Practice Internal Cleanliness

Health Habit #3 is to keep your internal system clean.

HOH_CarThink about your car’s engine...

Question: Besides using the correct fuel, what is the single most important thing you can do to extend it’s life?

Answer: Keep the engine clean!

Engine cleanliness is paramount - in order to avoid damaging the engine internals. That’s why cars have oil filters, gas filters and air filters and why we change their oil and air filters frequently.

To avoid trouble with our human engine, it is important to avoid having sludge or other contamination accumulate inside our our circulatory system, gastrointestinal system or individual cells.

Here’s an important list for keeping internally clean (in priority order):

  1. Avoid the five major internal contaminants
  2. Maintain your iodine levels
  3. Constantly clean heavy metals and pesticides
  4. Do daily enzyme and liver maintenance (to help ensure adequate enzyme activity for digesting food completely, otherwise it can become sludge that clogs your internals)
  5. Do an Eight Day Internal Cleanse once or twice each year
  6. Drink 16 ounces of water on an empty stomach several times daily.

Avoid harmful foods and substances.

toxinsWe HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you review the reasons behind our warnings against these things, and that you substantially make an effort to avoid these toxins:

  • Avoid Heavy Metals - heavy metals are so destructive to the molecules in our body
  • Avoid Sugar - excessive sugar/carbohydrate consumption is one of the leading causes of poor health - if not “the” leading cause
  • Avoid Harmful Microorganisms - 60% to 80% of all people are host to microorganisms that cause considerable damage to gastrointestinal and other bodily tissues
  • Avoid All Types of Free Radicals - these things do considerable damage to your tissues


Maintain Adequate Iodine levels

Iodine is essential to cell membrane transport activities. The body needs approximately 2,000 mg of iodine for optimal function and the thyroid needs 50 to 100 mg. Unfortunately, most people in the world are deficient. One consequence of iodine deficiency is that transport of toxins out of cells slows down, the ability to expel toxins by sweating is reduced and the body and the cells begin to fill with toxins.

Some people cannot store iodine (and are therefore chronically deficient). A gene defect could be preventing storage. More likely, however, is that one’s body saturated with bromine and fluorine which interfere with iodine storage. Whatever the cause of iodine deficiency, at least 2 to 3 drops of Magnascent Iodine daily can help the body to function normally. More iodine can help to overcome the storage deficiency because Magnascent Iodine is a atomic form of iodine, exactly the format that is useable in the body without conversion.

We highly suggest that everyone supplement supplement with iodine to enable cellular detoxification.


Remove heavy metals and industrial chemicals from your body (and especially from your mitochondria) by adding a zeolite powder and glutathione booster to your daily regimen. Additional chelators such as selenium (found in our Seven Essentials) are also great.


Do daily enzyme cleansing of your gastrointestinal system and liver with Cleansing cleansing_enzymes_65aloevapower_65Enzymes, Probioitics and Aloe Vera Power. These are powerful at keeping our gastrointestinal engine clean.



Do the Eight Day Cleanse once or twice per year. The Eight Day Cleanse bad_intestines_135good_intestines_135will do more to clean your internal system in only eight days than a water only fast could do in 40 days. The before and after pictures of the intestines to the left can be seen more clearly by going to the Eight Day Cleanse page. The Eight Day Cleanse cleans the circulatory system and the gastrointestinal system. It breaks down toxic prisons throughout the body. You’ll feel additional energy, just like you would feel more power in your car after an engine tune-up.


Drink 16 ounces of clean, mineralized waterdrinking_pure_water - on an empty stomach, several times per day. Water is the universal cleanser. With water we wash not only the outside of our bodies, but the insides too.


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or external cleanliness, is the single greatest health advancement that mankind has made in all of recorded history. The importance of sanitation (or external cleanliness) cannot be overstated. Sanitation, put an end to devastating health plagues of past centuries.

In point of fact, the practices of external cleanliness — garbage and sewage removal and the washing of food and hands have saved more lives than all the world’s doctors, medicines, hospitals and medical procedures combined.

Internal Cleanliness will be the next greatest advancement in health.

Cutting-edge health practitioners declare that a clean intestinal tract is the single most important factor for creating one’s overall health. That’s why the Eight Day Cleanse is paramount for ensuring optimum health.

Keeping the two Human Engines Clean

There are two human engines.

  1. The first is the gastrointestinal tract.
  2. The second is the mitochondria within each cell.

The human gastrointestinal tract (the stomach and small and large intestines) are the first engine of the body. To keep them protected, they should be colonized 80% or more by protective bacteria. Protective bacteria are like oil in a car engine. They protect it from damage. In many people, however, this ratio is reversed with 80% pathogenic organisms. Pathogenic organisms produce a constant supply of health-robbing toxins. They perforate our intestinal linings—leading to autoimmune problems. Protective bacteria, on the other hand, produce vitamins and toxin neutralizing phytonutrients and they directly fight against pathogenic bacteria. The Eight Day Cleanse and Cleansing Enzymes will help you maintain your armies of protective bacteria.

The next engine of your body is really several hundred trillion engines called the mitochondria. They are the power generators of each cell in the body. The major contaminant of the mitochondria are heavy metals and industrial chemicals. Heavy metals must be constantly removed from the mitochondria in order to preserve them (as your mitochondria go, your life goes) as long as possible. The best cleansers for the mitochondria are:

  • Chelators of various types
  • Glutathione enhancing
  • Zeolite

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