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The key to health is eliminating toxicities and deficiencies! - Dr. William R. Kellas

Eight Day Cleanse

The Eight Day Cleanse is for a Human Being Like a Tune‑Up is for A Car

Everyone knows that a periodic engine tune‑up for a car adds to its life and performance. A tune‑up removes the build-up of harmful components that prevent a car engine from functioning efficiently and correctly. Similarly, a periodic cleansing of the digestive, eliminatory and circulatory systems allows the body to function at its best. If you have not done a Cleanse lately, then now is the time to get that gunk, fibrin, complement and plaque out of you so you function more efficiently and optimally!

The Eight Day Cleanse has an added benefit (besides that of promoting health and longevity); namely, the Cleanse keeps you smelling "good". Normally, as people get older they start to smell "old". That smell is the result of decades of accumulated garbage being stored in the body. The Eight Day Cleanse gets all that accumulated garbage "out".

Eight Day Cleanse Is a Once or Twice A Year Habit That Adds Years of Healthy Living to Your Lifespan

What the Eight Day Cleanse Does

  • The Eight Day Cleanse helps remove mucoidal gel that adheres to intestinal walls. Left unremoved, mucoidal gel interferes with nutrient absorption and gives safe haven to harmful microorganisms, that will (because of their proximity to intestinal walls) then munch on and perforate your intestinal linings, allowing seepage of toxins into your bloodstream.




  • Kills parasites, reducing their toxifying effect upon the body and stopping the tissue damage they cause.
  • Helps heal tissue damage from parasites - especially perforations in intestinal wall linings.
  • Promotes the release of stored toxins — by dissolving and breaking apart toxin storage sites throughout the body.
  • Helps improve circulation by removing fibrin, complement, debris — creating less sticky and more free flowing blood to improve circulation.
  • Combats free radical driven disease and aging by providing superior antioxidants.
  • Strengthens the liver and promotes its ability to combat allergens.
  • Works to correct pH which improves assimilation of nutrients as many trace elements only assimilate if the pH is at the right level.
  • Helps one to establish a new pattern of seeking to maintain an internally clean body.

There Are Thousands of Happy Eight Day Cleansers

  • Most people do the Eight Day Cleanse once or twice per year.
  • The 8-Day Cleanse concept is the result of Dr. Kellas’s supervision of thousands of patients at the Center for Advanced Medicine in cleansing their bodies. The Eight Day Cleanse will accomplish more health-improving detoxification of your body in eight days than you could do any other way.
  • I recently purchased your 8 day cleanse and was very surprised at how well I felt when finished. I have completed several cleanses in the past, but have to agree that I think yours is one of the best. Becky B.
  • I have suffered from painful Rosacea for many years. As a result of doing three Eight Day Cleanses during a period of 40 days, I lost 35 pounds permanently. My legs no longer swell like they used to. I no longer experience the pain that I used to have in my face, scalp, nose, ears and I have nearly weaned myself off of taking daily antibiotics in order to help control the Rosacea. Susan C.
  • I had such a good experience with it, that I had several coworkers do your Cleanse. Sonia C.
  • I am very impressed with your products and especially so as regards how my cravings for sugar have decreased. I now feel that being clean internally is achievable at last! Thank you! Lana H.
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Optimal HealthHealth is the Absence of Deficiencies and Toxicities

In other words, if given nutrient tools and freedom from toxicity, the body will naturally create health. Therefore, the goal is to:

  • Ensure that your body is not toxified or damaged.
  • Ensure that your body gets ALL the supplies or nutrients it needs.

A key part to the above is ensuring good functional condition of the gastrointestinal tract!

These are the gut truths you should remember:

  • We are NOT what we eat! Rather, we are what we eat, digest and assimilate!
  • If we don't have sufficient enzymes and digestive juices to break down food into usable molecules, we will get little nutrition.
  • If the villi are damaged or clogged (with mucoidal gel), nutrients will have a hard time going into the bloodstream.
  • If mucoidal gel/plaque (that sticks to intestinal walls) is host to parasites, mold, bacteria and viruses, then these will damage the linings and cause leaky gut allowing the leakage of toxins and pathogens into the bloodstream. These toxins and pathogens entering the blood stream cause all sorts of health challenges as the immune system and detoxification organs try to cope with their interference that should not be there.
  • Both the inability of nutrients to assimilate nutrients and the interference of toxins and pathogens living in the gut are a main cause of poor health.

Here's a few health expert opinions:

  • Dr. John Harvey Kellogg declared “90% of diseases are due to improper functioning of the colon.
  • Similarly, Dr. Bernard Jensen, a proponent of natural health and author of Tissue Cleaning Through Bowel Management said, "In the 50 years I've spent helping people to overcome illness, disability and disease, it has become crystal clear that poor bowel management lies at the root of most people's health problems."
  • Dr. Arnold Ehret believed that most disease is caused by a clogging of the tube and membrane structures within the body due to a build-up of restrictive mucoidal plaque.
The Eight Day Cleanse will help you cleanse your internal body more in eight days than you could accomplish in any other way.


Eight Day Cleanse Ordering Form

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The Eight Day Cleanse Kit includes:

The Cleanse instructions are summarized as follows:

  1. Take your urine pH (using the pH strips that come in the kit) each morning at the same time (first urination, mid-stream). Compare the pH color to the provided color chart and keep a diary of each day's pH for the whole eight days. The purpose is to know if your body is adequately mineralized or not. What to do if the pH is out of range is found in the detailed instructions.
  2. Consume one capsule of Cleanzyme fifteen times per day (separated by approximately one hour).
  3. Consume one tablespoon of Aloe four times a day (morning, noon, evening and just before retiring)
  4. Consume three tablespoons of Ricatein three to four times a day (morning, noon, evening and, optionally, just before retiring).
  5. Consume five capsules of Paradex in the morning and another five capsules in the evening. (Continue this after the eight days until the bottle is empty)
  6. Eat three low-calorie vegetable meals each day (see detailed instructions for more details), however generally speaking this means meals of things like salad, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumber, parsley, watercress, radishes, bamboo shoots, mustard greens, turnip tops, etc. with olive oil and spice dressings that do not contain sugar or fruit.

Detailed Cleanse Instructions

Click to read or download and print

ph Strips

Sufficient urine pH tape strips are provided along with a color chart (you match the color of the urine pH strips to the color chart to determine your urine pH. Based on urine pH, adjustments are made the cleanse protocol.

Urine pH readings below 6.2 often are the result of insufficient minerals in the body while pH readings above 6.6 are often resulting from the wastes of parasites.

So, for urine pHs of 6.0 or less we recommend supplementing with minerals and for readings above 6.4 we recommend increasing the daily amounts of Aloe and Black Walnut 4:1 Extract (by about 30% to 50%).

Our Parasite Killer product is a 5 herb combination of the best parasite killing and expelling herbs known by herbalists. It is powerful at helping rid the intestinal tract and bloodstream of parasites and toxins.

One takes 5 capsules twice a day until the three bottles are gone (in 27 days). This is the only part of the Cleanse that continues beyond eight days.

Aloe Vera

Our 28 times strength Aloe product is the ultimate product for healing damaged gastrointestinal linings. It is a whole leaf, patented liquid concentration that it absolutely peerless. We recommend that during the Cleanse you gargle, swish (squirting through your mouth and teeth) and swallow one tablespoon, three times per day.

Cleanzyme is the most important part of the Eight Day Cleanse program. It consists of 17 pH balanced enzymes plus botanicals that stimulate production of digestive enzymes, bile and gastric juices and botanicals to purify the gastrointestinal tract of pathogenic organisms.

By taking a capsule every hour, the enzymes in it go through the digestive and circulatory systems like little PAC-men gobbling up complement, fibronigen, mucoidal gel, plaque, or debris — cleaning up the internals of the human body. Cleansing Enzymes is an amazing product for rebuilding human health starting with the gastrointestinal organs. During the Cleanse, one takes one capsule every hour, up to 15 capsules per day.

Ricatein/Risotriene is the single most healing product on the earth. Its job is to help the body heal any damaged gastrointestinal linings and to help reduce inflammatory damaged caused by free radicals. It also helps repair damaged insulin receptors so that the body can better manage blood sugar and metabolism. It is perhaps the most important health food on earth.

Ricatein is taking the place of E7 which is not in production currently due to COVID 19 issues in California.

One takes three tablespoons of Ricatein, four times per day (morning, noon, evening and just before retiring at night), mixed in about twelve ounces of water.

These Monk fruit drops are included to sweeten the Ricatein drink that you will be taking four times a day. Put 3 to 10 drops into each Ricatein beverage. Liquid Monk Fruit will turn the already malty flavor of Ricatein into something even more delicious. Our pure Monk fruit extract has no calories and is also known as Lo Han Guo or Longevity Fruit because of the long life of the Monks that regularly use it as a tea.

phone support

You can reach us for support at our regular number from 9am to 4pm. You can also reach us via text anytime at 801-649-3671 and we will reply as soon as we can.

Why The Eight Day Cleanse Works So Well - Fascinating Tidbits

Systemic Enzyme Cleanse

The Eight Day Cleanse is a systemic enzyme cleanse and the most important part of the Cleanse. It is important to take a capsule every hour (if you forgot, take additional capsules to make sure you get all fifteen each day)

  • The enzymes (in the Cleansing Enzymes) act like homing torpedoes (or pac-men) in that they target and destroy toxin prisons, which are often proteinous sludge (or mucoidal gel) adhering to intestinal walls and fibrins that clog the capillaries and organs of the body. Removing this mucoidal gel plaque and fibrins helps improve absorption of nutrients as it improves blood flow through the capillaries and intestinal linings.
    • Mucoidal gel in both the small and large intestines interferes with the absorption of nutrients. It also provides homes for fungi, bacteria and parasites. So, removing this gel is like clearing sludge out of a car engine. It liberates the body to function better.
    • Capillaries blocked with fibrin block red blood cells from delivering oxygen and nutrients to cells and in removing their wastes. Our capillaries are somewhat similar to the last mile in telecommunications, extremely important, but are not very often in the spotlight. Most of the attention in telecommunications goes to communications lines going under the ocean and the fibers running under our major highways. Far less attention goes to the bit of telecommunications wires that go to each office, home or apartment unit.
    • Helps red blood cells to more easily reach tissues — when you realize that red blood cells actually have to bend in half to travel down a capillary, you realize that if your arteries are partially blocked with plaque, then your capillaries are even more blocked. It is important to get fibrin out of capillaries with enzymes so that oxygen and nutrients can quickly reach the cells throughout our body and wastes can be removed.

Plant Botanicals That Kill or Weaken Pathogens

The Eight Day Cleanse employs powerful plant botanicals (gentian root and myrrh) that help kill fungi, bacteria, viruses and parasites throughout the body. Harmful microorganisms are a great burden on the body by taking food resources, by directly damaging our tissues and by releasing their toxic wastes into our body which must then be detoxified by the liver or stored as extra filth within us. So, killing microorganisms is an essential part of the Eight Day Cleanse.

The Two Best Ingredients to Help Health Leaky Gut

The Eight Day Cleanse includes 28 times strength Aloe Vera concentrate which is very helpful in promoting cellular healing of ulcers and leaky-gut. Aloe Vera is known through history as one of mankind’s greatest healers and we include the very best Aloe in the Eight Day Cleanse.

It also includes Ricatein/Risotriene (soluble, stabilized rice bran) that is nature's best source of Gamma Oryzanol, a powerful tissue healer.

Spring Cleaning

The Eight Day Cleanse is truly an experience in Spring Cleaning. Often in life, really important projects go undone for years because the pace of life doesn’t allow us to get to doing these important, but time/energy consuming jobs.

It’s like that in our bodies too. When we continuously eat hard to digest foods, our cells and systems of the body are unable to focus on house-cleaning projects that they would like to do, but simply don’t have the opportunity to do because we keep them so busy processing incoming hard to digest foods.

When we stop eating those burdensome foods, and focus on supplying the body with very simple foods and also supply the body with super cleansing tools such as are in the Eight Day Cleanse, our body can focus on cleansing in a VERY BIG way. You will accomplish tremendous amounts of internal cleansing in just eight days


Eight Day Cleanse - Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Should I do any preparation before beginning the 8-Day Cleanse?

Answer: You don’t have to prepare. You can just dive right in.

However, eating Risotriene/Ricatein for a few weeks, first, is a fantastic way to get ready for the Cleanse. This will prepare your body for doing the actual Eight Day Cleanse by beginning the process of killing Candida/fungus in your body and by increasing your nutrition level. This makes for an easier Cleanse experience.

Question: Do I continue taking my current vitamins and supplements during the 8-Day Cleanse?

Answer: Vitamins are optional. Do not take protein drinks.

Question: Do I continue taking my prescription medicines?

Answer: Yes. But, if in doubt, please contact your medical provider.

Question: Will I get diarrhea from doing the 8-Day Cleanse?

Answer: No, diarrhea is not common because this cleanse employs no irritants, peristalsis stimulants or hydragogues

Question: Why can’t I eat high calorie foods such as crackers, carrots, peppers, potatoes, etc. or drink wine or beer, etc. during the Cleanse?

Answer: They provide too many carbohydrates/ sugars... feeding fungus growth.

Question: Why can’t I eat meat or protein supplements during the Cleanse?

Answer: They will interfere with the detoxification goals of the 8-Day Cleanse by attracting enzyme action instead of allowing the enzymes in the Cleansing Enzymes to dissolve toxic waste dumps in the intestines and circulatory systems. The protein provided in the Risotriene/Ricatein food powder is predigested, so, it won’t interfere or leave waste material

Question: What precautions do I take if I have diabetes?

Answer: The 8-Day Cleanse will likely cause lowering of blood sugar. We recommend that you discuss your plans with your doctor. You will need to monitor your blood sugar levels frequently and be prepared to adjust your diabetic medication dosages based on readings. Brittle diabetics should eat whole grains during the entire 8 days in order to prevent fluctuations.

Question: Should pregnant and nursing mothers do the 8-Day Cleanse?

Answer: No, pregnant and nursing mothers are advised against doing the 8-Day Cleanse because toxins released into the bloodstream as a result of doing the 8-Day Cleanse may be introduced into the child.

Question: Are there other people who should not do the 8-Day Cleanse?

Answer: Persons with Chron’s disease or digestive ulcerations must not do the 8-Day Cleanse since the enzymes will re-open Chron's ulcers.

Question: What do I do if I experience headache or nausea while doing the 8- Day Cleanse?

Answer: First, you should understand why this happens with some people. A rapid release of toxins occurs during the 8-Day Cleanse. A release of toxins is desirable; but, if the kidneys, liver, lymph, lungs or sweat glands (eliminatory pathways) are overloaded with toxins, then headache or nausea may result. This is far more likely if there is a large amount of bad microorganisms (mold, yeast, viruses, bacteria or mycoplasmas) in one’s body. A die-off of these microorganisms will occur during the 8-Day Cleanse. The solution for and the prevention of these discomforts is to sweat and rapidly move the lymph through one’s body. Salt rubs, sauna and exercise (walking, stretching, bouncing on a trampoline) will help move lymph and eliminate toxins through the skin. Also, a lymph massage is helpful.

Question: What do I do if I start to feel pudgy or bloated during the Cleanse?

Answer: First, you need to understand that "pudginess or bloatiness" means that your body is storing the toxins (usually in the layer below the skin) instead of eliminating them.

The reason that the body sometimes does readily eliminate toxins (and restores them in water weight) is that in a mineral deficient state, tries to not lose its remaining precious and under-supplied minerals and keeps both the good and bad inside itself. Normally, the solution is to consume more minerals, although sometimes the reason is that the body lacks Vitamin K2 or Vitamin D3 (which allow the body to assimilate minerals). We recommend Kona Gold Minerals, Body Genesis or something similar.

You also recommend that you force stored water (with the toxins in that stored water) out of the body with massage or via activities that induce sweating (such as sauna or exercise).

Question: How much weight will I lose during the 8-Day Cleanse?

Answer: Although weight loss cannot be predicted individually, we give the following guidelines: People who don’t need to lose weight — won’t. Women typically lose from 6 to 13 pounds and men typically lose from 10 to 18 pounds. Occasionally people lose much more. Often, 1/3 of the weight lost returns within a month.

Question: What preparations can I take to have a more successful Cleanse experience

Answer: Although, one can do the Eight Day Cleanse with no preparation at all, we do recommend that for the best experience, you start eating our Ricatein daily for up to a month prior to doing the Cleanse. Ricatein helps by beginning to heal your body and by killing Candida in your body.

Question: How does one typically feel while doing the Cleanse?

Answer: The majority of people (75% of people) feel perfectly normal during the entire cleanse experience. How one feels while doing the Cleanse depends chiefly on the degree that toxins and fungi exist in the body and the health of the eliminatory systems. The more toxins in one's body and the less efficient one's body is at eliminating toxins, the more likely it is that one will feel the effect of toxins being eliminated.

About 25% of first time cleansers will feel the effect of a dramatic detoxification as numerous storage sites for toxins in their body are broken apart and toxins released into the blood stream. The best way to describe this is that you feel like you are coming down with the flu. Fortunately, it typically only lasts two days. Thankfully, the ‘sickish, achy, or head-achy’ feelings can be averted by getting toxin-releasing massages, taking Epsom salts baths and sweating via exercising and sauna which open up the body’s natural detoxification pathways.

Question: How can I get an even more powerful Cleanse experience?

Answer: You can eat vegetables the entire time. The normal Eight Day Cleanse includes 4 days of low-calorie vegetable meals only followed by 4 days in which low-gluten grains are permitted to be eaten as well as the low-calorie vegetables. For a MAXIMUM cleanse experience just continue the low-calorie vegetable meals the entire eight days.

Question: What if I can’t come up with eight days in a row for doing the Cleanse?

Answer: Split the Cleanse into two four day periods. But, remember to consume the Parasite Cleansing formula completely. Don’t stop taking that product until the bottle is gone.

Question: Question: What do I do after the 8th day?

Answer: You can resume your normal diet beginning the 9th day. Remember to finish the three bottles of Paradex (it takes 27 days to finish them). If you don’t finish them, some of the parasite eggs and larvae in your body will likely hatch and start their life cycle again.

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