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When deciding on someone or some thing in which to place your trust regarding your health (or any other matter of importance), there is only one thing you are looking for — RESULTS! Your query should always be ‘Show Me the Results that Others Have Had’ and then let me try for myself and judge the results for myself.

Good results (Integris nutritional products)

There are many good results in the form of testimonials presented at this web site. These testimonials represent the results of hundreds of thousands of people taking advantage of advanced nutrition from Integris and the clinical nutrition cases of tens of thousands handled by the doctors and professionals of The Center for Advanced Medicine and Physicians Neutriceutical Research. Finally, Integris let’s you judge the results for yourself (30 day money back guarantee).

Bad results (Standard American Diet Nutrition)

Consider the overwhelming bad results of standard nutrition for hundreds of millions of North Americans since 1900. Consider that North Americans, per capita, consume the highest amounts of vitamins and minerals and spend the highest amount of money on medical care of any people on earth and yet have the worst health of any industrialized nation on earth. You can also prove standard American diet nutrition for yourself. Actually, you already have. How do you feel?

It is good to understand the why behind the results

It is good to understand why optimum nutrition provides better results than standard nutrition.

For instance it is good to know that optimum nutrition comes from the 107 antioxidants and 100 plus other nutrients in the bran of rice. It is good to understand that all the minerals and trace elements from the earth’s crust were made bioactive by plankton and diatoms and placed by ocean currents beyond the reach of pollution. It is good to understand that optimum nutrition comes from the flash glancing of fruits and vegetables, from the spores of lactobacillus acidolphilus bacteria and from forty years of research into the human digestive system. It is good to understand that optimum nutrition comes from the herbs that have been placed in this world to cure the causes of disease, which mostly reside in unfit food, environmental pollution and inadequate nutrient intake.

It is good to understand why results are achieved, but it is more important to obtain the results, just like it is good to understand why a light switch works, but it is more important to just turn the light on.

Please study the habits of health and make the decision to do something different than what you have been doing.

Healthy-Living.Org teaches the practices of nutrition that provide good results.

Healthy-Living.Org endorses the products of Integris, a company devoted to the rescue of people’s health through optimal nutrition. It is founded by a clinical nutritionist, Dr. William Kellas, endorsed by the Advanced Center for Medicine and Physician’s Neutriceutical Research, who have relied upon Integris products for tens of thousands of cases of helping sick people get well.

Once you have been wakened to the Wellness Revolution and the concept that health is a choice, you will undoubtedly try the products of many nutritional companies, most of whom deal with isolated nutrients in the form of vitamins and minerals. Then when you are introduced to Integris, you will know you have found the source of nutrition that you have been looking for, because the results in your own body will convince you.


The information provided in this site is for educational purposes only. Nothing contained herein is purported to diagnose, prescribe or advise contrary to the instructions of your doctor or health professional. We always recommend nutrition plus medicine for your health.

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