How Seven Essentials with Small Molecule Whey Protein Can Help Change Your Life Forever by Assisting You To Reestablish Correct Leptin Communication in Your Body

Are You Aware of the Tremendous Advances in Leptin Science?

If you aren’t, you should request our free leptin booklet - Guide to Permanent Weight Loss Through Leptin Control. This booklet may make all the difference in helping you understand what is exactly behind fat storage, appetite, energy and long life. It all has to do with your hypothalamus and it’s ability to receive leptin signals.

Here’s a summary of the hypothalamic leptin switch:

  1. Leptin is a chemical messenger made in fat cells that speaks to the hypothalamus gland in the brain. The hypothalamus coordinates metabolic activity throughout the 20 trillion cells that make up the human body.
  2. Hypothalamus_location_webScientists found that based on leptin levels in the blood, the hypothalamus instructs the entire body as to:
    • whether cells should burn fat or sugar,
    • whether the body should feel hungry or not and
    • whether the metabolic rate should be set high or low in terms of calorie burning.
  3. Therefore, leptin levels are very close to all important in terms of energy management in the human body.

Hypothalamus Leptin Communication Can Break Down - If it Does Then All the Above Signals Get Sent Incorrectly - With Very Bad Consequences

Leptin is supposed to tell the hypothalamus how much fat is stored in the body.

  1. When leptin levels are high the hypothalamus is supposed to instruct the body to burn off excess fat.
  2. When leptin levels are low, the hypothalamus is supposed to instruct the body to increase the amount of fat in storage.

Unfortunately, it is possible for the hypothalamus to lose its ability to communicate with leptin. When this happens, the hypothalamus continuously instructs the cells of the body to increase fat storage by lowering the metabolism, by being hungry and by burning sugar for energy hypothalamus_web- the exact opposite of what  should be happening for the body to function its best and maintain a normal weight.

What that means is that for the girl on the left, her hypothalamus is correctly sensing leptin and maintaining her body with normal weight, while for the girl on the right, her hypothalamus is not correctly sensing leptin and therefore, her body cannot lose weight, but continues to store fat, virtually regardless of how little she eats or how much she exercises.

How to Recalilbrate the Hypothalamus to Be Leptin Communicative or Sensitive Again

The way to re-sensitize the hypothalamus to the presence of leptin in the body, so that weight can be managed correctly is to do the following (see our Leptin E-book for more information):

  1. Break your fast in the morning with a high protein meal. (No more pancakes or cold cereal for breakfast.)
  2. Most of your meals should be 40% to 50% protein. Thus, a scoop of Small Molecule Whey Protein with a scoop of Seven Essentials can be a satisfying, leptin-friendly meal.
  3. Have a dietary emphasis on the good fat foods such as those found in fish and fish oil, nuts, olives, avocados and fish.
  4. Eat smallish meals. Do this by eating slowly and by eating your proteins/fats first.
  5. Restrict the amount of high carbohydrates or sugary foods that you eat. Especially, avoid carbohydrates and sugar for about a month while you retrain your hypothalamus to communicate correctly with leptin. After that, eat sugar foods or high-carbohydrates only after ensuring protein and good fat intake at each meal.
  6. Fast each night for 11 to 12 hour, beginning 3 to 4 hours before going to bed at night.
  7. If you can afford, the very best way to proceed is to get a leptin test. Your leptin level should be between 4.0 and 9.0 ng/ml. If it is higher than this, your hypothalamus will be unable to work correctly. It will instruct your body to store fat, beg hungry and have a low metabolism. This is the opposite of what you want.
  8. There is a product called MaxWLX that can assist in lowering your leptin levels and prevent this problem.
  9. Plus you can follow the foregoing lifestyle recommendations, perhaps adding Seven Essentials with Small Molecule Whey protein as a leptin friendly meal.


woman_with_seven_essentialsSeven Essentials plus Small Molecule Whey Proteintheonleywhey is a great weight loss combination.

The reasons that this combination works so well for weight loss is that this combination makes a meal replacement that:

  1. Furnishes your body with a 44% protein meal (a leptin-friendly meal).
  2. Furnishes your body’s cells with an amazing amount of cellular ready nutrition
  3. Helps your body’s leptin levels to go down and
  4. Helps your hypothalamus to reestablish proper fat-burning signals. For additional suggestions, please request our e-book on how to repair a broken leptin switch and lose weight naturally and permanently.

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Leptin Resistance - The Root of All Evil

High leptin levels (see below graph) will eventually cause the hypothalamus to become insensitive or resistant to leptin levels. When the hypothalamus is leptin resistant a whole host of health maladies follow.


Leptin Communication - Is Essential for Regulating Fat

Life is not in the parts of the body, but rather in the communication between those parts.

Leptin is a hormone that is created within fat cells. It functions as a nutrient sensor to inform the hypothalamus how much fat is in storage in the body. The hypothalamus needs to know how much fat the body has in order to ensure that the body always has an adequate supply of fat, which is the human body’s best fuel source, but not too much fat. Too much fat makes a person less efficient, predisposed to illness and less capable of escaping from predators.

When the hypothalamus senses that fat is too low, it will lower the metabolic set point (favoring fat storage) and increase appetite and instruct cells to burn sugar (to conserve fat).

Conversely, when the hypothalamus senses that fat stores are adequate, it increases the metabolic set point (favoring fat burning), decreases appetite and instructs cells to burn fat (which is the best fuel for the body to use).

When the hypothalamus senses the fat stores are HIGH, in an interesting paradox, it will become insensitive to the fat signals, and act as though fat is LOW, despite the fact that it is actually high. This is the beginning of a diseased and unhealthy body.

Health Problems Caused by Leptin Resistance

Some of the health problems that result from leptin resistance include obesity, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disorders, and more.

To learn about additional lifestyle changes and supplements that can make a significant difference in your leptin health and thus your overall health, please request our E-Booklet on the Leptin Switch.

Also learn about a product that can quickly lower your leptin levels by up to 50%, allowing your hypothalamus to resensitize itself to leptin.

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