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100,000,000,000,000 reasons to supplement... Your Cells

There are a hundred trillion cells in operation inside you

Your Health depends on Your Nutrient Supply Lines

— each like a tiny factory assembly line, producing a piece of what we call our life.  Each of the body’s assembly lines requires continuous supplies of raw materials in order to produce its particular output.

If needed raw materials aren’t available for a particular assembly line then raw materials will be scavenged from your bones, your liver or other of your bodily tissues. If raw materials cannot be scavenged for a cell’s assembly line.... then it’s output stops or (even worse) inferior raw materials are substituted and output continues). If more and more scavenging occurs,  or assembly lines stop and/or degrade their output by substituting inferior materials, eventually, we feel the results in terms of energy loss, discomfort, disease or depression. When the DNA in our cells cannot be produced exactly and perfectly any longer... then we permanently and irreparably age towards death.

Eating sufficient nutrients to ensure cellular operations go forward correctly is not easy. Supplementation with concentrated food is the best way to ensure optimal supplies of nutrients.

How do you know if you’re getting all the raw materials your body should be getting?

    In case you’re thinking you’ll just eat plenty of the standard foods to assure your body’s supply of nutrients, at least you’re on the right track — which is getting your nutrition from food. However, in today’s world, getting optimal nutrition without concentrated, high-tech food supplements is close to impossible. Very often, commonly available foods are grown in depleted mineral soils. Unless you analyze your food you won’t know if the nutrients you need are there. So, high-tech, concentrated food supplements provide guaranteed amounts of nutrition. As long as those supplements are in the form of concentrated food instead of laboratory made supplements, we’re getting the our nutrients. So, the bottom line reason to supplement is because we won’t be able to maintain the huge effort to eat optimal amounts of nutrition without easy supplementation.

    In case you noticed, we used many times the words high-tech, concentrated food supplements not vitamins or supplements because man-made vitamins and supplements are in a form contrary to nature... and not very good for you. They are usually mega-dosed as well... so that the body has no chance of using them properly... kind of like if someone dumped a hundred gallons of paint in your kitchen, but no drop cloths, paint brushes, rollers, masking tape, etc. and expected you to paint the kitchen. Your body has the same challenge when you take a typical vitamin capsule... it doesn’t have even close to all the thousands of nutrient tools it needs and yet it has way to much of some... which it has to work hard to discard.

Your health is not worth a chance.

Don’t Gamble Against the Odds

    You only have one life. You have more to do with your time than search for optimally nutritious food. Taking a chance on your healthy is not worth gambling against the odds. Would you bet your life at 95 to 5 odds against you? That’s what you’re doing unless you implement the habits of health and optimal Integris nutrition.

The entire list of high-tech, concentrated nutrient supplements that we recommend include the following:

  1. Seven Essentials contains seven essentials for human health: enzymes, co-enzymes (vitamins, antioxidants), cofactors (minerals & trace elements), protein, essential oils, fiber, probiotics. A daily serving of Seven Essentials contains a full daily serving of Deep Sea Minerals, RiSoTriene, Veggie/Fruit Caps Veggie Caps plus much more.
  2. Deep Sea Minerals is a balanced load of assimilable minerals and trace elements from 2,000 feet below the surface in area of the Pacific Ocean unattained by pollutants.  Extracted from the settled strata of plankton, algae and diatoms, these minerals are highly bio-available.
  3. RiSoTrieneis the most potent source of antioxidants available today. It is the extracted bran and germ of organic bran rice, containing nearly 200 antioxidants, minerals, fatty acids, vitamin complexes and amino acids.
  4. Digestion Boost fulfills one of the greatest human health needs — cleaning, lubricating and nourishing the engine of health — the digestive system. Comprised of numerous digestive aids, including digestive enzymes, digestive tonics and good bacteria (probiotics), it is designed to be taken daily with food.
  5. 8-Day-Cleanse with the cleanse, you are only eight days away from feeling rejuvenated. This program of digestive system tune-up will astonish you with increased energy as you destroy parasites, fungi and bad bacteria that have taken up residence inside you, dissolve the mucoidal gel that interferes with digestion and give your liver a burst of energy.
  6. Methylate Me lowers homocysteine, the newly identified culprit in heart disease (100% effective), increases SAMe (a mood elevator) , enhances sleep and increases muscle energy.  It is made from beets, natural B-Vitamins and minerals.
  7. Collastin is almost a wonder drug, yet it is a nutrient complex, not a drug. It is a premier rebuilder of joints and tendons, rejuvenating the mobility and pain free movement of youth.  It is a combination of fatty acid esters (Collastin) and glucosamine.
  8. Veggie/Fruit Caps provides thousands of biologically active nutrients that assist in slowing down aging.  Created from 19 different fruits and vegetables through a non-heat, non-chemical process, it preserves all the goodness of nature’s creations.
  9. Liver Boost assists the liver (the largest internal organ of the body) to do its nearly overwhelming job of purifying our blood by removing toxins.  It’s power to assist the liver in detoxifying the blood is so great, that in double blind studies it was proven to effectively neutralize liver stress caused by drinking.
  10. Aloe'V'a Power has the full soothing and healing properties of the legendary Aloe Vera plant. Made from a unique processing method that extracts the total goodness of the Aloe Vera plant, and concentrated at room temperature, you’ll get 100% of the Aloe Vera nutrition and healing in a good tasting liquid concentrate.
  11. Parasite Cleanse rids both the upper and lower tracts of parasites.
  12. CLA Plus™ focuses on the root cause of overweight conditions — the overproduction of insulin (a fat storing hormone) because of insulin resistance. CLA Plus will help you to gradually lose excess pounds by assisting your body’s cells to transport sugars more easily across their protective membranes.

Medical Doctor Statements concerning some of the High-tech Concentrated Foods that We Recommend

Dr. Mark Drucker, M.D. and Director for the Advanced Center for MedicineDr. Mark Drucker - Director for Advanced Center for Medicine in Encinitas, California, states, "While most doctors still practice medicine with the goal of just suppressing symptoms (they have accepted the disease as part of their patient), I've tried to take a more holistic approach. Hypocrites, the father of medicine, said, "Nutrition shall be your medicine."

At the Center, we use nutritional products to restore the body's biochemical balance, and we draw on the expertise of different specialists, such as chiropractors and massage therapists, to help people feel better.

For a long time we used different combinations of vitamins and minerals, all which had been synthesized in a laboratory.

But what we really wanted to find was as natural food product that could achieve the same or better results for our patients. RiSoTriene was our answer.

At the center, we first detoxify our patients, because most illnesses and body imbalances are the result of accumulated toxins and a lack of essential nutrients. We then replenish the body with the proper nutrients, allowing it to repair, rebuild, and restore itself.

When we began using RiSoTriene in our treatments last year, we found that people had more energy when they used this product during detoxification. Its nutrients are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, bringing fast results.

Dr. Joe Hymer, a medical doctor from Castroville, Texas says, “Patients using RiSoTriene make steady progress - we don't see the periodic plateaus often encountered in other treatment programs. There are also fewer allergic reactions because it's a natural food with no additives.

We find that it's almost impossible to get the same results from pills or tablets that have so many added chemicals and fillers. RiSoTriene contains nutrients that fit together to solve the nutritional puzzles of patients with both severe and moderate health problems. These nutrients can do much more than any single nutrient can do on its own. RiSoTriene works.”

Imagesstevelutes02Dr. Steve Lutes, a research medical doctor from San Francisco, California says, “I’ve been using RiSoTriene for five years and it's the single best nutritional supplement ever to come along. I developed ‘leaky gut syndrome’ while doing research overseas in the 1970’s and nothing really helped the occasional bouts of acute pain and inflammation or the general lack of energy or quality of life until I started with RiSoTriene. Since then I’ve introduced RiSoTriene to many hundreds of other people with moderate to serious health challenges and watched as they experienced truly life changing results."

The conditions where RiSoTriene, alone or with other clinical nutritional products, has worked wonders include diabetes, cardiovascular disease (especially recovery in heart attack and stroke patients), cancers, all types of chronic gastrointestinal tract disorders, etc. This is the natural product I would turn to first to find something can produce spectacular improvements in conditions that others have given up on.”


The information provided in this site teaches a non-medical philosophy that diet can be our most important medicine. We always recommend nutrition plus medical intervention for your health... and recommend you seek medical advice for any health condition in addition to diet.

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