United States patent on Indium as an oral supplement:

  1. Test subjects consuming Indium reported better health than those who did not consume Indium.
  2. Indium supplementation helped men to not lose muscle tone as they got older, and helped them to not experience declines in growth hormone and free testosterone.
  3. The majority of those who consumed Indium reported more energy than those who did not.
  4. Study participants consuming Indium burned more calories and had greater strength in proportion to their Indium consumption.
  5. Studies carried out over two decades shows that oral consumption of Indium appeared to have anti-depressive effects, and also that oral consumption of Indium was able to arouse euphoria and a sense of well-being after just a few days of supplementing with it.

Safety tests were carried out on mice showing no toxicity at any intake level.

Boron - Nothing Boring About This Trace Mineral

The trace mineral boron is a micronutrient that has diverse and vitally important roles in metabolism. It has been shown to be necessary for plant, animal, and human health, and as recent research suggests, possibly for the evolution of life on Earth.

  1. Boron is essential for the growth and maintenance of bone
  2. Boron greatly improves wound healing
  3. Boron beneficially impacts the body’s use of estrogen, testosterone, and vitamin D
  4. Boron boosts magnesium absorption
  5. Boron reduces levels of inflammatory biomarkers, such as high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) and tumor necrosis factor μ (TNF-μ)
  6. Boron raises levels of antioxidant enzymes, such as superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase, and glutathione peroxidase; (7) protects against pesticide-induced oxidative stress and heavy-metal toxicity
  7. Boron improves the brains electrical activity, cognitive performance, and short-term memory for
  8. Boron influences the formation and activity of key biomolecules, such as S-adenosyl methionine (SAM-e) and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+)
  9. Boron has demonstrated preventive and therapeutic effects in a number of cancers, such as prostate, cervical, and lung cancers, and multiple and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma; and (11) may help ameliorate the adverse effects of traditional chemotherapeutic agents

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