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The 3rd Habit of Health is to Not Listen to the Health Villain:


 Who  Says

  1. Eating sweet or empty calorie food causes the loss of the body’s mineral and vitamin resources
  2. Free radical containing food introduces electron scavenging chemicals that cause oxidative ‘hits’ or damage to the cells of the body.
  3. Undercooked food introduces bacteria, fungi or parasites
  4. Unwashed food introduces pesticides and mold
  • Eat Lots of Sweets
  • Eat Lots of Free Radicals
  • Eat Lots of Undercooked or         Unwashed Food
Empty calories do real damage
to our bodies by “revving” up the body systems... causing loss of minerals while providing little nutrition. You wouldn’t keep revving up your car needlessly... so, don’t do it to your body.

Toxic substances (heavy metals, allergens, pesticides, petroleum products, etc.), that accumulate over time in our bodies, are a constant source of damage to our molecules (cells). They stress our immune systems... which leads to ‘friendly fire diseases’ such as Graves, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibroymyalgia, Arthritis, etc. Often, our bodies will try to put these toxins in “out of the way places” much as we have toxic dumps in remote locations. These out of the way places are often fat cells, cysts, tumors, etc.

If you have the financial means we suggest a visit to an alternative health clinic in your area so that an assessment of your toxins and allergens can be made; and a program to rid your body of these substances begun. Click here for more information on how to “clean-up” a body that has already accumulated toxins.

Now, put in your brain the images of foods to minimize or avoid:

Empty calorie food examples whose consumption should be minimized and always followed by nutrient dense food to make up for the nutrient loss caused by these foods:

Rolls, Breads (especially from refined flours)

Syrups, Jellies

Candy, Popsicles, Ice Cream

Doughnuts, Pies, Cookies, Cakes


Soda Pop, Punch, Juice Drinks

Free radical foods examples that should be avoided or immediately followed with antioxidant rich foods:

Fried Foods
(Trans fatty acids)

Shortening or margarine (foods that contain trans-fatty acids (partially or fully hydrogenated oils)

Tobacco Smoke



Chlorinated Water

Dirty foods (that should not be underwashed or undercooked) food examples:

Fruit (chemicals)

Vegetables, Lettuce (bacteria, parasites)

Meat, Poultry (bacteria)

Eggs (Bacteria)

Leftovers (need to be recooked to avoid bacteria, fungi)

If you cannot avoid a dirty, free radical or empty calorie food, then take countermeasures as soon as possible.

More About Some of the Above Harmful Foods

Refined Flours (Limit consumption to 1 or 2 servings per week)

Refined flour contains no fiber and is very similar to sugar in regard to how rapidly it raises blood sugar levels. If refined flour products are a large part of our diet, we will eventually suffer from constipation and the problems of high sugar intake.  Limit your consumption of refined flour products to one or two servings per week. Combat refined flour products by thinking in terms of whole wheat and whole grain products.

Hydrogenated & Partially Hydrogenated Oils (Avoid totally, these have a lingering damage out to seven weeks after you eat them)

Tobacco Smoking

    The detriments of smoking far outweigh any benefits gained from smoking. Tobacco smoking is known to contribute to: cancer, emphysema, heart disease and stroke. Because nicotine is addicting, the only reasonable decision is to stop smoking forever.


    Alcohol is toxic to cells, being especially dangerous to the brain and liver. Alcohol is a leading contributor of free radicals. Although alcoholic beverages are believed by some to provide certain desirable health benefits, tests show that any such benefits disappear after only two drinks per week.   And, the detriments of alcohol abuse are among the word’s greatest problems.


    Even though drinking coffee (caffeinated or not) has some health benefits, coffee comes with a large load of free radicals. The benefits don’t outweigh the free radicals.


    Chlorine, trihalomethanes and other byproducts of the disinfection of public drinking water by chlorine are potent free radical producing agents. Numerous studies show that the chlorine in domestic water supplies correlates to increased heart disease and cancer.

Empty calorie foods: They cause a net loss of nutrients, especially minerals

Processing any food into the body uses up minerals and vitamins during the digestion, assimilation and elimination chemical processes.

Ordinarily, the goal of eating should be to have a net gain of vitamins and minerals. Some times we may be willing to just get calories and use up some of our vitamin and mineral stores to have those calories. For example, we might drink orange juice or eat a simple carbohydrate meal just before physical exertion to give us energy for the exertion. But, over time, we’ve got to be striving for a net gain of vitamins and minerals as the goal of eating.

The Math of Digestion

200 Minus 50

   = 150

1 Minus 50

   = - 49

The above example shows someone eating 200 units of vitamins, minerals and using 50 units of stored nutrients in order to digest and assimilate the new nutrients. So, we have a net gain of 150 units of vitamins and minerals. The above example also shows eating a food with lots of calories, but few nutrients. In this case, the nutrients being assimilated amount to only 1 unit of nutrients (a doughtnut, for example). The cost to get the 1 unit of nutrients was 50 so we have a net loss of 49 units of vitamins and minerals.

Obviously, if we keep up such eating habits we deplete our body of its important nutrient reserves.

A sudden influx of calories revs up the endocrine system needlessly

Eating sweets causes an immediate revving up of the endocrine systems of the body and triggers fat storing mechanisms.  Eating sweets is like revving up a car engine that’s parked in the driveway. Doing that is hard on a car engine and it’s hard on our endocrine systems. The frequent consumption of empty calories causes obesity, vitamin and mineral loss, adrenal and pancreatic fatigue - all leading to an eventual breakdown in health. Retrain yourself to limit your intake of sweets to ‘infrequent’.

Sweets comprise 24% of the Standard American Diet and are the cause of more degenerative disease than anything else.


Free Radicals: They damage the cells and molecules of our body

Free radicals are elements that steal electrons from other molecules, creating a domino effect of molecules losing their correct electron structure and trying to correct it by taking electrons from a neighoring molecule. Thus, free radicals damage, change or mutate the cells and molecules in our body.

We have 100,000,000,000,000 cells in our body. Every time we eat free radical containing foods, the result is 100,000 or more of our cells are damaged.

We grow old from free radical damage. Preventing free radical damage is essential to long-term health and longevity. So, we recommend that you go to a yellow stage alert against the terrorists of our body, free radicals, and stay there.

The following are common free radical containing foods:

  • Rancid foods of any kind
  • Hydrogenated or Partially Hydrogenated Oils
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco Smoke
  • Pesticide Residues on Unwashed Fruits or Vegetables
  • Coffee
  • Chlorinated Water
  • Charred meats

Free radicals are also produced by our own bodies, especially during exercise, and so we need to ensure that we have a good intake of antioxidants (substances that stop free radicals) no matter how well we eat. More..


Dirty: Undercooked Foods, Unwashed Hands & Unwashed Food are bad for our health because they introduce parasites, bacteria, virus, fungi and foreign substances and chemicals into our bodies.

Washing hands, washing food and cooking food plus garbage removal and immunizations have done more for the health of mankind than all other medical advancements put together.

So, remember to wash your hands before you eat, after using the toilet, and especially anytime you touch uncooked animal products such as raw eggs or meat. (These are especially loaded with bacteria.)

In fact, if you’ve been out in public don’t put your hands near your face without washing your hands.

Also, wash fruits and vegetables before eating them for two reasons, so you don’t get parasites and bacteria and so you don’t get the pesticides that have been sprayed on them.

Finally, cook animal products sufficiently to kill the bad bacteria and parasites that all animal products contain. This, especially includes poultry and fish.


It all boils down to this, keep your insides clean and free from harmful substances... and your marvelous body has the capabilities of functioning very well.


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The information provided in this web site teaches a non-medical “philosophy” that diet can be our most important medicine. We always recommend nutrition plus medical intervention for one’s health... and highly recommend everyone seek care from medical practitioners for any health related condition. All dietary practices & potential health benefits depicted in this web site are presented as theories and anecdotes... and may or may not be considered to be valid medically.

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