Women’s Health Risks

Nurturing the nurturers.

Women have specific health needs due to their unique biological makeup and their unique roles in life that give rise both to immune system confusion within their bodies and stronger immune reactions than men. Together this spells autoimmune disease risk. For instance:


  1. Women are two to nine times more likely than men to develop autoimmune diseases.
  2. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is far more prevalent in women than men. (Most men don’t even know that men experience PMS also.)
  3. Women are more stressed by insomnia and depression then men.

Exactly why women are more susceptible than men to the above disorders has been the subject of much research and differing opinions and is still not clearly understood.

  • One of the theories is that women, after participating in the miracle of childbirth, continue to have cells from their child (or children) present throughout their lives within their own body. This confuses the women’s immune system, leading to autoimmune issues.
  • Another theory  is that male sperm and micororganisms transmitted during sexual intercourse can enter into a woman’s blood stream and create autoimmune confusion, similarly as above.
  • Another theory is that women have an extra chromosome and that the normal switching on and off of this chromosome confuses the autoimmune system.
  • Other theories include the fact that women’s bodies carry larger amounts of the hormone estrogen. This chemical creates stronger immune reactions in women than in men, and this may be the cause of more autoimmune problems for women.

Although, we do not yet understand the reason behind the greater autoimmune problems of women, we nevertheless know for certain that women do have more autoimmune disorders than men. Consequently, women (and the men that love them) need to ensure that they take measures to avert autoimmune confusion in women’s bodies.

The two top measure we suggest for protecting women from autoimmune disease are ensuring adequate levels of Vitamin D and frequently cleansing of their internal bodies (i.e. detoxification of their bodies).

Getting more sunshine or Vitamin D:

Women are indoors more than men and this contributes to lower Vitamin D levels in their bodies.

Vitamin D is the chief immune system organizing and vitalizing chemical in the body.

Many Americans have serum levels of Vitamin D3 (the active form of Vitamin D) of less than 30 nanograms per milliliter. This number should be above 60. Interestingly, autoimmune diseases are virtually absent from areas near the equator where the sun’s rays are powerful enough to create Vitamin D3 in the skin at the rate of over 20,000 units per hour of sun exposure.

Bottom line: Vitamin D3 has been shown to have a very powerful benefit to the immune system. For most people, a minimum of 4,000 units of Vitamin D per day is needed to move a serum blood levels of Vitamin D3 from between 60 to 80.

For those who cannot get sufficient sunshine to bring their Vitamin D3 levels to optimum, probably, no other single supplement would be as important as Vitamin D3.

Internal Cleansing:

In regard to averting autoimmune confusion in women, after insuring adequate Vitamin D3 levels, we believe that there is nothing better than to focus on internal cleanliness. The fewer the foreign proteins in the body, the less likely it is that immune system confusion will result. And, in terms of clearing foreign proteins from the body, there is nothing better than the Eight Day Cleanse.

The immune system’s job is to attack foreign proteins, but when the immune system is targeting numerous foreign proteins, it is more likely to begin making mistakes. This is where the Eight Day Cleanse works its magic by cleaning up the circulatory and gastrointestinal systems of foreign proteins.

In addition to our number one recommendation of the Eight Day Cleanse we recommend a daily practice of consuming Aloe Vera Power and Cleansing Enzymes product. Both of these products help to reduce the levels of microorganisms and food debris within the body.

The Cleansing Enzymes specifically helps to reduce the amount of imperfectly digested foods that can reach the blood stream. Reducing the amount of unidentified proteins that the immune system must deal with is the single most sensible approach there is to reducing autoimmune confusion.

We also suggest removing heavy metals (which can alter normal tissue by stealing electrons for lower valence atoms). This alteration then makes the tissue unrecognizable to the immune system and the subject of autoimmune problems. Best practices for removing heavy metals from the body include:

  • ETSZeolite
  • Super charging with Glutathione (the body’s natural detoxifer)
  • Sauna (this practice accelerates toxin removal through sweat)

The following practices are also highly recommended:

  • Only permitting composite (or titanium metal) materials to be installed by a dentist in one’s mouth. Dental mental is the single most potent damager of the immune system and should not be permitted in anyone’s mouth. Heavy metals change normal proteins causing the immune system to see them as foreign. Women are nearly 20% more likely than men to see a dentist. Thus, they are more likely to have dental metal in their mouths than men.
  • Increasing oxygen levels in the body, especially through exercise and deep breathing while stretching and consuming oxygen boosting edible oils and avoiding oxygen reducing edible oils. Better oxygenation helps destroy pathogens and provides energy for the body to function better.
  • Boosting the liver function. The liver is the master organizer of all the many tasks that keep our blood stream free of contamination. As the liver goes the whole body goes. Liver Boosting ingredients are part of our Cleansing Enzymes product and our Liver Boost product.


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Facts Regarding Autoimmune Disease in Women?

Did you know that 79% of autoimmune diseases occur in women?  We explain (to the left) several theories as to why women have this unhappy privilege.

Women are 9 times more likely than men to develop lupus.

Women are 2 to 4 times more likely than men to develop rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and inflammatory bowel disease.

While 2.2 women million have breast cancer and 7.2 million women have heart disease, 10 million women are afflicted with one or more of the top seven autoimmune diseases.

One in nine women who are in their childbearing years will be diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. This compares with one in 69 women below the age of 50 who will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

The bottom line is that women need to vigilantly keep their immune system from being overwhelmed. This means women that need to vigilantly maintain INTERNAL CLEANLINESS.

These nutritional tools are of special help to women in avoiding autoimmune problems:

The Eight Day Cleanse with Cleansing Enzymes, Parasite Killing Formula, Aloe Vera Power — since all of these clear microorganisms and contaminants from the internal body.

RiSoTriene and /or Seven Essentials - since these help control yeast which is a frequent source of foreign proteins in the body. Also, they provide healing nutrients that the body can use to heal autoimmune damage.

Vitamin D - furnishes powerful autoimmune benefits. Autoimmune diseases, even among women, are almost nonexistent in those parts of the world where people have much higher natural levels of Vitamin D due to sun exposure.

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