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The key to health is eliminating toxicities and deficiencies! - Dr. William R. Kellas

Seven Essentials, aka E7 or Essentials Seven, has been loved by hundreds of thousands of people since it was first introduced by Dr. Kellas in 2002.

Seven Essentials combines seven types of important foods into one delicious powder that supports health better than any other single food or supplement. It is awesome, affordable and available in four flavors!

Seven Essentials

In saying that Seven Essentials is health supporting, we mean that:

  • the natural and balanced nutrients in Seven Essentials are in a pre-digested and easily assimilated format
  • so they quickly enter the bloodstream and become available to the cells of the body to utilize in any way those cells would like to use them.
  • Vitamin isolates and prescription drugs, on the other hand, are unnatural, unbalanced and may be difficult for cells to use, or even worse, may force a reaction in a cell.
  • Seven Essentials is not that way... its natural food nutrients are food-form and balanced.  Its thousands of different types of food molecules arrive at cells simultaneously  and are easily assimilated o that cells are not stressed and can use the nutrients without extra work to scavenge for co-factors, or discard excess amounts.
  • Beecause your cells don't have to scavenge for essential co-factors that would be missing in Vitamin supplements, the nutrients in Seven Essentials can all be utilized by the cells, unlike those vitamin isolate products where much of the vitamins end up being discarded and unutilized.
  • Vitamin isolates often come in doses that are hundreds of times greater than what is naturally in Seven Essentials and yet are far less useful to one's body. Micro-dose is better than mega-dose.

You will feel the difference that Seven Essentials makes in your body quickly. With Seven Essentials, no matter what else you do or don’t do for you health each day, your body will be getting optimized, balanced nutrition THAT WILL MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN YOUR HEALTH.

Seven Essentials contains only 70 calories per serving.

It is perfect for children, centenarians, and everyone in between, furnishing high amounts of important nutrient tools for all human cells.

The seven types of essential foods include:

  1. Soluble, stabilized rice bran
  2. Kona Deep Sea Minerals
  3. Flash Glanced Vegetables
  4. Highly Assimilable Protein
  5. Advanced Multi-Fiber
  6. Enzymes and Adaptogens
  7. Probiotics and Prebiotics
seven essentials

Seven Essentials is especially supportive for many types of people:

  • Busy people... who would like comprehensive food nutrition in "seconds". Just put a scoop in water, shake and drink
  • Parents who want to give their children a great nutritional drink that they will love to drink
  • People who just want feel good... a serving of Seven Essentials each day is the simplest way to feel good that there is
  • Stressed people - who are overworked or or going through any kind of stress, including Chemotherapy/Radiation/Surgery
  • People with Lactic Acid buildup - helps prevent Lactic Acid Buildup (take note runners and Parkinson's sufferers)
  • People who want help with blood sugar - helps with energy metabolism and maintaining normal sugar ranges
  • People who want to sleep better - having more stable blood sugar helps with sleeping
  • People with with soft-tissue challenges (IE, fibromyalgia, neuropathy or lactic acid build-up) - the tremendous healing properties of Seven Essentials help with healing of nerve or soft tissue
  • People with gastrointestinal lining damage - seven essentials is very healing to those linings
A drink of Seven Essentials

Seven Essentials is the Best Nutrition For Your Life Because:

  • It takes only seconds to prepare.
  • It tastes great and has several flavors — so you can surely find one you really like. By May 15 we will have Chocolate, Vanilla, Vegetable Broth and Vanilla Cinnamon (the last two have no sweeteners). We plan to have Wild Berry by early 2022.
  • One serving furnishes more balanced nutrition than most people eat in two weeks (including the antioxidant power of more than 42 servings of vegetables.
  • It is gluten free and hypoallergenic, so that virtually — anyone can eat it.
  • Happily, you can ADD less tasty nutritional powders or liquids to Seven Essentials... and the resulting combination will still taste great. Many add, for instance, GPS, Beet Root Powder, Body Genesis or Cupuacu.

The Great Need of Modern People Is Nutrients, Not Calories

  Nutrients Count  

Not Calories

  • In previous eras of earth's history, people ate nutrient rich food, while today, virtually everyone eats nutrient empty food. The reason is simple... the minerals have been depleted from the soils. Fewer minerals in the dirt means few minerals in the food, whether that food is produce grown in mineral deficient soil, or it is animals that ate mineral deficient produce resulting in their bodies being mineral deficient.
  • Metabolizing each and every calorie uses up nutrients. If a particular food supplies the body with less nutrients than it takes to metabolize that food, then eating that food lowers one's over all nutrient level and eating such nutrient deficient food will over time lower our health and vitality. In other words, nutrient deficient foods (the normal fare in America) lowers health and vitality. That's why the main goal of someone striving to remain healthy should be to focus on eating nutrient rich food.
  • Seven Essentials is a super nutrient-dense food that has very little caloric content. Compared to other food it is twenty to one hundred times more nutrient dense and the nutrients are balanced because they are food-form.
    *Farm grown produce, on the other-hand, and also the animals and poultry fed on such produce, are nutrient skimpy because modern soils are all nutrient depleted (in some cases, having only 5% of the mineral content that soils had one hundred years ago.) Adding Seven Essentials to one's daily regimen can compensate, therefore, for eating normal nutrient-empty food.
ORAC Rating Compared - Seven Essentials to others

High ORAC Rating of Seven Essentials

ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. It means how many oxidants (free radicals) a food or supplement can quench (neutralize or destroy). This graph shows that Seven Essentials is the best food you can put in your mouth to do battle with free radicals. Seven Essentials provides 21,010 ORAC units per serving. That's an ORAC rating equivalent to 42 servings of raw vegetables — per serving of Seven Essentials

If you'd like to learn more about the importance of ORAC, this is a great article that explain ORAC very well.

Seven Essentials was formulated by doctors at the Center for Advanced Medicine

The doctors at this clinic in Encinitas California believe that the true foundation of wellness is nutritionally dense food.

They began their search for an ideal health food in 1986... and Seven Essentials was finally perfected in 2002... that's sixteen years of testing food combinations with their tens of thousands of patients and clients. Seven Essentials ended up being what they chose to offer their patients. It consists of seven nutrient-dense, food type, super stars all put together in one easily digested and delicious powder. Check out the "super-star" ingredient types below:

Ricatein or Risotriene

brown part of rice is where nutrition is brown part of rice is where nutrition is

One of the greatest food discoveries of the 20th century was that of soluble, stabilized rice bran.

For most of earth's history the nutritional value of rice (the third most commonly eaten grain in the world) was unavailable to mankind. Only recently was a technique discovered to unlock that nutrition.

Seventy percent of the nutrition of rice is located in just 8% of the rice kernel. This part is called the bran and germ and it is routinely discarded (shaved off) to make white rice. White rice is more consumed than whole rice because it stores well and whole rice goes rancid quickly. See the pictures showing Risotriene (made from the brown part) as well as white and whole rice kernels.

  • The white portion of rice is mostly starch or calories
  • When whole rice is cooked, most of fragile nutrients are destroyed in the cooking process. The treasure trove of nutrients in paddy (brown) rice are, therefore, difficult to access — because you can't get the nutrients if you cook the rice, and eating uncooked whole rice is not practical because the grain is so hard and difficult to chew. Also, if you ate the whole rice you would get all the calories, which modern people definitely don't need.
  • And, until recently, if the bran was removed from the rice kernel, it would go completely rancid in less than four hours.
  • Fortunately, about 20 years ago, a researcher discovered an ingenious method of preventing rancidity and accessing those nutrients in just the brown part of rice without heat or chemicals that would destroy the nutrients trying to be accessed. This method is called stabilization.
  • A further enhancement is predigesting by removing insoluble fiber. That makes the soluble, stabilized rice bran product extremely nutrient dense and easily assimilated by both young and old.

Minerals from a Zone of Regeneration

Kona Deep Sea MineralsMinerals are the core of the foundation of health. Interestingly, besides water, carbon and nitrogen, the human body is essentially just a few pounds of dirt (minerals). And most people don't have enough of those minerals to maintain optimal health.

  • The minerals in Seven Essentials are rapidly assimilated.
  • They are virtually all assimilated into the blood within 120 minutes of ingestion. Most other types of minerals assimilate to between 5 to 30 percent only.
  • Our Kona Deep Sea minerals are in a concentration and balance that is very similar to human blood.
  • The minerals in Seven Essentials are devoid of toxins. They come from mineral rich seawater located 1/2 mile under the ocean's surface at a location near Keyhole Point, Kona, Hawaii. This volcanic-mineral rich area is known as a zone of regeneration. The carbon dating of these minerals is between 800 and 1200 years ago... which is long before man-made toxins, radiation and pollution came on the scene.
seven essentials

Your mother always told you to eat your vegetables.

Here are the ones in Seven Essentials. They're all raw, low-calorie, nutrient-dense flash-glanced, that were "picked at the peak of ripeness" locking in those nutrients for your cells to intake, which is so unlike store bought vegetables that have lost almost all their nutrition by the time you eat them). Without Seven Essentials, you're probably not eating the recommended 10 to 20 daily servings of vegetables (eating vegetables is a powerful way to stay healthy, but most people don't do it):

  • cabbage
  • carrot
  • spinach
  • tomato
  • parsley
  • broccoli
  • beet
  • garlic
  • Brussels sprouts
  • kale
digestive tract

Highly Assimilable Small Molecule Whey Protein or Sprouted Brown Rice Protein

  1. Protein only assimilates in a small area of the gut (small intestines) known as the proximal duodenum.
  2. If incoming protein food hasn't been broken down sufficiently by saliva, stomach acid and enzymes before reaching the proximal duodenum, then that protein passes on un-assimilated, and becomes useless for improving health, and just becomes a toxic burden that must be eliminated from the body.

That's why having a healthy gut and consuming readily assimilable protein can be so important. While most protein is 80,000 to 100,000 daltons in size, our whey protein (in Chocolate flavor Seven Essentials) is pre-digested through a process known as sequential enzyme hydrolysis and is less than 800 daltons in size so that it assimilates virtually completely. The salient features of our small molecule whey protein are:

  • Very small protein chains — more than 55% of peptides are di and tri peptides - so that no further enzymatic breakdown of these peptides is needed.
  • No Casein or Lactose (they both have been removed). Most people, therefore, with allergies to milk products, can consume Seven Essentials with no problem. The non-Chocolate flavors of Seven Essentials use a pre-digested rice protein.
  • The protein used in Seven Essentials will assimilate readily, even during times of stress and high activity making it great for people who eat on the run.
  • Slower transit through the small intestines... the fiber in Seven Essentials slows the transit time so that proteins have longer contact time with the proximal duodenum allowing virtually 100% nutrient extraction.

Whey protein is included in the Chocolate and Vanilla flavors and easily digestible, organic, sprouted rice protein (with its incredible nutrients and protein) is included in our vegan flavors (Vegetable Broth and Natural Vanilla Cinnamon).

fiber is like a broom


The multi-fiber in Seven Essentials is like having a yard broom, regular broom, hand broom and tooth brush to help scrub intestines clean.

Fiber slows the transit of nutrients through the gut for maximum assimilation of those nutrients.

Most people do not eat enough fiber to maintain healthy intestines, which is why Seven Essentials is an important part of one's food each day.

cells eat

Ensuring Assimilation

Enzymes and Adaptogens ensure that the food one eats are able to be prepared into assimilable nutrients that readily enter into cells.

Foods that go through a person (mouth to toilet) without getting into the individual cells do no good. It's not really the stomach and intestines that eat, but rather the cells of the body that eat. All the stomach and intestines do is prepare food for cells to "eat". That means if food isn't properly broken down into small particles and chemicals that can circulate in the blood stream and enter into cells... then the cells don't eat and don't self-repair. Inevitably, therefore, your health goes down. You are the cumulative health of your trillions of cells.

Seven Essentials contains enzymes and Adaptogens that help ensure cellular assimilation and utilization of the thousands of natural nutrients in Seven Essentials... so your cells thrive.

human intestines with probiotics

Health Depends Upon the Condition of the Gut

Adult human intestines should have at least four pounds of probiotics (protective bacteria) in them. These fight against harmful yeasts, mold and bacteria so that the intestinal linings do not get eaten (damaged) by such pathogens, and so that they do not release their harmful endotoxins into your body. Also, protective bacteria function like afterburners on a jet airplane, extracting more energy and nutrients from the incompletely digested food material passing through it.

  • Without ample probiotics one is less likely to get enough food nutrition and is more likely to be damaged by and toxified by pathogens in the gut.
  • Seven Essentials contains a special kind of probiotic (lactobacillus sporogenes) that survives stomach acid to implant in the gut.

The main principle for preserving our health that we should all remember is to over eat nutrition and under eat calories. All anti-aging studies prove this. Unfortunately, most people do the opposite, which is why there is an old Chinese saying, "a person lives on one fourth of the food he eats, his doctor lives on the other three fourths."

Health begins in the mouth. "You are what you eat." The food industry, unfortunately, knows how to entice people to eat tasty, nutrient-empty, easily-prepared or fast food. Merely adding vitamins to that SAD (Standard American Diet) is not the answer. Americans have proven this over many decades now. The people of the United States of American eat more vitamins than the rest of the world combined, but have among the worst health statistics of all nations. We need to eat nutrient dense food because only food has all the thousands of needed co-factors.

Your Health Will Never Start to Improve Until You Turn To Eating Nutrient Dense Food As Your Main Strategy for Staying Healthy!

That statement by Dr. William R. Kellas, founder of the Center for Advanced Medicine, is as true today as when he began preaching it nearly 40 years ago. We always will be what we eat. The higher quality of our nutrition the higher will be the quality of our health.

If you have eyes to see the below picture says it all. The people of Switzerland (who are the best in the world in terms of avoiding poor health) eat the least amount of fast food and the least amount of vitamins of any nation on earth. The Swiss people eat primarily home-prepared meals.

percentage of life lived in poor health depends on food eaten

Seven Essentials was designed by Dr. Kellas as a "best of the best" compilation of nutrient dense food.

It is definitely not a vitamin supplement. Because it is a compilation of nutrient dense foods, it contains a multitude of natural vitamins and vital, co-factors that man-made vitamin supplements can NEVER furnish. Laboratories are not equal to mother nature in terms of providing nutrient tools for ensuring health. That's why we recommend one or two scoops daily of Seven Essentials.

"And the end of all our searching shall be to return to the place where we began and know it for the very first time." —T.S. Elliot.

That place that we need to return to is Nutrient-Dense Raw Food!

What Seven Essentials Does Inside the Body

The food nutrients in Seven Essentials provide a cascade of building blocks and absorb-able nutrients that disperse quickly via the bloodstream and enable your body’s cells to maintain and repair themselves and to function optimally. Risotriene, one of the components of Seven Essentials, is perhaps the single best food on earth and is the world's best source of Gamma Oryzanol, an important nutrient complex of molecules that helps to naturally accelerate healing of bodily tissues. By eating Seven Essentials, your body will be able to heal faster from injury or free radical damage. You will have more natural energy and this will help you feel better every day.

You Won't Want to Live Without Seven Essentials

Once your body discovers Seven Essentials, it will let you know that you don’t want to live without the increased energy and wellness its daily use gives. Seven Essentials feeds your body more raw nutrition than you could easily get in any other way. In would take considerable time to shop and prepare the nutritious foods you would need to equal Seven Essentials, and it would also take hundreds of dollars a month.

Feeding your body excellent, assimilable nutrition is so important because over the long haul, excellent nutrition is the best ensurer of health.

Potential Mechanisms of Action of Seven Essentials

  • It is believed that Seven Essentials helps turn fat into energy using natural lipolytics
  • It is believed that its large amounts of sterols help the body to correctly process and reduce bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • It is believed that Seven Essentials helps cells more efficiently utilize blood sugar by repairing damaged Insulin receptors (thus lowering Insulin resistance). It is considered a safe food for diabetics and those with hypoglycemia and has been endorsed by the Diabetes Research Institute.
  • Is believed that Seven Essentials is is of great value in terms of slowing down aging by combating one of the main causes of aging — namely free radicals because of its numerous antioxidants (hundreds of antioxidants in Seven Essentials help to quench free radicals).
    • Seven Essentials provides a huge dose of Tocotrienols, slowing the aging process, by absorbing many of the more than 100,000,000,000 oxidative hits that the normal human body encounters each day.
    • The least active Tocotrienol antioxidant is 40 - 60 times more potent than vitamin E (alpha tocopherol) and some of tocotrienol compounds in Seven Essentials have over one hundred times greater antioxidant activity than pycnogenol®
  • It is believed that the essential fatty acids in Seven Essentials, in combination with its many sterols, help produce and balance hormones and help protect the skin from wrinkling.
  • It is believed that Seven Essentials helps bolster energy, muscle power and stamina due to its highly absorbable compounds Ferulic Acid and Pangamic acid (the latter became well known as the Russians' secret athletic performance booster, and it's naturally occurring in Seven Essentials).
  • It is believed that the totality of nutrients combined with the cell-healing Gamma Oryzanol compounds in Seven Essentials both stimulate and enable healing of the many tissues of the body. The most common anecdotal report we get about Seven Essentials is in regard to skin conditions clearing up, including scarring, psoriasis, eczema, dry hard skin, etc.
Five Important Facts to Remember About Seven Essentials Ability to Heal
  1. Each 22 gram serving of Seven Essentials has the equivalent nutrition of one third pound of original paddy rice, but only 70 calories.
  2. The ingredients in Seven Essentials are uncooked. Cooking destroys many nutrients (between 60% and 90%). Being uncooked is a large part of the reason that Seven Essentials is so “healing” and nourishing to the body’s cells.
  3. The body knows how to use the nutrients in Seven Essentials because it is food, not synthesized vitamins. Laboratory synthesized vitamin isolates present a challenge to the body because they are incomplete or unbalanced which creates additional work for the body, which must scavenge the need balancing nutrients in order to use the vitamins.
  4. Seven Essentials helps the body to utilize fuel better. It helps move sugar molecules into cells and out of the blood, thus helping to lower blood sugar. This makes it a great food for diabetics, hypoglycemics or people with energy crashes and mood swings.
  5. Seven Essentials is particularly nourishing to two particular parts of the body... the skin and nerve/brain cells. This is due to its abundance of sterols and antioxidants. Both the brain and the skin are constantly attacked by free radicals (the skin being the first defense system the body has against the world), and the brain being the highest user of energy in the body. Seven Essentials has over 100 distinct antioxidants. And antioxidants work best in teams. Seven Essentials furnishes your body with a great antioxidant team all by itself. No other food has a higher ORAC rating.
  6. Seven Essentials is a cell proliferant, that is it helps cells repair themselves more quickly. This is so important with slow-repairing nerve and brain cells.
Why and How Can Seven Essentials be Problematic for Some People
  1. A very few people in this world (less than one out of a million) are allergic to rice. They need to avoid Seven Essentials.
  2. Seven Essentials can dramatically lower blood sugar. If you are taking medications for blood sugar, you may need to lower blood sugar medications, so please work with your health professional.
  3. Seven Essentials helps kill fungi. It contains natural anti-fungal chemicals since it naturally grows in wetlands where mold can thrive. Therefore, you may have Herxheimer reactions (die-off from fungi), which can be uncomfortable. Again, please proceed slowly to increase your dosage and/or work with your health professional.
  4. It contains very few calories (70) so it can be eaten as a part of a virtually any diet regimen. But, is not a substantial source of calories for persons who are trying to consume more calories.
  5. Seven Essentials is a dry powder, hence, it may tend to dry out the stool unless you drink extra water.
  1. To Stop Free Radicals - Seven Essential’s 21,010 ORAC units per serving is equivalent to the free radical fighting power of 42 servings of fruits and vegetables.
  2. To Support Brain Health - fighting free radicals in of itself helps prevent brain function loss, but also Seven Essentials is a great source of brain response nutrients including carotenoids (alpha and beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein and zeaxantine), lecithin, choline, folic acid, Inositol, betaine, L-Taurine, phospholipids and all the Amino Acids.
  3. To Increase Energy - energy boosting nutrients include lipoic acid, pangamic acid (Russian athlete’s “edge”) and squalene (a tissue oxygenator also found in shark cartilage).
  4. To Help Balance Blood Sugar & Nutritionally Help Manage Diabetes - high blood sugar levels are the most damaging component of the Standard American Diet (SAD), but fortunately, Seven Essentials helps in this regard by helping to transport blood sugar out of the blood into the cells with natural, soluble fiber, glutathione precursors, alpha-lipoic acid, natural B-Vitamins and the minerals magnesium, chromium and vanadium.
  5. To Help Lower Blood Pressure - the RiSoTriene component of Seven Essentials helps reduce the adherence of cholesterol plaque to arterial walls (increasing flexibility) and providing electrolytes (potassium, magnesium and calcium) that help optimize blood pumping action.
  6. To Help Inhibit Cancer Naturally - with its potent antioxidants, the most potent of which are well known: quercitin, carotenoids, selenium-grown broccoli, ferulic acid, glutathione precursors, tocotrienols, inositol, lycopene and polyphenols.
  7. To Help Avoid Heart Disease - with many natural ingredients that help improve cardiovascular function including Coenzyme Q-10, flavonoids, folic acid, Omega-3, magnesium and many others.
  8. To Help Burn Fat and Help Build Lean Body Mass and Recover From Exertion Faster - RiSoTriene, inside Seven Essentials, is the highest source of Gamma Oryzanol in nature and has been found to have a lipolytic effect, meaning that it helps to burn fat. This in combination with natural ferulic acid helps build lean muscle, improve strength and reduce recovery time after exertion.
  9. To Help Fight Depression - almost nothing overcomes depression better than a feeling of energy and wellness coming from your body. This is what Seven Essential does best is to increase the feeling of wellness.
  10. To Help Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels - components of Seven Essentials, such as Gamma Oryzanol, Phytosterols (including beta sitosterol), Insoitol and Omega 3 work to lower LDLs (bad cholesterol and raise HDLs (good cholesterol).
  11. To Help Improve Sleep - though the initial response to Seven Essentials is one of wellness and energy, because it delivers a full complement of nutrients and minerals to the body, when taking Seven Essentials, people sleep better than ever before, because the stress in the body reduces when nutrition increases.
  1. To Help Control Stress and Decrease Problems Associated with Menopause - Seven Essentials is highly effective at reducing symptoms of stress. Those who have compared Seven Essentials to drugs that are used to control menopausal stress say that Seven Essentials does this job better with no side effects. Several studies performed with Gamma Oryzanol in Japan also indicate improvement with menopausal related issues such as headaches, low back pain, fatigue, dizziness and appetite loss. As usual, nutrition wins over synthetic vitamins or drugs.
  2. To Help Create Healthier Hair and Skin - the overall nutrition of Seven Essentials aids in tissue growth and repair. Especially they help counter hard skin, psoriasis and skin issues related to free radicals.
  3. To Help Protect Vision - eyes require good nutrients in order to avoid cataracts and macular degeneration. Gamma Oryzanol in Seven Essentials helps eyes repair themselves quickly because it is a cell proliferant. Additionally, lutein, quercitin, lycopene, and zinc all help promote good eye health.
  4. To Help in Weight Loss - because of the abundant nutrition in Seven Essentials, many people lose their cravings for unhealthy foods and for snack foods. Others replace nutrient empty meals with Seven Essentials. In both cases, this leads to healthy weight loss.
  5. To Help Enhance the Immune System - studies done in the U.S., Japan and India all show that tocotrienols, a major natural component of Seven Essentials, promote T-cell development and thus immune system enhancement. Also, the glutathione precursors in Seven Essentials, help the immune system function.
  6. To Help Decrease Thyroid Problems - two Japanese studies show that gamma oryzanol had a normalizing effect on TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) with those suffering from low thyroid function (hypothyroid patients). Seven Essentials has a normalizing effect in general upon the endocrine system.
  7. To Help Prevent Kidney Stones and Osteoporosis - the RiSoTriene component of Seven Essentials has been shown in both animal and human studies to reduce calcium excretion through the kidneys (calcium excretion is linked to the formation of kidney stones). Lessened calcium excretion is also helpful to avoid osteoporosis.
  8. To Help Inhibit Ulcer Pain - Gamma Oryzanol has been shown to have significant anti-ulcer activity.
  9. To Help Relieve Sugar Cravings and Mood Swings - the RiSoTriene in Seven Essentials helps those who suffer from blood sugar swings (with resultant energy drops, sweet cravings and irritability). Also, hypoglycemic symptoms such as fatigue, shakiness and brain fog are often relieved within minutes with the great nutrition of Seven Essentials.
  10. To Help Cleanse the Body of Toxins - the fibers and essential oils in Seven Essentials provide the means of removing toxins from the body. People who are deficient in oils tend to absorb more oil-based environment toxins, like a dry sponge soaks up water. A healthy body with sufficient oils with instead repel these toxins, much like the oil in a duck’s feathers causes them to repel water.

How to Use Seven Essentials in Your Daily Life

A drink of Seven Essentials

Seven Essentials tastes great mixed in water or most any liquid. It also tastes great stirred into a bowl of breakfast cereal or mixed into yogurt. The only wrong way for taking Seven Essentials is to cook it.

We recommend amounts as follows:

  • Infants — not recommended for infants before their eye teeth come in.
  • Children — 1 scoop daily
  • Adults — from 1 to 5 scoops per day

Taking Seven Essentials multiple times per day per day is very helpful for hastening the body's ability to heal and to help in keeping blood sugar stable, while taking one serving a day is normally sufficient for health maintenance of already healthy persons.

You Are What You Eat — Which is Why We Recommend Seven Essentials

'Rishi'; - Gunter TernesRishi Ternes, owner of New Earth Super Foods, left the study of medicine in Germany, came to the U.S. and turned his life over to the pursuit of nutrient dense food and seeking to understand the ability of food to transform health. He believes that “we are what we eat” and that “food should be our medicine”. Rishi owns a Super Food Cafe and Health Transformation Center in Arroyo Grande, California. He continues to search the world for foods that enable to the body to repair itself. As Rishi says, “the nutrients that your body needs are in the foods you aren’t eating.”

Rishi seeks out farmers and food suppliers that are progressive, meaning they are adding minerals and trace minerals to their soils, farming organically and harvesting their foods at the peak of ripeness. Rishi then ensures that those foods are juiced and freeze dried immediately before nutrient loss.

Food is the way of health not vitamins!

Seven Essentials fits with the “first rule of health” which is that food should be our medicine. Seven Essentials also fits with our second rule of health, which is that food engenders health, not vitamins. The United States has among the worst health statistics of all industrialized nations, yet the people of the United States consume more vitamins that the rest of the world combined. That means that you will eventually find, as so many others have already found, that your health will never really start to improve until you give up on vitamins and turn to food. It's time to turn to food!

  • Vitamins, IE nutrient isolates (often made in a laboratory), may look powerful and awesome on the label, but they don’t work as well in the human body as one would hope because they lack the many needed co-factors. Food comes with many needed co-factors nutrients.
  • The lack of co-factors is the basic problem of vitamin supplements. Without those co-factors, they're NOT as useful to our cells. For instance, Vitamin C is not just ascorbic acid but rather it is: ascorbic acid and numerous co-factors that work in the cells like catalysts or tag teams to make chemical reactions occur. The many co-factors are present in foods, but are not in vitamin isolates. The result, therefore, of taking vitamins is that the body has to scavenge body tissues to obtain the needed co-factors, or wait until they are available or the body may simply discard the nutrients for which co-factors are not available. This is extra work and/or a waste of nutrients, and therefore, vitamin isolates, do far less to improve health than does food.

Seven Essentials Ordering Form

Comparative Retail Price: $69.95 per pound.
Our Price: $59.95 per Canister

Vanilla Seven Essentials

Nutrition Facts
Servings per container: 30
Serving Size: 1 Scoop (22 grams)
Calories Per Serving: 70
  % Daily Value*
Total Fat   3 g  3%
   Saturated Fat   0.5 g  3%
   Trans Fat   0 g   
Cholesterol   0 g  0%
Sodium   200 mg  8%
Potassium   200 mg  12%
Total Carbohydrates   9 g 3%
   Dietary Fiber   5 g  20%
   Total Sugars   1 g   
Protein   8 g  20%
Vitamin A   12% Vitamin C   4%
Calcium   40% Iron   2%
Vitamin D   20% Vitamin E   10%
Thiamine   20% Riboflavin   2%
Niacin   30% Vitamin B6 20%
Folate   2% Vitamin B12   2%
Pantothenic Acid   2% Magnesium   50%
Selenium   45%  
* The % Daily Values (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving contributes to a daily diet. 2000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.
INGREDIENTS: Stabilized Rice Bran, natural vanilla, whey protein hydrosylate (milk), natural cream flavor (milk), Flashed Glanced vegetables blend (spinach powder, kale powder, parsley powder, polyphenols blend 95%, broccoli powder, brussel sprouts powder, beet powder, cabbage powder, carrot powder, garlic powder, tomato powder, quercitin, Natural Vanilla broccoli, selenium, L. Salivarius, eleuthero root, n-zimes™ (invertase, amylase, protease 4.5, cellulase), Luo Han Guo, Stevia, Xylitol, D-Ribose


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  • Embla Arginine - boosts human growth hormone and nitric oxide and helps repair damaged endothelial cells (cardiovascular linings) so that the arteries are more elastic (young). If you want to anti-age, this will help you do it!
  • Cardio Pro - a fantastic product for helping to remodel (improve) cardiovascular tissues.
  • Single File Water - the only thing more assimilable than Seven Essentials is Seven Essentials mixed into single file water. With single file water, nutrients enter cells up to six times faster than with distilled, R.O. filtered or tap water.

Seven Essentials - Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Seven Essentials cause me to feel satisfied, energized and "good" so quickly — within a short time of consuming it?

There are several reasons.

  • Many of the ingredients in Seven Essentials are predigested or otherwise ready for virtually instant assimilation. Tests have shown that our deep sea minerals are entirely absorbed into the blood stream in less than two hours.
  • The main ingredient of Seven Essentials is RiSoTriene, which is a natural powerhouse of natural blood sugar balancers, antioxidants, cellular healers and energy providers. In fact, RiSoTriene contains Pangamic Acid, which was a secret of Russian athletes for many years.
  • Seven Essentials is balanced virtually perfectly and because its nutrients all arrive at your cells at the same time, your trillions of cells all get fed and energized together, without any of the extra work that vitamin isolates cause to occur. So, you feel nourished, peaceful, and capable to take on the tasks of the day without any slow down such as when missing nutrients have to be cannibalized from other parts of the body.

Are there any Seven Essential Recipe Suggestions?

Of course:

  • General recipe suggestions:
    Generally, one mixes one scoop of Seven Essentials in six to ten ounces of liquid. Diabetics should always omit fruit or juice. Electric blenders and Smoothie machines are a delicious way to use ice to thicken Seven Essentials to “milkshake” consistency, although many prefer a thinner liquid. A blender bottle is fast, convenient, and portable.
  • Chocolate
    Chocolate is hard to improve, because it has such a fabulous flavor, but Rice Milk, Coconut Milk, Almond Milk, Yogurt, Coffee or plain Milk can be used. Practice makes perfect! Try putting 2 scoops in a smoothie machine with a tray of ice cubes and a cup of liquid, and the extra energy will keep you going from morning to night.
  • Hot Chocolate
    One Scoop of Chocolate Seven Essentials in 6 ounces of hot water or other liquid (temperature should be less than 118 degrees. Mix in blender until smooth. (Optional) Add a pinch of vanilla and half a cinnamon stick.
  • Chocolate Kefir
    Two Scoops Chocolate Seven Essentials in 12 Ounces of Any Flavored Kefir. Add 3 to 4 ice cubes, blend for about one minute. (Serves 2 people).
  • Chocolate Milk
    Two Scoops Chocolate Seven Essentials in 12 Ounces of Milk, Almond Milk or Rice Milk. Add 3-4 ice cubes, blend for one minute. (Serves 2 people).
  • Vegetable Broth
    Extra special with warmed (organic) chicken stock, or try with warmed tomato juice or V8 (low sodium), being careful to have the temperature under 118 degrees. (Not so hot to burn your mouth in order not to damage the enzymes.) Milk or water are fine.
  • Vanilla Hechoco
    One Scoop of Vanilla Seven Essentials in 24 ounces of water. Add one tablespoon of Hechoco Protein, blend for about one minute. Serves 1 person. This is so delicious.

What is the Main Genius of Seven Essentials?

It is raw food not vitamins!

While most people rely on vitamins to meet their nutritional needs... and die decades earlier than might have been (because of this mistaken idea that vitamins are enough), those who turn to food (and in our technical age, freeze dried, comprehensive food powders) can enjoy health with almost no effort. It would take significant finances and help in shopping for, and preparing the foods in Seven Essentials, with this product, it's as easy as putting one scoop in a blender bottle of water, shaking and drinking!

Why Was Seven Essentials Created?

Dr. Kellas, founder of the Center for Advanced Medicine, had both himself and his patients in mind while developing Seven Essentials. He and the other doctors at the center had learned that one of the keys to health was eliminating deficiencies. No single food contained all needed nutrients, and even if it did, most food is cooked, destroying 60% to 90% of its nutrients. So, they knew their patients needed uncooked food. But shopping for and preparing the large variety of foods needed was time consuming and expensive. That's why Dr. Kellas decided to put mother nature's greatest food "hits" into a single product.

  • Risotriene is the foundation of Seven Essentials because it is the single most healing food on planet earth. Its large amount of healing chemicals (gamma oryzanol) instruct tissues, hormone, insulin and leptin receptors to repair themselves and get back to optimum functioning.
  • Next, came Kona Gold Minerals (deep sea minerals that are devoid of man-made pollution (they carbon date to a millenia ago). Healing isn't possible without minerals because they are what give each type of tissue its unique functionality.
  • A main reason for the abysmal health statistics in America is that people don't eat 10 to 20 servings of raw vegetables each day. Seven Essentials contains ten raw vegetables, freeze-dried at the peak of ripeness, so they have maximum nutrient content. No single vegetable has all needed nutrients and that is why we include so many in Seven Essentials.
  • Next in importance is fiber, modern diets have very little fiber, yet fiber essential to gastrointestinal health. Seven Essentials has several types of fiber that help keep the digestive tract clean.
  • Comprehensive, easily digested protein is included in Seven Essentials as well because without all the amino acids, one will never feel right. Because Seven Essentials provides all the amino acids in a dalton size that is tiny (ensuring complete assimilation), one will feel good and cellular processes will occur as they should.
  • Seven Essentials also includes a powerful probiotic organism that survives stomach acid and helps ensure that one's gut manufactures numerous chemicals that the body needs.

How long will it take before I notice a difference when using Seven Essentials?

Answer: Some people will notice a difference the first time they take it; however, everyone's body is different and we cannot predict how long it will take your body to respond. A good rule of thumb is this: it takes a minimum of three months to change most of your blood cells. When starting any nutritional program allow at least this length of time to give a product a chance to work in your body.

Why hasn't my doctor told me about Seven Essentials?

Answer: Doctors’ lives are focused on drugs not nutrition.

How much Seven Essentials do I need to take to be effective?

Answer: Recommended minimum is one scoop a day. Depending upon your own health (nutritional) situation you may want to take much more or much less. We recommend that people start at less (one fourth to one half) than the recommended dosage for the first week to allow their body to adjust itself to this concentrated nutrient. Here are some additional recommendations regarding how much to take.

We recommend amounts as follows:

  • Infants — Should not take as their digestion cannot handle many of the vegetables in Seven Essentials.
  • Children — 1 to 2 scoops per day.
  • Adults — 1 to 2 scoops per day
  • When recovering from health challenges, the above can be doubled, or other food powders can be added.

Taking Seven Essentials (either full or half scoops) more than once per day is very useful for healing and keeping blood sugar stable, while taking one serving a day is recommended for general health maintenance.

Should I start with one scoop a day of Seven Essentials?

Answer: Perhaps, but it may be better to start with only half a scoop:

When the cells of the body suddenly are able to access the myriad of nutrients in Seven Essentials, they may begin immediately to houseclean and repair, causing a lot extra detoxification to be needed. Exiting toxins may cause detoxification headaches or Herxheimer symptoms.

To avoid any potential for such discomforting reactions, we suggest people start with half scoop servings to lessen the detoxification rate for a few days.

For Diabetics: when should Seven Essentials be taken in order to balance or level blood sugars?

Answer: When trying to balance blood sugar, Seven Essentials should be eaten at every meal or even more often. All diabetics are different and must find what works best for their own body. 1/2 scoop four times a day is a great habit (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and just before retiring for the night).

Can I take Seven Essentials with my other medications?

Answer: Yes, in most cases... unless you are allergic to or your doctor does not wanting you eating any of the foods it contains.

Can I Take Other Supplements Along With Seven Essentials?

Answer: Yes. You should consider Seven Essentials to be a general foundation for health. Everyone is unique in their nutritional status and, therefore, their needs. Variety is a key principle, even with something as comprehensive as Seven Essentials, it is great to mix up what you eat (that's why we have seasons to force us to choose to eat differently throughout the year).


Ingredients: There is only one ingredient in RisoTriene which is rice bran and germ — stabilized and with insoluble fiber removed and predigested to increase assimilability. Since rice-crops vary from crop to crop in the composition of natural, individual micro-nutrients, variation from batch to batch is to be expected. Nothing shown below has been added by man, but is naturally occurring in rice bran/germ.

Micro-nutrient Composition of Seven Essentials:


7% to 12%


25% to 32%

Total Carbohydrate

50% to 60%

Total Dietary Fiber

0% to 6%


3% to 7%


2% to 7%


Typical Assay (Per One Scoop or 12 gram serving)



0.90 g


3.18 g

Saturated Fatty Acids

0.58 g

Total Carbohydrates

6.90 g

Available Carbohydrates

6.54 g


0.60 g


0.36 g

Crude Fiber

0.55 g

Total Dietary Fiber

0.36 g

Soluble Fiber

0.36 g



Total Sugars

1.66 g


Vitamin A (Carotenoids)

b - Carotene

0.97 mcg

a - Carotene

0.00 mcg


0.02 mcg


3.13 mcg


1.31 mcg


0.15 mcg

Total Carotenoids

5.59 mcg

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B1

0.43 mg

Vitamin B2

0.60 mg

Vitamin B3

9.19 mg

Vitamin B5

0.70 mg

Vitamin B6

0.70 mg

Vitamin B12

<0.06 mcg

Vitamin C

< 0.06 mg

Vitamin E Complex


0.96 mg


1.20 mg

Other Micronutrients


4.34 mcg


1.76 mcg


18 mg


157.68 mg


29.77 mg



25.43 mg


8.24 mg


14.08 mg


1.83 mg




1.89 mg


187.44 mg


1.00 mg


20.50 mg


91.56 mg


0.38 mg


0.23 mg


0.01 mg


1.75 mg

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