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If you are in one of the four below categories then special health needs apply to you.  We explain what your special risks are and make recommendations to offset those risks.

Children are the most at risk because of the opportunity for them to become ill from microbes.  Their immune systems are only beginning to develop.  Without a well developed immune system doctors often may often prescribe antibiotics which weakens children’s digestive systems by killing off the good bacteria.  There are countermeasures and nutrition recommendations in our section on children’s nutrition recommendations.

Women are the next most at risk because of the heavy toll that menstrual cycles and birthing take on their bodies.  If it weren’t for a special ability of women they would be destroyed by these taxing physical reproductive processes coupled with the standard American diet. Read more about women’s nutrition in our special section

Overweight people face a double whammy of free radicals leading to aging and degenerative disease. There is only one solution and we explain it in our special section on the problems of overweight people.

Athletes have unusual nutrition requirements which, when not met, spell danger.  If you are an athlete or care about an athlete, please read our section on athlete’s nutrition.

Finally, our seniors are at the age when nutrition related stress and disease take their heaviest toll.  For seniors our recommendations are better late than never.  Seniors have more aches and pains and disorders and more cross linked DNA to repair, and less time before critical consequences are faced. Please take time to understand the needs of seniors as it relates to nutrition.

Knowledge really is power to change our destinies. Nutrition knowledge is the key to health which is a key to happiness.

The information provided in this site is for educational purposes only. Nothing contained herein is purported to diagnose, prescribe or advise contrary to the instructions of your doctor or health professional. We always recommend nutrition plus medicine for your health.

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