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In this new millenium, how smart you are will be seen by all—by how healthy you are!

Using Quality Fuel is a Sign of Our Intelligence!

Here’s the quality fuel habits that we should implement in our lives:

  1. Eat nutrient dense foods
  2. Eat a wide variety of foods
  3. Eat frequent, small meals
  4. Eat according to heredity
  5. Drink ample clean water
  6. Supplement with concentrated food products

We get to choose... but the consequences will follow!!!

We can choose bad fuel or quality fuel. But, we don’t get to choose the outcome... anymore than you can choose to jump off a cliff, and then choose not to fall.

Most people let their taste buds choose... not their brain buds. Knowing this human weakness, modern food companies design their nutritionally empty, chemically laden food to have a taste that is stronger than wisdom. So, you’re going to have to really decide to turn away the Health Villains and just say NO.

We can change what we like to eat.

People learn to like (or dislike) a food based on at least two stimuli.

The first is the chemical reaction that occurs at the taste buds on our tongue.

Another important stimuli that we must use to our advantage is the atmosphere of sociality present while eating. Sociality is what causes Vietnamese children to learn to like hot peppers, Koreans, fermented cabbage, South African bush people, beetles, and Americans, hot dogs, fries, noodles and potato chips. So, we could provide ‘good food’ at our family and social gatherings... and reprogram our “mental” buds.

Eat nutrient dense foods: The most important phrase you will ever remember about your health is nutrient dense.

    The bulk of the standard American diet is empty calories (refined food products). What we want are naturally nutrient dense complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, etc. Examples: fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, oils, wild game and fish.

    Boxed or canned foods that have been prepared to go on store shelves usually have been sterilized (with heat or toxic substances) and stripped of things that would cause them to spoil. They are no longer nutrient dense... because they are nutrient “dead”. Manufacturers get increased shelf life and profits, you get a guaranteed road to poor health.

    For more information on nutrient dense foods that are easy to prepare and to turn into a lifelong habits, please visit our nutrient dense foods page.

Eat a wide variety of food:

    Think variety. No single food has all the nutrients that your body requires. By eating a variety of foods, you increase the likelihood that you will provide your body with all the various raw materials the body can use to maintain optimal health. A very smart way to add variety to your food is through the use of superfood supplements such as Seven Essentials.

Eat frequent, small meals:

    Human beings are programmed to overeat (and store as fat, for a future time of potential scarcity, the food energy we don’t use right away). This programming is not needed in modern times, but it’s still inherent. The best way to overcome this programming is to eat frequent, equally-spaced-throughout-the-waking-day, small meals. Soon your body will realize that food is constantly coming, and it will cease to want to store it as fat.

    A popular health guru has postulated that the best way to eat is to eat an amount of food equal in volume to your clenched fist, every two to three hours. You’ll find that you will appreciate never being hungry. And, you won’t store fat. It’s a better, new way of life!

Drink 1/2 gallon of water per day:

    Most people go too long without liquid. Don’t go more than a few hours without drinking a cupful of water or other liquid (avoid liquids from the bad fuel list). Pregnant or lactating women or athletes need to be especially mindful of getting plenty of liquids. If you can afford it, buy bottled water or filter out the chlorine and chlorine byproducts of your tap water with an activated carbon or reverse osmosis water filter.

Supplement with superfoods:

    Supplementing our meals with food concentrates is not just wise... it is virtually required for optimum health. Someone who thinks we can eat all needed nutrients from normal food is living in a dream world. It won’t happen — so supplement, but not with traditional supplements (micro-nutrients). Instead, choose concentrated food (macro nutrients) supplements.

    Traditional vitamin supplementation is not the best kind of supplementation. Vitamins are not natural. Nature never provides thousands of nutrients, balanced with each other so that the value of the whole food is greater than the sum of the parts (often by hundreds of times).

    Note that virtually all nutritionists and medical doctors have problems with vitamins because they are unbalanced. Food is not only safer than vitamins but concentrated food is far better.

    Vitamin C, for instance, is not just ascorbic acid as scientists think of it. Vitamin C includes flavanoids and minerals that form a Vitamin C food complex. Eating just ascorbic acid is unnatural. It causes the body to have to scavenge for minerals in order to utilize the ascorbic acid. High ascorbic acid supplementation will deplete the body of minerals.

    Vitamin C is packaged in nature in foods like onions, cabbage or oranges with thousands of complementing micro-nutrients. These whole food complexes are much better absorbed and utilized by the body. Although nutritional scientists learn valuable information by analyzing single, isolated nutrients, the bottom line is that we should get our vitamins and minerals, etc. from food, food concentrates or juices.

    More information on macro nutrient supplements is provided on our concentrated food supplements page.

Discover and adapt to your unique nutritional requirements:

    People’s individual nutritional needs can vary according to ancestry, individual genes and activities. For instance, Europeans typically need far more protein than Asians or Africans. This is the result of thousands of years of adaptation and isn’t going to be changed in one generation. Athletes have special needs that others don’t have since extremely strenuous exercise takes a tremendous toll on the body. If your nutrition doesn’t take into account your unique individual needs, mild to serious consequences may be faced.

    There are three ways to learn about your genetic food predisposition:

  1. Study your ancestry.
  2. Consult a nutrition counselor.
  3. Do a food elimination study on yourself.

The last one is the best one. You are an individual and although deciding which group you are in is helpful, you may have a very unique genetic makeup that can only be determined by individual experimentation.

Super foods like RiSoTriene will increase your life span and your quality of life.

Dr. George Kelly said, “RiSoTriene intrigued me from the beginning. I couldn't imagine a product that had all the essential fatty acids, amino acids, trace minerals, and over seventy different antioxidants. After doing some research, I was eager to try it myself. Within just two weeks, I started seeing impressive results. I work out on a regular basis, so the improvements I noticed were in my endurance and strength. Although I had not changed my diet (if anything I had become a bit more careless), I noticed that I was actually leaner.


Karen Diem (Orem, UT) says, “RiSoTriene and Seven Essentials have made a big difference in my athletic life. Being an active runner (numerous marathons and 10Ks per year) I noticed that after eating RiSoTriene and Seven Essentials (I changed over from eating RiSoTriene to Seven Essentials) I had much less muscle soreness after competition. I essentially recycled more quickler than ever before.”


B. Switzer says, "At the age of 54, I was beginning to feel tired a lot and had been living in nearly constant and irritating pain from a back injury. During all of my years of work and rough sports, I had accumulated some chronically painful injuries, including a spinal disc injury. I also had a tropical virus recently which caused me to be ill for 15 months. I had been finding it increasingly difficult to exercise because of pain and lack of energy to work out. Since I started using Collastin, RiSoTriene, and the parasite cleaning system, I have had a major increase in energy, a more youthful feeling of well-being, and nearly total relief from the lower back and leg pain I had been experiencing for nearly 15 years because of my back injury.

I have noticed a marked change in the appearance of my skin all over my body, including my face (which was rather lined from years of work and sports in the sun), which I believe makes me look years younger. Not only does my skin look better, but also it feels softer and more elastic than it has in years. My whole body feels more flexible.

As an experienced and lifetime dedicated athlete, I was prepared to continue my sports activities as long as I could, even if it hurt. With these products, I believe that not only will I be able to continue much longer, but with a lot more energy, endurance and ease than I had thought possible just a few months ago.


L. Barnard says, "I have an eighty-two-year-old father whose health has been really poor. He's had congestive heart failure, so he hadn't been eating much - he lost a lot of weight. My sister and I had to think about the possibility that he wouldn't be around much longer. We even wondered if we should start making plans.

I've tried to help my father for years by sending him things I thought could help his various conditions, but he refused to take them. I guess he never thought any of it helped him. But one day I called him, and his wife told me he'd been taking RiSoTriene and love it. He started with just a teaspoon twice a day, but he felt so much better that he decided to take a teaspoon every few hours.

In just a few days he seemed like a different person - his energy was up, he was eating more than ever before, and even his voice was stronger. The best part is that he and his wife can go out and do things again. RiSoTriene has taken him from death's door and made him a whole new person.

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