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- Engine Tune-Up

- Avoid Bad Fuel

- Use Quality Fuel

- Inflated Tires

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What good is a car
with flat tires?

A  car with a great, tuned-up engine and flat tires... isn’t able to go anywhere fast.

Similarly, a person whose heart, lungs and muscles have gone flat  or whose bones have lost their strength is ...disadvantaged.

Keep yourself in shape!

Inactivity damages both a  high performance car and a human body. The body adapts down in capacity if we are inactive physically.  Muscles become smaller, bones become thinner, hormone production decreases, cellular conversion of energy gets lazy — everything proceeds to say “what’s the point?” if we are inactive.

So, keep your muscles in shape. Keep your heart and lung in shape.

We’re not talking about extreme exercise nor unvarying dedication to working out, but we are talking about regular activities that promote deep breathing, sweating and that keeps our muscles toned. Walking, swimming, bicycling, weight training, even just deep breathing our good activities.

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