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The reason why Kona Deep Sea Minerals are a good solution to everyone’s mineral needs is because they are highly assimilable — Kona Minerals were once part of ancient sea life and thus are properly ionized for assimilation into the body.

Another important fact regarding Kona Minerals is that they are unpolluted. Contrastingly, land sources and shallow surface sources of minerals are contaminated with naturally occurring lead, aluminum and other harmful metals, as well as industrial chemicals dumped into the ocean.

That’s why going to the deep ocean where minerals have descended to the depths over milleniums is the best way to get minerals and trace minerals.

Mineral levels go down from birth.

Infants start their lives with close to 100% of the minerals and trace minerals they need because while gestating they simply take them from their mothers.

Thereafter, one’s mineral reserves go down because the high sugar content of the standard American diet causes minerals to be dumped and at the same time provides too few minerals. Soon one’s mineral reserves can reach dangerously low levels with serious health consequences can result.


Kona Deep Sea Minerals are in a natural balance that is very similar to human blood. This balance makes Kona Deep Sea Minerals easy for the body to utilize.

Mineral Content
Per 1 Capsule of
Kona Minerals
Calcium100.00000 mg 
Potassium99.00000 mg 
Magnesium50.00000 mg 
Sodium68.61000 mg 
Chloride54.85000 mg 
Phosphorous6.22500 mg 
Strontium.40500 mg 
Boron.16066 mg 
Silicon.08325 mg 
Antimony.00940 mg 
Zinc.09278 mg 
Chromium.00867 mg 
Lithium.00580 mg 
Rhenium.00288 mg 
Manganese.00288 mg 
Copper.00280 mg 
Molybdenum.00276 mg 
Tungsten.00260 mg 
Selenium.00247 mg 
Thallium.00239 mg 
Tin.00215 mg 
Nickel.00165 mg 
Thorium.00163 mg 
Titanium.00131 mg 
Palladium.00127 mg 
Platinum.00170 mg 
Prascodym.00116 mg 
Vanadium.00094 mg 
Neodymium.00062 mg 
Barium.00040 mg 
Erbium.00031 mg 
Tellurium.00026 mg 
Beryllium.00025 mg 
Gold.00025 mg 
Aluminum.00022 mg 
Europium.00021 mg 
Terbium.00020 mg 
Lanthanum.00019 mg 
Samarium.00011 mg 
Dysprosium.00010 mg 
Lutetium.00010 mg 
Rhodium.00009 mg 
Silver.00008 mg 
Thulium.00006 mg 
Scandium.00006 mg 
Germanium.00006 mg 
Bismuth.00006 mg 
Indium.00005 mg 
Gadolinium.00001 mg 
Cobalt.00001 mg 
Holmium.00001 mg 
Cerium.00001 mg 
Tantalum.00001 mg 


One of the key minerals in the chart above is strontium. Strontium attracts the minerals calcium, boron and zinc. As a result of supplementing with strontium, your entire skeletal system will become stronger and the bones thicker. In one study at McGill University, patients who supplemented with strontium for only six months, showed a remarkable 172% increase in the rate of formation of new bone.


A good way to rebuild your mineral reserves is to supplement with 6 to 10 Kona Deep Sea Mineral capsules per day for up to one year. Of course, if you are also consuming Seven Essentials, then each scoop of Seven Essentials counts as one capsule of Kona Deep Sea Minerals.


A great way to help your body lose weight is to take one or two capsule of Kona Minerals about a half hour before mealtime. The incoming minerals help reduce your appetite, by feeding the cells their most important nutrients — minerals and trace elements. Many people have reported this as their one and only weight normalization secret.


The U.S. Congress has debated the subject of low mineralization of soils, but done nothing about it. From Senate Document 264, "Our physical well-being is more directly dependent upon minerals we take into our systems than upon calories or vitamins, or upon precise proportions of starch, protein or carbohydrates we consume." and "... our farm soils are generally depleted of minerals".

U.S. agricultural products today are not nearly as healthy as they used to be centuries ago. That’s because soils are depleted of minerals through aggressive farming techniques. The foods grown are therefore deficient in minerals and especially trace minerals. The only viable source left is the ocean. That’s why we think Kona Deep Sea Minerals is the premier source of minerals on earth today.


Along with Dr. Linus Pauling, we believe that adequate minerals are the most important factor in health preservation. That’s why Kona Minerals was the first product brought to market by our company. If one’s budget for health supplements is limited, Kona Minerals should be your very first choice.

Seven Essentials also contains Kona Minerals

Each scoop of Seven Essentials contains the equivalent of one capsule of Kona Minerals. Eating two or three scoops daily of Seven Essentials, therefore, is a great way to ensure adequate mineral intake, while getting exceptional food nutrition also.



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Kona Deep Sea MineralsKona Minerals - natural deep ocean minerals from Keyhole Point Kona Hawaii -
With Trace Minerals

Minerals and Trace Minerals Are The Most Foundational Nutritional Building Blocks of Our Body’s Molecules

8 Quick facts about our Kona Deep Sea Minerals product:

  1. Kona Minerals come from a deep water, mineral rich ocean zone (3,000 feet below sea-level) near Keyhole Point, Kona Hawaii.
  2. Kona Minerals are natural minerals — being a concentration of phytoplankton and other minute sea life, which died thousands of years ago (as shown by carbon dating). These dead plankton bodies gradually descended and now rest suspended in ocean water near the ocean floor. There is essentially an inexhaustible supply.
  3. Kona Minerals are TOTALLY  free of heavy metals and man-made pollutants, that are found in all other shallow water or land derived mineral products.
  4. Kona Minerals are properly ionized for complete and immediate assimilation in the digestive tract. Minerals that haven’t been part of living biological material do not assimilate well. But, since Kona Minerals were part of plankton and other sea-life... they readily pass through the small intestines into the blood and assimilate within 90 to 120 minutes of being eaten.
  5. Kona Minerals furnish a full spectrum of major minerals and trace minerals.
  6. Kona Minerals are balanced in nearly the same relative concentrations of minerals as human blood.
  7. Kona Minerals are high in strontium, which has been shown through studies to be the most important mineral for developing strong bones.
  8. Kona Minerals are In powder form and therefore, less prone to chemical reactions in a bottle and less expensive to ship than liquid mineral supplements.

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From Science Project to Superb Health Discovery -
the history of how Kona Minerals came to be.

  1. In 1980, an Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) project in Hawaii (started by college students with the funding of the Hawaii State government) was launched with the goal of creating a thermocouple electricity generator. As part of this project a very long pipeline was built that went down to 3,000 feet below sea level in order to access cold ocean water.
  2. The cold ocean water accessed through that pipeline did not prove to be valuable for energy production. Instead, it proved extremely valuable in a way that no one foresaw. The ocean water at this location (3,000 feet below the surface, near Keahole Point, oceanthermalkonaKona, Hawaii) is extremely mineral rich because it is in a zone of regeneration (through volcanic activity) and totally unpolluted by man.
  3. Today the facility is called called NELHA - National Energy Laboratory of Hawaii - name holdover from the original intent. Instead of using the temperature differential between deep cold water and warm surface water to create electrical power, as originally intended, however, now the facility functions to bring to the surface MINERAL RICH WATER which is used in a variety of products.

Here are pictures of the pipeline bringing this mineral rich water to the surface:

Keahole Point Pipeline - source of Kona Gold Deep Sea Minerals

Keahole Undersea pipe - source of Kona Gold Minerals


Mineral Rich Water From This Zone of Regeneration

This particular area of the Pacific Ocean has received rich supplies of minerals from underwater volcanic activity over millenniums. Therefore, the plankton and other minute sea life growing in this area are quite “mineral rich”. Over time, as the plankton and other minute life have died, their Plankton Sinks to Bottom of Ocean - How We Get Kona Gold Deep Sea Mineralsbodies have descended into the depths and created a kind of ocean “milk” near the ocean floor. The minerals of this ocean milk are naturally ionized because they were once part of organic life. This ionization allows them to easily be absorbed into the human body, unlike non-organic minerals which do not assimilate very well.

These minerals are free from modern pollution because they were deposited and have been resting at the bottom of the ocean for hundreds to thousands of years. Carbon dating shows these minerals to be over a thousand years old. The discovery of this mineral rich, unpolluted water has spawned a whole new industry. After bringing the water to the surface, the water is desalinized and dehydrated. The result is Kona Deep Sea Minerals.

Kona Gold Minerals - Nearly 100% Assimilation

The old saying “you are what you eat” is not precisely accurate. It should say, you are what you assimilate.

Kona Gold Deep Sea MineralsAssimilation is where Kona Minerals shines.

Kona Minerals is a highly assimilable supplement. In fact, during tests done at the University of San Diego, it was found that virtually 100% of ingested Kona Minerals would pass from the stomach into the blood in less than two hours time. Compared to most mineral supplements which are poorly assimilated (as little as 2% getting into the blood), this makes Kona Minerals extremely valuable as a dietary addition. You might actually have to consume 10 to 50 times more of another mineral supplement to equal the actual assimilated minerals that your body will get with with Kona Minerals. If one’s supplement budget is limited, Kona Minerals should be one of your first supplement choices.

Nothing exceeds the importance of minerals in terms of our health!

 “You can trace every sickness,
 every disease and every ailment
 to a mineral deficiency.”
                  Dr. Linus Pauling

mineral-chartMinerals and especially trace minerals, with their transitional electron orbit capabilities, give cell molecules their life-giving capabilities and differentiation.

Differentiation between the various tissues and cells of the body which are built primarily of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and minerals — is in the minerals.

One of the first orders of business in
“health insurance” is to make sure that our bodies are getting sufficient minerals and trace minerals.

babymom_125Nature designed it so that babies start their lives with a HUGE mineral gift from their mothers.

In fact, the only time that the average human is guaranteed to have high levels of stored minerals is at birth (thanks to mother). A baby gets an initial good supply of minerals from his/her mother during gestation and nursing. (But, as part of the price of giving and nurturing life, the mother’s mineral reserves may often be severely depleted thereafter.)

After getting this mineral gift from our mothers, the simple, sad fact is that most people don’t get sufficient trace minerals from their daily diets to maintain their body’s mineral stores... and so mineralization goes downhill ever afterwards and mineral substitution occurs and our cell’s ability to function optimally goes down in direct relationship to the lessening supply of minerals and trace minerals.

Modern lifestyle steals minerals away from our bodies

Three lifestyle issues cause serious erosion of minerals from the human body.

  1. Consumption of sugar/empty carbohydrates/alcohol.
  2. Sweating (athletes are at extreme risk)
  3. Stress (stress is a wholesale destroyer of mineral reserves)

Modern Food Has <5% of the Minerals That They Did 100 Years Ago

Think what that means: foods grown into today’s over farmed soils contain only 5% (1 / 20th) of the amount of minerals as foods grown a century ago.

Because of depleted soils and eating packaged foods and stressful lives, 98% of Americans are deficient in minerals and trace elements because:

  1. Soil depletion has resulted in many minerals and trace elements being absent in the food grown on our farms.
  2. Modern food processing discards many minerals during processing; and added minerals don’t assimilate well because they aren’t in a bioavailable form.
  3. Stress and overconsumption of sugar/carbohydrates results in minerals being discarded from the body.
  4. Weakened digestive powers inhibit the extraction of all the available minerals from our foods.

With Three Bad Consequences

  • Bad result # 1 of inadequate mineral supplies is that we don’t function quite right.
    When our mineral and trace mineral reserves are insufficient, many chemical reactions no longer occur properly because of the missing needed minerals.
  • Bad result # 2 of inadequate mineral supplies is that our bodies lose the ability to stay alkaline... allowing degenerative diseases the chance to gain a foothold in us.
    Minerals are what give our body the ability to maintain pH. As we lose our mineralization, we lose this ability to maintain the proper alkaline pH.
  • Bad result # 3 of inadequate mineral supplies is that we become more prone to autoimmune disease.
    Inadequate minerals results in mineral substitution... and the end result of mineral substitution can be billions of molecules in our body that are not built right. The tissues with these incorrect minerals appear to the immune system as foreign... and this can be the beginning of autoimmune disease.

Kona Minerals Provides All Minerals and Trace Minerals

Kona Minerals provides ALL the major minerals and trace minerals in a highly assimilable format. These are virtually 100% assimilated into the blood within two hours after ingestion. The reason for their 100% assimilation (compared to 3% to 5% for rock sourced minerals and 15% to 40% for chelated minerals) is that Kona Minerals were once part of plankton and other minute ocean life and are, therefore, properly ionized for assimilation in our digestive tracts.

Because of the supreme importance of trace minerals, if one’s budget for supplements is limited, one’s first choice must be Kona Deep Sea Minerals.

Sea Water Is A Great Healer

Rene Quinton, a French biologist and biochemist, studied sea water by comparing the microcosmic ocean environment and its similarities to blood plasma. His studies, grounded in the rich live mineral content found in plankton-fed seawater, led to his publication, "L’eau de Mer Milieu Organique"  in 1904. His discovery became known as Ocean Plasma and led to an understanding that seawater contains every mineral and trace mineral known in organic form and provides all the necessary elements needed by human tissues. He proved that seawater is virtually identical to mammalian blood plasma. With the assistance of many eminent physicians, he successfully used seawater as a healing agent on thousands of patients in France and Egypt in the early 1900s. The report included before-and-after photos of patients.  Babies brought back from near death from cholera and other causes; cadaver-like bodies filled out to healthy plumpness; raw, weeping skin from eczema made smooth and lesion free…all by the power of seawater. Many early-20th-century scourges such as tuberculosis were shown to be healed by this remarkable marine plasma. You can view before & after photos of patients who underwent "The Marine Treatment". Kona Minerals is derived from among the most mineral rich of all sea waters since it comes from a zone of active volcanic activity over thousands of years.

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How to Use Kona Minerals

The very best way to take Kona Minerals is to take one or two capsules with a glass of water one half hour before meals, as the incoming minerals will reduce your appetite. However, Kona Minerals can be taken with meals or any time you like.


MINERALS - the Most Important Supplementation

Because of the supreme importance of minerals and trace minerals - we recommend that every person interested in health take the effort and spend the money to build up their mineral reserves.

A recommended course of action for anyone endeavoring to improve health is to consume the equivalent of 10 Kona Mineral capsules per day for an entire year (and repeat this effort every decade). Remembering that Seven Essentials furnishes the equivalent of one Kona Mineral capsule per serving, simply subtract the number of Seven Essential servings taken daily from 10 and then take that many Kona Mineral capsules each day. Spread these out over the course of the day.


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